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Old 10-08-2016, 11:38 PM
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Exclamation Losing the Presidency was this once-in-Lifetime-Deal he couldn't refuse

Lets be honest, his deal is far better then Hitlery's Presidency going all out war against Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin's Eurasian BRICS ALLIANCE ...

Just my 2 ounces



The Black House in Brainwashington wants you to choose between Scylla & Charybdis, when in fact you should look for change within

Brainwashington wants you to choose between Scylla & Charybdis, in order to prolong their universal game of collective division and distraction.

But they're only accepted to live off the fat of the land as long as we stay ignorant and stupid enough to swallow their deflecting baits, that is their only justification to float on top, fully tolerated by Cosmic Intelligence.

The moment you start to change yourselves for the better, simultaneously you force to change them too, because they're not exempt to perfect themselves, sometimes they're even further away from divine perfection ... although they see themselves above everything, above God even ...

Understand, the more violent the "elite" becomes through "outside" repression, and you can be absolutely sure that they'll defend their "status quo" with tooth and nail, if you attack them on the same material level, therefore the result they'll accomplish with Terror and repression, can only be that more people wake up within ... who will force them on a higher level to improve ... on that higher level they're completely defenseless ... they'll never see that coming ...

So the moment you understand your being and your individual mission to ally with CHRIST in order to work within, you render your controllers useless and Cosmic Intelligence suddenly replaces them to come up with a new program ... its all mathematically precise ... the Universe is absolutely beautiful and perfectly structured ...


Hundredth monkey effect

Therefore true revolutionaries look for change within, they ignore tempting outside forces, they focus exclusively within and things out there start to change magically, mathematically precise and what is most important, it will happen peacefully ...

Love, Wisdom and Truth rule!!!


Let the ReLOVEution Within begin!

Do not revolt, do not demonstrate, don't mock up!!! despite the emergence of global police states, warfare, social unrest and FEMA Camps, forgive your misleaders, for they have no clue, what they're doing!!!

Focus on your personal development and self improvement, in order to become a role model of morality and divine perfection. Use this tremendous chance for self improvement, to focus within, despite tempting outside forces.

Leave the corrupt and filthy outside world aside, its good to know what happens there, but do not get crazy about it, its more important that you control what's going on inside yourselves in order to neutralize the negativity happening outside. Never lose hope and believe in God, because he will watch over you - anytime.

The peak of the inverted world is fast approaching, but this situation will not last for long, its only temporarily, that's why this world will soon be put on its head in order to get rid of all its negativity to purify everything. In the aftermath we will be able to place our lives again on solid rock for having a bright global future with true Peace and Happiness.

Work honestly to improve your little world, be friendly with your family, neighbors, friends at work, ... focus on Love, Wisdom, Truth and Light.

Do not revolt, do not demonstrate, don't mock up!!!

Don't commit the same crimes and mistakes your governmental overlords do, otherwise you'll be caught up with karma too ... focus exclusively to work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on earth .... forgive your leaders, for they don't know what they're doing!!!

Love, Wisdom, Truth, Light and Peace Rule!



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