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Old 12-23-2005, 11:40 AM
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Default Predictions for 2006 by Dr Hassen Charni *

Predictions for 2006 *
------------------------------------------ *
1 - Assasination of George W. Bush *
2 - Corruption in The United States and lots of Bombing *
3 - Problems inside Tony Blair Goverment the result is collapse *
5 - More problems in Iraq and killing Hundreds of US SOLDIERS *
and getting out from Iraq *
7 - Israel Prime Minister Sharon- loose his place *
8 - Death of Palestien President *
9 - More Corruption in europe and of the great one in france. *
france will have Large explosions and it will kill lots of innocents *
10 - More Corruption and Bombing in UK and also death of lots innocents *
11 - Death of Sadam Hussein after long years of sickness *
------------------------------------------- *
Dr Hassen Charni is a Tunisian astrologist. He became famous by predicting Princess Diana's death in a horrific car accident 11 months before it happened. *
On Arabia TV on 1st of January 2004 he predicted the death of Arafat in very fishy and unexplained circumstances towards the end of 2004. *
Dr Charni predicted by the end of 2004, the Tsunami that hit the coast of the Indian Ocean, he also predicted the Katrina that hit south US, he predicted the death of Saudi King Fahd. *
On December 2004 Dr Charni predicted "strong blasts that will rock Britain, and especially London" sometime in 2005. He also said at the time Pope John Paul II would die "very soon," just three months before the latter died. *
Dr Charni holds a doctorate in astro-physics he is the vice president of international astrology federation, he is a special adviser to many prominent and influential figures around the world. *
In an interview to a Tunisian paper released on December 20th, Dr Charni, gave some forecasts for the year 2006. *
According to astrological signs the next year is going to be critical on political and socio-economic levels. *
It will be a year of huge crises and terrorism as well. *
Many terrorist acts will take place all around the world. The world will go through freak weather, climate will see dramatic changes and hazardous consequences, flooding and drought will burst out at any moments of the year, hurricanes rain storms will be common on many areas. Many towns around the world will swamp. *
According to Dr. Charni the year 2006, will see a rise of Iraqi Resistance Operations against the American army, which will be in a situation worse than Vietnam. The American army will be in the center of serious scandals, which will put the American government and its allies in a complicated situation! *
The trial of Saddam Hussein will face a tragic end after hid disease, then his death, the situation of anarchy will persist in Iraq, with the birth of new groups of resistants who will take foreigners as hostages, tens of American soldiers will be killed at an operation of resistance operation. *
According to Dr Charni, anti Bush and anti war movements will be organized in Europe and in US against the policy of domination of the world and the occupation of Iraq, this will lead to the collapse of Tony Blair government. *
Dr. Charni forecasts strong social disturbances in European countries, especially in France which will be paralysed by a social movement, the Socialists will win the next elections. *
Dr. Charni forecasts a large fire in a French city, a huge rail accident, a great traffic accident which will cost the life of many people, Dr. Charni predicts also a terrorist act as well as the death of Johnny Halliday. *
According to Dr. Charni the situation in Germany will not be better, the world cup will suffer from a breach of security. *
He predicts also the appearance of new information concerning the role of Mossad, the CIA, Ben Laden and Zarqaoui in the attacks of September 11. *
chek this out for more *
http://www.babnet.net/en_detail.asp?id=456 *
another article is here *
http://www.babnet.net/en_detail.asp?id=1773 *
arabic version here *
http://www.assafir.com/iso/oldissues/20051221/back/48.html *

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Old 12-23-2005, 11:53 PM
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Default Re: Predictions for 2006 by Dr Hassen Charni

Yeah I remember posting about this guy not long ago in regard to the bush assasanation towards the fall of 2005, just the otherday I was wondering, I suppose fall in America is over now?
So is the prophecy unforfilled?

In any case this guy seems to be on the ball a lot of the time if reports about the timings of his predictions are truthfull.

Also the coming out of information many here hold self evident would seem to me to be a common sense progression, the world can hold its head in the sand for only so long.

One things for certain well find out in time if these predictions are accurate and the word on the street it seems is that the US is in for some bad karma.
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