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Default Geneology

I don't know where this goes, either over in the Europe section, or in the North American section, I guess here since i'm American..
With the help of my relatives I've been researching a lot on my ancestors. On Ancestry.com, if you have legitimately traced your roots there is a feature that shows famous ancestors.
My mother's branch is of particular interest to me. Through her i'm related to some very "interesting" people. Her father's side:s
-The Grenfell's, my great grandmother's last name was of the "Grenfell and Company of London", tied with the Rothschilds financial affairs over the United States.
-Actor James Stewart (worked at lookout mountain/laurel canyon)
-Poet/Author James Milton (wrote Paradise Lost; possible illuminati)
-Nancy Astor-last name says it all
-President Zachary Taylor-perhaps poisoned by the illuminati with arsenic for trying to stop the Rothschild led Civil War. We share a common ancestor though, the last name being Reynolds.
-President John F. Kennedy
-President George H.W. Bush
-President George W. Bush
-Aldous Huxley (author, tutor of aleister crowley)
-Button Gwinnet (signer of the declaration of independence)
-John Allerton (signer of the declaration of independence)
-Ray Bradbury(author,martian chronicles, farenheit 451, and 33rd degree mason)
-John Hancock(first signer of the declaration of independence, mason)
-Mark Twain(Author, last book number 44, in reference to satan)
-Butch Cassidy (outlaw-tied to madam blavatsky, did not like mormons, fled to altiplano of Bolivia to hide, sacred powerpoint on earth, ironically)
-Judy Garland (actress Wizard of Oz, died from a drug overdose at 47.
-Percy Bysshe Shelley (husband of Mary Shelly, possibly illuminati underground?)
-My great grandfather was a 32nd degree freemason (wonder why he never made it to 33), that owned a gold, silver mine he sold to Tiffany and Co. On my fathers side I've traced as far back as McDonald and Scottish Highlanders/vikings.

Well, the money is all gone and i'm not "privileged". The world is indeed very, very small. My married last name is Rhodes. I haven't even gone through my husband's bloodline, not very far in my father or grandfather's bloodlines. Up until recently people married only people of their same coloring, in a blind way of keeping their bloodlines as pure as possible for whatever ridiculous reason. You would be surprised who's bloodline you are a part of, no matter how abhorrent they are. It's worth looking up, signing up for an account is free, although you'll have to do alot of internet research without paying or having and solid leads...once you start going you'd be surprised.

I find myself quite removed from that side of my family. They are into psychiatry too much and what parent would buy their 13 year old daughter an Aleister Crowley Tarot deck? Many of the books my parents owned, which i have never looked out were very strange, such as Scientology and The Book of Mormon. Until recently my favorite day of my life was when I went to Disneyland at age 5. The programming is all around us, but you guys new that. What way now to stop it?
I can name a lot of other "coincidences" regarding this throughout my life. It is not a joke. But if you are serious about it, you'll most likely be labelled as having Oppositional Defiant Disorder, outlined in the DSMV-IV. Free thinkers.

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Default Re: Geneology

it takes multiple people to make up a conspiracy. I wonder where a lot of people broke off from it or realized what it was and decided not to follow that path. Sure some of them are probably robotic and clueless, but not all.
It's interesting to see who could possibly be a bad egg. i doubt any of my immediate family is in on a nwo conspiracy, but who knows, people are related alot closer that you'd think..
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