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Old 08-27-2005, 07:55 PM
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Default The Parental Substitution Game

On Sodomatrimony
And the Parental Substitution Game
Julian Lee

I'm seeing my father in me
I guess that's how it's meant to be
And I find I'm more and more
like him each day

I notice I walk the way he walked
I notice I talk the way he talked
I'm starting to see
My father in me

"Seeing My Father In Me"
Paul Overstreet

Cate Blanchett in "The Missing."
Parents are known to bear any
burden for their natural children.

The notion of homosexual marriage is, verily, both sin and absurdity. But it requires a third ingredient to run on all cylinders: The dissolution of natural parent-child bonds, and the sorrow of children. "Gay marriage" could have a special purpose for "one world order" plotters and their liberal allies. It's ultimate victims will be children and family. It may be the N.W.O.'s best offensive in their plan to enslave all by separating children, at birth, from their parents. The outstanding feature of "gay marriage" would be the proliferation of a new kind of "parent" with no natural tie to his "child."

The rupture of the natural parent-child bond has been a stated goal of 1) the United Nations, 2) the founders of compulsory education, and 3) Communists in general. With public school -- where parents basically hand their children over to be raised by the government -- statists have come far in separating parents from their children. Schoolteachers have become de facto mother figures. Confidences are cultivated. Some schools have "pajama days" to create an intimate "family" feeling. Public school allows parents to basically default on parenthood.

They have little clue what their child is going through each day. Out of sight, out of mind. Many know little of what their children are being taught. With most days spent at the government babysitter undergoing its indoctrination program, many parents hardly know their kids by age 18. That child has often received more values from the government than from parents. This is exactly what the original planners of "education" wanted. The vaunted "generation gap" of the 60's was the fruit of compulsory schooling more than anything natural.

"A new word is needed to distinguish between a union
that is natural and life-creating
on one hand; and another
that features unnatural sex,
is non-regenerative, and
requires, for full flower,
that children be separated
from their parents."

But this is not enough for the state. Kids still end up getting too many values from their parents. The state seeks to usurp the parent-child relationship more profoundly. "Cradle to grave" is a totalitarian motto. The goal of government is to detach children from their parents at increasingly younger ages, until children can finally be "mixed and matched" as a nation of foster children. This would give the government unholy control over their upbringing. Working through liberal courts and social services, all would-be "parents" could be vetted for correct ideology.

But a nation of foster children will require a bit more psychological shifting in the public mind. To bring it about, the whole idea of a sacred or natural parent-child bond must be minimized and negated. "Gay marriage" would assist splendidly in that process.

The Issue Of Progeny
At The Core of Marriage

It has been well remarked that marriage enshrines -- among other things -- humanity's best understanding of a child's needs. Marriage provides naturally for the protection and upbringing of offspring. Children and their interests are at the heart of the marriage institution.

Gays who wish to wed tend to seek children to create a semblance of family. But the outstanding trait of the homosexual couple -- aside from the fact that their body parts do not, um, fit together nicely -- is that they are intrinsically barren. They cannot produce a child. Nature has not set same-sex couplings on the same footing as natural marriages. So how can we?

Only if we no longer believe it is right and advantageous for a child to be nurtured, instructed, and raised by his own Progenitors.

When we see the obvious barrenness of the gay couple go unremarked by judicial authorities, it can only mean one thing:

The real purpose of the "gay marriage" push is to upset assumptions surrounding parenthood, and the natural parent-child bond.

Native Intelligence

Notwithstanding the anti-parent agenda in media, there is no parent like the true parent. None sacrifices as much. Miraculously, some recent movies make this point. "Road To Perdition" with Tom Hanks, and Ron Howard's "The Missing" dramatically depict that stunning Force of Nature: a parent's readiness to give all for the sake of their own. Natural parents easily give up life's blood and life's furthest years to provide for progeny. I just gave my only car to a daughter. I don't think much of it. Mothers have been known to perform supernatural feats -- from lifting heavy objects to fighting off wild beasts -- to protect natural children. Parents willingly donate body parts to children if needed. Many parents would give eyes or arms for their children in need.

At times something goes horribly wrong with the natural order. Then society tries to patch things up with something called adoption. But even with this, the break between a child and his progenitor stands as a cosmic sorrow. Adopted children often spend lives trying to find their true parents. Children separated lifelong from parents end up manifesting traits of the natural parents.

"On the levels of instinct,
emotion, genetics -- even
metaphysics -- it is not possible to equate adoption with natural parenthood."
These are the mysteries of blood, ancestry, and spiritual ties. Adoptive parents, heroic though they are, rarely feel that visceral connection known by natural parents. As a young dad I remember holding the babies of others at community events. I could tell mine by just a sniff of the head. Other babies smelled foreign. Just the scent of my own induced a protective, love reaction in me. I had an adopted child, too. But I never felt the same way.

And despite the parade of criminal parents featured in media, none but the natural parent is a more reliable protection from exploitation -- including sexual exploitation. This is a real issue with an adoptive gay "parent," who necessarily lacks the natural psychic barriers present in the vast majority of natural parents. Those who break one natural barrier tend to break others. That is why gays are at the forefront of efforts to normalize pedophilia.

None is more qualified by natural right, or destined by karma to raise and guide a child than his own parents. Buddhist and Yogic adepts report that a child chooses its parents by karmic affinity. (Yogic mystics are actually able to go to the astral plane and witness incarnations as they take place.) Our native wisdom has always told us that a child is best raised by his own natural parents -- both of them -- the Yin and Yang.

One final truth: None but the true parent suffers more over the unhappiness or failure of a child. Bearing the keenest pain in failure, parents have the natural right to the highest authority in the difficult task of instilling a happy character into their own children.

Both true parents, raising their own natural child, should remain the ideal to strive for. It is nothing less than the natural order. When we retain these choice ideals, orphanhood is seen as the tragedy that it is. On the levels of instinct, emotion, genetics -- even metaphysics -- it is impossible to equate adoption with natural parenthood. Adoption is a uniquely noble and soulful life enterprise. But it is not the same thing.

Afloat in instinctive parental care on a daily basis, kids become well-fed and secure. Out of these feelings, Family develops. Out of this stuff self-reliant groups develop; prosperous clans -- even Dynasties and -- heaven forbid -- Monarchies. And this is a problem for the New World Order.

The family is the natural enemy of the State, and the State is the natural enemy of the family. In fact, any connected and interdependent group that can take care of itself is poison to statist control freaks. If the government happens to hear of a really strong family hiding about somewhere, it's only a matter of time before they send trouble, whether in the form of auditors or tanks. The burning of the Waco mothers and their children can be seen in this light.

Polygamy is an especially big no-no because it produces families that are too strong. Serial Polygamy, on the other hand -- where you leave emotional wreckage all over the 50 states and make of your family a ruin -- is quite all right. This is a very popular -- and government approved -- form of American Polygamy. The government just doesn't like it when men and women are actually faithful and committed to each other. Again, it makes children too secure.

The less security you have, the more you need Big Brother. Family creates too much security.

At the very base of all human groupings lies the parent-child bond. If the state can manage to finally destroy this natural bond and make all beings into needy cretins, it will be like splitting the atom. Enormous unholy power will be released to the State.

Socialist and communist dictators provide overt examples of N.W.O. strategy. Deposed communist dictator Nicolai Ceaucescu had a large secret service composed of orphans raised from birth by his state apparatus:

The Romanian government under Ceaucescu encouraged families to give up their children by offering monetary rewards to those who did.

Ceaucescu created state-run orphanages to house the excess children. His aim was to draft these children into the army when they reached adulthood, in order to bolster Romania's military force. The orphanages were designed like factories to manufacture adults who had no loyalties to family or religion, who would therefore owe allegiance only to the state. Orphanages were staffed by the minimum number of people to keep the institution operational, with no consideration given to the developmental needs of the children. Children in these institutions grew up without any mental stimulation or physical activity, without any loving human touch, and often without sufficient food, clothing, or health care... Some former orphans joined the military or entered the secret service.

Ceaucescu ended up with an elite secret service made up of surviving orphans. Orc-like, they viewed him as their father, were fanatically loyal to him, and kept him in power for a long time against the efforts of the people to topple him.

Today's N.W.O. plotters are working the same basic plan, but they are more subtle. They work the plan incrementally, stealthily. They know they only need to to take control of minds. The rest will follow. Government authorities have crafted an illusion whereby parents perceive their children as being "theirs." The kids come home for dinner roughly from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., and sleep in beds provided by the parent. The state takes them early in the morning, before the child has a chance to connect to his family. He spends most of the day without parental input, in confusing and chaotic conditions that cause powerful peer-group associations to form. Come evening the interloper remains with the child in the form of heavy homework assignments. The parents feed and clothe him, then send him off in the morning for more programming. The choicest part of parenting -- the teaching of values and worldview -- is increasingly subsumed by the state. Parents are reduced to house wardens who bear physical expenses while surrendering their powerful right of spiritual influence.

Mothers have been duped into giving up their tender child at age five. But educators push relentlessly now for mandatory "preschool" and "pre-preschool" enrollment, inferring that parents who demur are standing in the way of their child's good. Leagues of women with tinny voices and Ph.D.s drone on about the "developmental benefits" for the four-, three-, and even two-year-old.

Even in the afternoon school expands its reach. "After school" programs proliferate. Vacation summers shrink. The very opportunity -- to have experiences that would create family identity or cohesion -- fades from view. The way to break this spell is through home-schooling. This is why government at all levels views homeschoolers as a serious threat. (Their solution has been to co-opt the homeschooling movement and create "official homeschool programs" that let them invade the family even more.)

Government control freaks and "one world" controllers hope that we can forget about the sacred Parent-Child bond, and family self-determination itself. "Gay marriage" would come in very handy for that. To play out the homosexual fantasy of family, gays must needs pilfer other people's children -- those who have somehow become separated from their natural parents. That is to say, the pure gay "family" requires orphans. The natural family as a rule does not. At best, a gay "family" obtains children through the tragedy of a prior failed marriage. In such cases the child is separated from at least one of his true parents -- more tragedy.

The state is
the natural
enemy of the family.

Thus the "gay family" requires tragedy and sorrow for its existence. It can only begin with the ignorance or failure of natural parents somewhere. Increasingly it will take birth -- like Frankenstein's monster -- through the depredations of a biotech industry operating beyond the pale of human ethics. Sodomatrimony will require orphans -- lots of them. What impact would this have on society and other families? A judge who does not understand this -- the disordering impact "gay marriage" would have on family, children and society -- should not be anyone's judge.

Anti-Parent Propaganda

To acquire legitimacy for this "New World Parent," the natural parent-child bond must be trivialized and devalued. We can see this program today in the media. Happy natural families are rarely depicted (Exception: Black families are always happy on the tube. They ALWAYS have strong dads and they ALWAYS sit around the dinner table having endearing conversations.) Even a "positive" family show like "Seventh Heaven" features a home rife with controversy; the full-time mom is a pathetic ditz; the father a weak bystander. Scriptwriters for the hit show "Law and Order" feed us endless stories of children rescued from criminally abusive parents by noble detectives or social workers. Media celebrates adopters. In California now you can spot "adoption chic." It's the height of cool to be seen with wild-haired muffins who are obviously not yours. The more racially hetero they are, the cooler it is.

So media has been working fast and furious to devalue the natural parent-child bond. But what better strategy than filling our society with inherently barren couplings, and "parents" without genetic ties? I believe that the real purpose of the promotion of "gay marriage" is to further diminish and finally violate the sacred parent-child bond. The ultimate goal is to separate children from their true parents at birth so that they can be wholly "raised by the State," thus arresting the process by which elders pass on pesky traditional values at odds with state goals. Sodomatrimony is their "final solution" for separating all from ancestral wisdom; to make them wholly dependent on the state -- or whatever surrogates may be substituted.

With "gay marriage" they are gunning for more than the family. They are going after our kids.

Any New Thing Requires a New Word

No civilization has produced a "gay marriage" norm. It is a new outcropping on the map of the human mind. Joseph Sobran has pointed out that "gay marriage" involves the arbitrary redefinition of an English word. Or you might say, the attempt to corrupt that word.

The redefining or corruption of words is a basic strategy of social engineers to mess with the mind of man. Redefine or corrupt a word, and you obscure -- or even eliminate -- what it once stood for. I use "Grand Miasm" to describe the N.W.O. process. Instead of the ancient, holistic approach to parenthood, the Grand Miasm wants us to separate parenthood into separate parts; and leave us with fewer and fewer of those parts. Now terms like "biological parent," and "father figure" have wide currency. These split parenthood into fragments. We should favor instead the holistic terms of "True Parent" and "Father." The Miasm will try to reduce fatherhood to masturbation in a plastic bag. But a father who masturbates into a plastic bag and then lets others raise his child is practicing parental abandonment no different than leaving his babe on a doorstep.

"Marriage" stands for a holistic package of truths at the heart of human life that are as old as mankind. We should stoutly resist its debasement. Sodomists already ripped off one beautiful word: "gay." It used to mean cheerful, gladsome. There was no other like it. I like the original definition better. Unaccountably, the word has taken on a dirty connotation. Some homosexuals now consider it a slur.

I wonder how that happens?

"Marriage" is a pure and beautiful word; too important to toy with or redefine. It is central to human culture as we've known it. Instead of letting them steal and sully "marriage," Sobran offers them their own new term: sodomatrimony.

A new word is needed to distinguish between a union that is natural and life-creating on one hand; and another that features unnatural sex, is non-regenerative, and requires, for full flower, that children be separated from their parents.


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Old 08-28-2005, 01:17 AM
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Default Re: The Parental Substitution Game

THANK YOU, Rush, for this vital, essential article!

I can't stress it enough how important this issue is.

At the very base of all human groupings lies the parent-child bond. If the state can manage to finally destroy this natural bond and make all beings into needy cretins, it will be like splitting the atom. Enormous unholy power will be released to the State.
This is it!
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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