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Old 10-01-2005, 10:38 AM
Thumper Thumper is offline
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Default Does the NWO really hold all the cards, or are their more players we have to contend with?

I get the feeling that the muslims (not the MI6 variety) are also something to deal with.

your thoughts on this or other possible third parties????

edit: what I mean is, are there people who the NWO are trying to destroy (who aren't on God's side) and the other way around?

\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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Old 10-01-2005, 03:01 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Re: Does the NWO really hold all the cards, or are their more players we have to contend with?


That is a very good question and
an important observation also.

Oneday I was one going to create a post entitled:
"Look in the Mirror F*cker" to describe
who is part of the "Illuminati or "NWO".

In other words all organisations and people
involved in maintaining and advancing
these terrible agendas could all be
categorised under the heading of Evil.
And that each person was contributing
to the advancement of evil, but each
with his own kind and degree of involvement.

For instance most people would think
stealing food, clothing and shelter
from poor families is unjust. Right?
Well, a Legalised Counterfeiting Organisation
called a fractional reserve bank will assist
you in your greed to own a home
if you cannot afford to do so currently
with your own money. They tempt you with a loan and the evil borrower succumbs to
his own greed and requests that the bankers
create say $360,000 of new money. But immediately
after purchase of the home this
new legally counterfeited currency will
circulate amongst the general population
causing the prices of all other goods
and services, including groceries, to rise.
So this borrower, coveting a home when
he cannot afford one has just raised the
cost of groceries for everyone else including
poor families - he has just stolen
food from poor people. Yet ironocally
this same borrower might be "anti-NWO"
or write a hard-money newsletter or even
publish a conspiracy website. The borrower
could care less about the negative effects
on other people as long as he gets the new home
and satisfies his own wants and needs.
Now, when tens of millions of people do this
the organisation grows, becomes
hierarchical and has a leader. Then it is
labeled as part of the NWO, but you
see it was each of the millions of evil customers
that created the evil organisation.

The same type of reasoning as above can
be applied to many other areas.
How many people collect a government paycheck
or government pay-contract and are "anti-NWO".
All taxation is theft so it is evil to do so
and one is creating many social problems
for the people who pay. When the parasite
organisation or government
department grows big enough it's leaders
can be labeled NWO.

Here's a situation that is becoming all too
common. A person will want to be baptised by The State and seek a state-granted university
"degree" ( a Masonic concept ). They
want State or NWO or Illuminati
brainwashing, a certificate of education to prove it
and have someone else pay for it,
then also claim they are in favor of liberty.
But really they help initiate and participated in this aspect of the NWO.

So, basically, what I am saying is that people
in general are self-absorbed and don't consider
or realise the effects on others of their actions.
People can be hypocritical, doing one thing
and saying another and not even realise it.
People who have done their fair share
of helping one department of the State
or NWO or Illuminati grow, will then later on
turn around and criticize all other departments.

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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Old 10-01-2005, 06:36 PM
freeman freeman is offline
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Default Re: Does the NWO really hold all the cards, or are their more players we have to contend with?

Good post, rush.
I think we all forget just how pervasive this conspiracy is and that we all contribute to it from time to time.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 10-01-2005, 06:39 PM
nohope187 nohope187 is offline
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Default Re: Does the NWO really hold all the cards, or are their more players we have to contend with?

A rain drop never feels responsible for the flood. :-P
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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