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Old 03-02-2006, 04:53 PM
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Default Muscle to Lard

Muscle To Lard

By Marilyn A. Guinnane

It wasn't all that long ago that Americans were such a bunch of Goody Two-Shoes that our hubris sprung out of how good we were, not how bad. We were in the habit of patting ourselves on the back at every opportunity. "Look how we give when there's a disaster somewhere on the planet!" has long been a favorite. Everybody in America has said it at some point or another or, I should say, every American citizen. Let's add: 'Born here.' Born here and raised with the goofy notion that we're better than everyone else and that America is the free-est country in the world. It probably was but not only is that not saying much, most of our freedoms have been sucked dry by the neo-cons and are now long gone. We know it. We surrendered our rights to protect our, um, freedom.

This has P.T. Barnum grinning in his grave. Not only is there 'a sucker born every minute,' as Barnum accurately noted, but entire nations of suckers. We aren't the first to fall for the enemy-at-the-gate ruse, after all. Nor are we the first to rally behind a government which fabricated the enemy. We even have ourselves a gen-yoo-ine war prez-ee-dent; ain't that a pip? He makes secret agreements to place our ports of entry into the lap of Islam and says it's okay, not to worry; if there was anything to worry about, why, he, Mr. War President, wouldn't have done it. Behind our backs.

Of course Islam was not an enemy prior to getting pinned with the 911 catastrophe but they're sure as hell an enemy now! We have the war pres'dent t'thank fer that. Ol' yippie ki yi yay George. He couldn't spell Afghanistan if you offered him a barrel of whiskey and told him it would be waiting for him on Brokeback Mountain along with an ounce of cocaine but he sure knew how to order the military to attack it. Yessiree. Poor little sheep herding people. Most of them too poor to even own their own sheep. But that war pres'dent, he sure gave 'em the what fer, didn't he now? That'll teach 'em! Their gov'mint gave shelter to that Osama bin Laden, y'hear? So those dang peasants had to pay! We jus' bombed the livin' shit outa' them. Left 'em lotsa' that depleted uranium, too. Joke's on them, see, 'cause it ain't so depleted. Fact is, their babies are gonna' be born deformed for the nex' millyun years, an' in Iraq, too. An ' then we're gonna' do Iran, and how! MFs won't know what hit 'em! An' why? 'Cause we're an empire, that's why. You don't go messin' with an empire. United we stand.

You know what the major trouble is when a government gets away with murder? It becomes a serial killer. And for some inexplicable reason the citizens follow. They rally behind their serial killer leaders. The lynch mob mentality takes over. Ordinary citizens, people who talk about how wonderful Americans are because they give money and food and clothes whenever a disaster strikes some part of the globe, suddenly turn truculent. Snap your fingers. That fast. It seems like the human race should have managed to evolve by now. Into what? Into something far more decent than a bunch of phonies who become bloodthirsty ghouls at the drop of a lie. Um, hat.

Even so, there are those who are chagrined by the neo-Nazis, um, cons. Alarmed even. They are not full of shock and awe, they are full of just plain shock. But very few do anything by way of correcting matters. Very few do anything because they are too lazy or too afraid. Some will write to their elected representatives about Medicare or Social Security or drilling for oil in the Alaskan wilderness but tell people that they should be raising cane over the catastrophic sham that has come to be called nine-one-one, that they should have voted out of office every sniveling politician who allowed the misnamed Patriot Act to override our Constitutional rights, that they should positively riot over depleted uranium usage (we're even killing our own troops with it!) over torture being implemented, over pre-emptive strikes against defenseless countries, and even these 'aware' folks pull away, fearful. They don't want to find themselves on any lists, doncha' know. Either they don't want to be placed on a list of some sort, or they say they're just too weary of it all to bother.

Well that's just a fine how-do-ya-do. Isn't it? Come on, repeat after me: "That's just a fine how-do-ya-do!"

It isn't that divisiveness should be any kind of goal here. Hawks vs. Doves doesn't cut it. The global elite, a.k.a. The Illuminati, love to see us split into bickering factions so that they can mobilize into their 'divide and rule' routine. In fact it's how a hand full of reptillian hybrids have ruled the world for thousands of years. Who do you think started organized religion? Is there anything that divides humanity more than religion? How many oxymoronic "holy" wars has history recorded? Keep you busy fighting while they, The Illuminati, plot and execute your destiny.

There's only one answer, of course, and that's for everyone to wake up and do-o-o-o something. We outnumber them. We outnumber them by an absurdly huge margin. We're talking billions here. We outnumber The Illuminati by billions to one, worldwide. You like being a slave, do you? No? Then do something, damn you!

My fellow Americans, I will tell you a simple truth. We are headed for economic collapse and there's no way out. What's more, it's happening by design thanks to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve (only Congress has the Constitutional right to coin money) which is an arm of The Illuminati. The upcoming Depression is happening by design just as the Great Depression happened by design. The brilliant Doug Casey calls that which is at our doorstep, "The Greater Depression." This global economy has been set up like dominoes so that when we, the world's largest economy, go down, the whole world goes with us. And baby, we're going down.

The idea---listen carefully---is to make money so worthless that you not only agree to a cashless society wherein you're chipped (see: mark of the beast, Revelations) but you, in your starving state, agree to giving up America in favor of one world government. "Anything, just give me food!"

The sand in that hourglass that marks our fate if we do not do something by way of cementing our sovereignty falls steadily. There is more sand on the bottom of that hourglass than the top.

And you sit on your considerable duffs flipping through channels. Swell.

Whatever it was that made this country great somehow managed to transmorgify from muscle to lard. From brains to mush. From guts to worms. But you know? Karma is a funny thing. You've sat back on your big lard asses and let your government get away with murder. Cheered it on, even.

What goes around comes around, people. Nevertheless, what ever are you bringing down on your children?

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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