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Old 03-26-2006, 04:19 PM
Thumper Thumper is offline
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Default they shut down godlikeproductions.com

at least on my end

\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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Old 03-26-2006, 11:41 PM
LaDominio LaDominio is offline
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Default Re: they shut down godlikeproductions.com

Sad to say but, GLP main server was hacked yesterday.

At first we thought the server was just crashed then we got this from the ISP today, after we could not get it to come back online.

"It was a real hack. There were a few mesages left on the server. Also, by looking at what files were removed or deleted it was obvious it was a hack.

Little messages like "You should secure your server asshole""

It apears the attacker used a new sendmail exploit for linux we were un-patched for that came out Wednesday to get root shell access on the server.

This was a malicious hacker who deleted all the files on the box...

We lost all posts from about feb16th to present day... older archives are intact on the backup..

sorry about this.. feel free to repost lost data if you have the threads
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