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Old 07-16-2005, 09:56 PM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default How To Get Through To The Sheeple: HUMOUR & HEAVY SARCASM. An Example...

I posted this at a local forum here in Oz just now.


Often humour is the only way to sneak through the Sheeple defence mechanisms.

Go to other forums and wind them up by agreeing with them and then exceeding their level of idiocy which shoves it back in their face.

For example:

Fox News Watcher - "We have to destroy their bases of operation like Iraq and Afghanistan to ultimately win".

Enlightened CC Poster - "Yes, yes. But is it enough to just bring democracy there? We may have to kill alot of them like in Vietnam..."destroy the Iraqi village to save it from 4000 years of tribal culture", that IS their social underpinning. A long drawn out war with 20,000 dead on our side and a couple of million Muslims dead may be the cost. It's regrettable but it seems we have no choice. They just wont learn.

You can be creative...as subtle...or as obvious as you like. It works.

Here is my post about the Oz government trying to use Terror as an excuse to bring in a I.D card. Most of the people here are against it mind you.


The card is a great idea and should be brought in IMMEDIATELY!

It will collate ALL that data flowing around and make things more efficient.

It will not secure Australia in the SLIGHTEST (London bombers all home grown) but it will allow monitoring of the citizens far more effectively.

If we form a MASSIVE central database we could even link THUMB SCANNERS on computers with the INEVITABLE biometric thumb scan on an Australian I.D card...think about it! A trusted leader and associated beauracracy could then easily monitor the web surfing habits of ALL Australians, making terrorist activity SLIGHTLY more difficult! I say a complete loss of privacy is worth a SLIGHT increase in the difficulty of terrorists to communicate. Dont you?

After all, what does the average Australian slob have to worry about? What porno sites they're downloading from?

I think all this "Civil Liberties" stuff has gone far enough. Only tyrannical governments, sponsored by the Business/Financial classes from the past, were a problem. Now that we see footage of the recent past in colour, we dont have to worry about all that tyrrany as it was all filmed in black and white. There is a difference which these dinosaus from the past called, "Civil Libertarians", need to get through their thick skulls. Only centralised beauracratic tyrranies from the past did bad things. We've moved on.

While we're at it, completely removing ALL the privacy of private Australian citizens, why not just get rid of this thing called a multi layered democracy. It's SO bothersome!

These hippy, dreadlocked, pot smoking fools need to wake up and smell the Super Skunk! Efficiency is the catchcry and we will NEVER attain a perfect spreadsheet pattern of co-efficients and multi layered graphs if we are completley hamstrung by Western Democracy!

I'm not calling for it's complete destruction ala 1933: Hitler burning Reichstag, blaming on opponents, setting up camps for political opponents, scaring people into complete submission with war etc...just it's partial complete destruction by getting rid of that pesky pain in the **** Senate which is now in the government of the days hands anyway. By getting rid of it now we will save a future trusted leader of this great nation from EVER having to put up with it's meddling EVER again. I say its worth it.

I've calculated on my multiple spreadsheets on my multiple computer monitors that an efficiency co-efficient of 0.3 may be possible with just a total re-writing of the constitution, complete destruction of the democratic underpinnings of Australian society, complete loss of personal privacy and a Total Police State Surveillence System. There could be more benefits which I'm currently modelling, as soon as I've found a Economic Computer Modeling Company which will give me the results I'm looking for.

TERRORISM HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING! Are you listening Malcolm Fraser! I have been thoroughly informed by the TERRORIST EXPERTS on the telly, that unless we give up all our rights we will all die horrible deaths on trains! This is not a problem for me as I get from the mansion to work by helicopter and never get on the filthy things, but it's certainly a concern for most of the people I see wandering around on the ground outside my 666 story office tower. What of them! What of their rights to get to work more effeciently and with minimum anxiety so as to work more EFFICIENTLY at their mind numbing limited employment oppurtunities. God knows they're already anxious enough with the new I.R reforms our trusted leader has brought in.

I just thank God those silly Camel Jockeys never seem to get the really important targets. I was worried at first that they might catch on and the IMF, World Bank, Wall Street, City Of London Banking Elite or Bank Of International Settlements in Zurich might be targeted as these are the places I actually run the planet from and increase there misery by. Luckily they dont seem to know basic history and books outside of that "DaVinci Code" thingy and Dr Phil and Oprah T.V show. We always new exporting high class Western culture to them would pay off.

True, those 2 big Towers were a shock but also a blessing. Fortunately most of my importent friends did'nt show up to work and mostly middle class peasant types seemed to have been incinerated or crushed by debris from a great height. Besides, Sir Reginald and I never set foot in the place with all the asbestos falling off the walls in there. Anyway, it was slowly going broke and my good colleague Larry Silverstein had over insured the White Elephant by a huge margin and has made quite a profit! He's truly the King of speculation and the begetter of great luck is our Larry. Kudo's Larry! Psssst...dont tell anyone but the lucky bit for us was that all the Enron documents were stored in the basement of the WTC...shredded now. Most tragic for the Securities and Exchange Commission as they can no longer investigate the long trail back to the Elite Banking Estblishment.

Anyway forum. I hope any "Liberal" types here grow up and out of their silly little "idealistic", "utopian", "boys dream" vision for a future planet where EVERYONE can have a fair go and be all they can be.

You can get that in the army. Which, coincidently, I believe is recruiting at this VERY moment for another lovely foray into the Middle East. Apparently the Americans have alot of vacancies. Life must be too good for people. Well, we'll be fixing THAT, VERY SOON...(cue Dr Evil laugh).

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 07-17-2005, 07:46 AM
igwt igwt is offline
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Default Re: How To Get Through To The Sheeple: HUMOUR & HEAVY SARCASM. An Example...

Love the bit about, "...I have my ALL SEEING EYE fixed firmly on your locations and surveillence blimps have been dispatched to beam "Australian Idol", "Desperate Housewives" and "Big Brother" into your living rooms...there is NO escape! Resistence is futile!..."

Incredible :lol:
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Old 07-17-2005, 08:44 AM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Re: How To Get Through To The Sheeple: HUMOUR & HEAVY SARCASM. An Example...

Glad you like it. Join in. I've made some great contacts.
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 07-18-2005, 10:10 PM
Max Max is offline
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Default Re: How To Get Through To The Sheeple: HUMOUR & HEAVY SARCASM. An Example...

LOL! TB- Of course I've always liked your posts here but I'm starting to like your off-site ones better. Great stuff here, thanks for the laugh and example of the truth techniques. :-P
Truth, Peace, Freedom, Trust, Abundance, Unselfishness, Joy, Humility and Pure Love
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