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Default More stuff people to watch out for.

FBI arrests 7 in alleged terror plot
Investigators claim men conspired to attack Sears Tower, federal building

NBC News and news services
Updated: 10:47 p.m. CT June 22, 2006

MIAMI - Seven people were arrested Thursday in connection with the early stages of a plot to attack Chicago’s Sears Tower and other buildings in the U.S., federal law-enforcement sources told NBC News.

FBI agents swarmed over a warehouse in Miami's Liberty City area, using a blowtorch to take off its metal door. Neighbors said the suspects said they were Muslim and had tried to recruit young people to join their group, which seemed militaristic.

The men — part of a radical Black Muslim group — were planning terror acts in Miami and Chicago, officials say.

An official told The Associated Press the alleged plotters were mainly Americans with no apparent ties to al-Qaida or other foreign terrorist organizations. He spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to pre-empt news conferences planned for Friday in Washington and Miami.
Sears Tower? Let's recall a few things. First we all know that the trade towers and WTC 7 was demolished with explosives. We know that Silverstein bought all the buildings two months before it happened and took out a record insurance policy. We all know that when he said "pull it", he wasn't admitting that they demolished it, but he was covering up a lie. He said they had to pull it from all the damage that WTC 7 had sustained when it in fact sustained minimal damage. Even FEMA in their initial report couldn't explain why it fell. Second, the damage that it DID sustain could not have caused the uniform, free fall 6.6 second collapse.

We also know that Silverstein was also involved in the purchase of the Sears Tower.
MetLife Will Sell Sears Tower

By Dean Starkman
From The Wall Street Journal Online

Two investors who are part of Larry Silverstein's group that owns the World Trade Center lease are among the buyers of the Sears Tower, which MetLife Inc. agreed to sell Thursday for more than $800 million, according to people familiar with the situation.

Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, New York investors who are among Mr. Silverstein's backers in the Trade Center, are part of a group that agreed to buy the Chicago landmark, these people said. Another New York investor, Jeffrey Feil, was also a participant in the Sears Tower deal, the people said. Names of the other investors couldn't be learned.

-- March 12, 2004
We also know that a numerology code was cracked showing how the Sears Tower was likely going to be the target of another flase flag operation.


Posted By: neuamerica
Date: Monday, 29 March 2004, 8:29 p.m.

The following is from a reader e-mail.


Is Sears Tower, Chicago, Next? On April 19th?

It's highly possible the next major terror attack could be April 19th, striked at Sears Tower, Chicago.


Because of multiple numerological and symbolical reasons, exactly as with "9/11", such as:
Double Anniversary Numerology
April 19th, 2004 is 9 Years after the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19th, 1995) and 11 Years after Waco (April 19th, 1993):
April 19th, 1995 --> April 19th, 2004 = 9 Years = 9
April 19th, 1993 --> April 19th, 2004 = 11 Years = 11
9 Years/11 Years = 9/11
Building Numerology
Murrah Federal Building = 9 Stories = 9
Waco Church = 2 Stories = 2 = 1+1 --> 11
9(OKC)/11(Waco) = 9/11
Time Numerology
911 days between 9/11/2001 and 3/11/2004
911 hours (roughly) between 3/11/2004 and 4/19/2004
Sears Tower Numerology
Valued at $911 million (before 9/11) = 911
Sears Tower is 9 buildings in 1 = 1 and 9 = 19 (April 19th)
WTC-Towers looked together like the figure 11 = 11 (September)
Consists of 9 buildings = 9
110 Stories (like WTC) = 1+1+0 = 11
= 9/11

As a matter of curiosity, the Sears Tower was designed by a Muslim; a Pakistani nationalist: Dr. Fazlur Rehman Khan.

"Black wind of death" & "Black hawks" (Chicago) (windy city)

More symbolism surrounding April 19th, 2004:
1) Partial Solar Eclipse
2) New Moon Day

And here is THE REAL KICKER:
Exactly the same New York investors who bought the WTC-Towers, just seven weeks before the Terrorattacks on September 11, 2001, recently bought Sears Tower in Chicago, and that deal was finalized about just seven weeks before...before April 19th, 2004:

Let us remember that this was not the first time, a terror plot was stopped with the Sears Tower as a target.

19th April, 2004 03:00ET

According to an inteligence briefing reported early today on World Net Daily, a plot to bomb the Sears Tower with explosives laced with toxic osmium tetroxide has been foiled by information from police raids in Britain.

WND quotes an intelligence briefing headlined today on Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, that traces of the chemical and manuals for its use, were found by British intelligence in raids following the Madrid train bombings, and details were passed on to U.S. counterparts
In case you didn't notice check out the date of this article. APRIL 19. The same day that Waco, Oklahoma City and Columbine (yes, this too was a govt op) occured. As the illuminati-news link pointed out, the attack would occur in April 19. Now, back to the Sears tower in general. The following was posted at an indymedia site:

Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern, fresh from his heated public confrontation with Donald Rumsfeld, fears that staged terror attacks across Europe and the US are probable in order to justify the Bush administration's plan to launch a military strike against Iran, which he thinks will take place in June or July. -Paul Joseph Watson
Several recent articles discuss the likelihood for staged terror attacks to soon occur, as a pretext for attacking Iran. The upcoming World Cup and Sears Tower are mentioned as possible targets. Larry Silverstein, confessed WTC-7 demolisher, is reportedly now involved with the management of the Sears Tower. Information about government-sponsored bioterror/biowarfare is also included below.

Iran, Towards a War Pretext Incident?
Hezbollah Plotting World Cup Attack
by Kurt Nimmo May 28, 2006
http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=NIM20060602&art icleId=2559

Of course, there is no way to predict if there indeed will be attacks during the World Cup tournament in Germany, but if there are we can expect the Straussian neocons and their Israeli collaborators to take full advantage of the situation. “US officials opposed to an attack on Iran fear the Bush Administration would take advantage of such terror attacks to launch an offensive that, according to the officials, would settle the Iranian nuclear crisis and boost the president’s approval rating.”

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July
McGovern: Staged terror attacks across Europe, US "probable" in order to justify invasion
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com
June 1 2006

Returning to 9-11 and the Sears Tower...remember the five dancing Israelis? Good. Let's turn to Matt Hale's booklet THE TRUTH ABOUT 9-11. Racist as he may be, his sources are solid.
The Mercury, a news source out of Pottsdam, Pennsylvania, reported some equally strange things that added greatly to the puzzle?s pieces. The police had been alerted by a call about some men dumping furniture illegally. At first, the police believed it to be a routine call. However, when the police arrived, they discovered that it was a moving company (with its name printed on the side of the van-?Moving Systems Incorporated,? to be specific) that was dumping this furniture. This must have struck the police as certainly odd: a company that was supposed to be moving furniture for someone was throwing it away. The police approached the supposed movers but they quickly fled the area.[24]

Fortunately, the police were able to apprehend these ?movers.? What the police found was extremely interesting: the men had a detailed video of the Sears Tower in Chicago. This video had zoomed-in shots of various parts of the building. Were they planning something there? All the suspects were discovered to be Israelis, including one woman (not the typical employee of a moving company). The woman had a German passport in one name, and prescription drugs in another name, which logically leads one to believe that she was working under different names.[25]

The police began to question the movers who offered strange and contradictory stories probably as a result of being nervous with their cover blown. The movers said that they were coming from New York and said they were going to New York. The reason that they were in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, they said, was that they were supposed to be picking up some furniture. Certainly, moving companies often move furniture for people out of state (though they are not usually found throwing it away). However, when asked for the name or phone number of the person?s furniture they were to pick up, they could not give either. Obviously, a moving company would not offer to move someone?s furniture out of state without a phone number, let alone a name. Upon further investigation, the police discovered that the truck?s logbook was false too. Some of the so-called movers were then transported to a federal facility.[26] It seems likely that the crew had recently come from Chicago and had been casing the Sears Tower.

Other suspicious things continued to be uncovered about the Israelis involved with the company. Apparently, the owner of the company closed his business and fled to Israel. All the suspects in custody were given lie- detector tests twice, except for one who was given the test seven times. The ?art students?-what some of the employees claimed to be-had even been recently trained by the Israeli Army in ?signal interception and [demolition] ordnance.?[27]

Pause here for a moment and consider the company?s name. This is the company whose employees were jumping up and down in glee and taking pictures of themselves in front of the WTC when it burned and others were found to have a video that may have been part of a greater plan to deal with the Sears Tower. As you might know, many Jews like to play word games. This is clearly evident by their so-called ?mystical? works, like the Kabala, where the words equal numbers, which in turn stand for other words. Was this the case with the name of the company; did it also have a secret meaning?

Moving Systems Incorporated

MOving SystemS incorporAteD

It should be noted that a Terrorism Exercise took place in Chicago back in May of 2006.
Governmen black operation runners LOOOVEE drills. It's the most convenient cover

\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.



Foreword to Lt. General Green, US Army Inspector General

Thank you for your correspondence of yesterday, answering my article about Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, the decorated Active Duty Army intelligence analyst and a Ghost Troop, and who is a member of Ghost Troop. He is connected with another Ghost Troop you know, US Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (Qatar), a former Asst. Secretary of the Navy.

As you know, these two patriots, like all Ghost Troops, have been involved in and witnesses to suspicious terror drills in the last three years, the particulars of which are now being covered by the media and investigated by your office. We are issuing a red alert on the basis of an alarming article from the Chicago Sun-Times, which we think describes a an attempt by US officials to stage a "Chicago 9/11" attack on September 7, 2006:

August 28, 2006
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Chicago has conducted countless tabletop drills since Sept. 11, 2001 to simulate what would happen if the city was hit with a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Notes on Mayor Daley and his Chicago 9/11 Exercises in May, 2006

In the Chicago Sun-Times article, Mayor Daley's gives strong assurances that the 9/7 Chicago 9/11 exercises are nothing to worry about. His words, though, don't reassure us at all. As you know from your Ghost Troop IG case, we detected and published an earlier Chicago 9/11 drill, suspiciously like this one, that had been set up secretly by Homeland Security early in 2006, and was set to run this May (5/2 - 5/4). On 4/26, alerted to exercises by our Internet associates, we contacted involved officials and learned about the exercise, which simulated the collapse of a major building, which we believe was the Sears Tower.

On 4/26 -- the same day -- we issued a red alert, and sent it to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich via his National Guard and Chicago Police, as well as via other military commands. We also published it internationally on the Internet. The next day Governor Blagojevich issued a press release confirming the exercise details we had reported. Things seemed quites suspicious, especially after we later found out that Mayor Daley was away from Chicago during the terror exercises -- in Israeli with Israeli intelligence services.

Time is running out for the Bush Administration, which explains everything else. The US media, which has sold every official story to lead the nation to war after 9/11, is currently preparing the American People for the planned Chicago 9/11 terror attack. In July they reported that Al Qaeda "homegrown" terrorists in Florida were planning to destroy the Sears Tower (Chicago). In August they reported an Al Qaeda terror plot to destroy UK-US airplanes over the Atlantic, and pointed out that the attack was to have been bloodier than 9/11 itself. The story line so far leads to something like a Chicago 9/11, with a catastrophic body count.

If the attack doesn't happen before the Congressional elections in November, it will be a disaster for the Bush Administration. Congress will be overrun by Democrats who have difficult questions to which there are no easy answers. Future Congressional leaders are already mentioning possible oversight, investigation and impeachment of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. When the Nixon Administration once reached this low point, the Armed Forces were alert against the possibility that they might use the military to create an emergency situation -- like another 9/11.

The Israel Lobby is pushing for a regional war with Iran, starting with a strategic air strike against it that would likely result in a world war. As far as Israel's concerned, this is an "existential" war -- for their very existence. To them, any reduction in the US presence in the region is the beginning of their end. Before the Iraq war, they pushed hard for an invasion, saying that the road to Jerusalem passed through Baghdad, and the Bush Administration complied. Now that things in the Mideast are a mess, they are pushing for an attack, this time saying that the road to Jerusalem passes through Tehran, and the Bush Administration is complying.

The post-9/11 war plan to dominate the Middle East has failed, with a disastrous quicksand war in Iraq. We can't continue to fight as we have fought. The public is burned out, though, just like the volunteer military that has been deployed for the last four years. The Bush Administration must either pull out of the geopolitical game or double its bets by escalating the war to win back its losses. The American People will never allow an unpopular leader to gamble their lives, liberties and children on an expanded war -- unless there's another 9/11.

Further down the page are explanations of numerology and the reasons an attack would happen on what day given historical prescedent.

Chicago's Target Dates: 9/7, 9/9, 9/11

Coded dates gives them a secret calendar of time lines and deadlines for staging terror events. They use numbers as their blueprint, like masons building a temple of great detail and size, and they consider it an art form. They choose what they consider to be powerful numbers, and their patterns are not at all coincidental.

9/7 is the most likely date for a Chicago 9/11 attack. They've already prepared the exercise for that target date, and say they are ready for anything. Note that the number of the date is a descending odd-number code: 9, 7. This may match up with the numbers in the Bush hats, with Bush "43" meaning 4+3 or 7; and Bush "41" meaning 4+1 or 5. Thus the exercise date, 9, 7 is part of sequence that also contains the Bush numbers, 7, 5

9/9 is a dangerous, too. Remember how they used the date 7/7 (London) as a link to 7/11 (Mumbai). Using the same coding, they may want to link a 9/9 (Chicago) to 9/11 (NY/DC). Just as 7x11 (Mumbai) = 77 (London), so 9x11 (NY/DC) = 99 (Chicago). The 9/9 date is rich with code possibilities.

9/11 is quite an important date this year, since it's the 5th anniversary of the original 9/11. It has a frightening symmetry, too, when you examine the full date of 9/11/06 and remove the zero, as they do. Notice that the resulting 9/11/6 gives a most rare number, which, if you flipped it over, would give you a 6/11/9. It's a sort of mirror number, their sort of number, which means nothing to the unaware but screams out its significance to those who understand the number code. Finally, this year's 9/11 may be a hidden "5/11," since it's the "5th" anniversary of the original "11" of 9/11. If we have a 5/11 "secret date" for "the fifth 9/11" then it would complete their major attacks coded date sequence:

9/11 (NY/DC)
7/11 (Mumbai)
5/11 (Chicago)
3/11 (Madrid)

More Details of a Terror Plot

They originally said Al Qaeda would attack the Sears Tower back on 9/11, when reported that the Sears Tower (Chicago) and the Library Tower (Los Angeles) were on the original Al Qaeda target list. They've been preparing the attack since then. Larry Silverstein, who has close connections to Israel, runs the Sears Tower, and made his bid to purchase the Sears Tower on the very day of the 2004 Madrid: 3/11. He's the same Larry Silverstein who was the owner of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Sears Tower has 110 floors, as did each of the Twin Towers. Remove the zero in 110 and find the code number "11." The Sears Tower zip code is the scariest number of them all. It's 60606, which becomes "666," a destruction number if there ever was one.

The US media repeatedly reports that Al Qaeda returns to its attack any target it has already tried to attack. Again, according to the US media's Al Qaeda script, Chicago has been a marked target since the 9/11/01. Should a Chicago 9/11 occur soon, the US media will be quick to point out that the attack wasn't really a surprise at all.

If the Chicago 9/11 event occurs, the Bush Administration will have achieved its goal of creating a pretext for World War Three. It will use nuclear weapons against Iran, which will respond with region-wide attacks in the Middle East, effectively beginning a major war. The Bush Administration will then mobilize the USA, which currently suffers, Bush 43 tells us, of a "strained psyche."

All of this will mean a return to the draft, economic deprivation and further tightening of national police powers -- and more 9/11's, if necessary. It will also begin official retaliations against patriot groups like Ghost Troop who have caused so many problems for high officials who conspired to commit mass murder and high treason against the American People.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

Bumping this. Remember Greg Szymanski's article from May 8?

Is Chicago Next Vatican-Led New World Order Target?

Gary Melton, harassed and targeted by NWO for political reasons, says he
may have uncovered hidden messages of the Chicago attack, set for May 8,
in a "noise campaign" directed against him.

By Greg Szymanski
April 30, 2007

Gary Melton claims he's being attacked for political reasons with a
nonstop, insidious noise campaign, making his life a living hell.

He also claims the content of these recordings indicates that a
widespread subliminal "advertising" campaign is being conducted similar
to the overt campaign conducted on Radio Rwanda that ended up inspiring
the Tutsi-Hutu massacres."

Further, after dissecting the loud audio messages, he added: "In addition,
there appears to be a warning concerning an upcoming holocaust in the
city of Chicago on May 8. This is the most difficult part of the audio to
understand and the part that needs to be looked at by an expert."

Although Melton's story could be interpreted as creating undue fear
without proper authentication, in this day and age in fascist America all
stories like Melton's need to be considered since solid research
indicates there is no limit to the evil propagated by the Vatican-led New
World Order.

Here is Melton's story sent to the Arctic Beacon in his own words:

For the last year and a half I have been harassed by a group of organized
criminals who advertise themselves as a "citizens watch" group.

They have rented two apartments adjacent to mine from which they conduct
very obvious surveillance and a non-stop irritating noise campaign. They
have planted more than one employee at the place I work. They are the
foot soldiers of a "revenge for hire" service. I have no idea what I did
to attract this crowd.

Their objective is to make me jobless, homeless, hopeless, then dead. Fat
chance. If this is starting to sound like a conspiracy rant, let me
assure you it is not. Read this letter to it's conclusion. I have
discovered something bigger than this - MAYBE.

On Feb 3rd of 2007 they arranged a little "hate fest" for me. They
brought in some powerful amplifiers and speakers and a few of their

They set the amplifiers on the floor of the apartment above me with the
speakers facing down into the floor. They played a recording of scary
and belligerent sounds while taking turns screaming personal hate
messages into a microphone. It was some pretty vile stuff, too ugly to
repeat. I found it tremendously amusing. The assault continued for about
45 minutes until just after midnight. At that point I thought they were
finished. They were not.

After the noise-fest they retreated to the rear of their apartment.
This is the part that is not directly over my space. After a few minutes
some heavy footsteps were heard above me. The sounds that came from above
suggested someone was arranging the audio equipment into a new
configuration. After a couple of minutes a new sound began to come from
above. This was one I had never heard before. I will have to coin a
phrase to describe it. I'll call it a "Digital Random Poly Noise

The sound coming from this device was VERY loud. I have a background
in electronics and computers. I could tell that the sounds were highly
engineered and not the result of an amateur non technical effort. My
first instinct was "Roll Tape"! I got it all. There were two barrages.
The first session lasted a little under five minutes and was suddenly
interrupted. I stopped the tape and prepared another blank tape.
Within two minutes another barrage started. It lasted just over 8
minutes. I recorded it also.

For about a month after that night I played their "noise" back to them
whenever they appeared to be observing me. They found this to be quite
disconcerting. So much so that I began to suspect that this recording
held more information than I had first realized. I decided to dissect the
tracks with a signal processor.

Both tracks contain hidden audio messages. I used the Win Amp Digital
Signal Processor with a modified "Octave Up" filter. It is available on
the internet for free. The information is hidden with a technique known
as Psycho Acoustic Masking.

Psycho acoustic masking uses neighboring frequencies at overwhelming
volume, but adjacent in time also. It takes advantage of the Human
Auditory Effect that shuts off hearing for a brief interval in a narrow
range after a loud

It also anticipates sounds that come at regular intervals also,
preparing for the onslaught in advance, so pre and post masking is
possible. It is used "in reverse" (so to speak) to figure out what sounds
can be extracted from an MP3 to compress it.

What did I find? As mentioned previously there are two tapes. There were
different messages in each. The first tape appears to be a warning of
sorts, while the second is clearly hate inspired threats and
intimidation. After uncovering the hidden messages, I have begun to
suspect that my "fan club" played the wrong tape, then discovered and
corrected their mistake.

The sudden stopping and restarting of the barrage with a different
recording would be neatly explained by this as well as the
differences in their content. Transcripts are provided at the
end of this letter. They are far from perfect or complete.

It is the content of the first tape that is so disturbing. The second
contains your standard scare tactic stuff. The first appears to contain
subliminal propaganda directed at the general public and designed to
instill hatred against Arabs.

There is a portion that is very faint, almost inaudible. This is the
scariest part. At three minutes and seven seconds there is an "attention"
siren followed by the word "Chicago". Then there is a sharp "Clack"
noise. For 30 seconds afterward the following phrases are
repeated and overlapped...

================================================== =======================
chicago..burning, burning..may 8, may 8..south, east..vacate, vacate
================================================== =======================

Afterward, before the four minute mark, two more loud "Clacks" signify
the end of this (unique) portion of the tape. The "Clacks" and the word
"Chicago" are quite clear, however the intervening words are barely
audible and I'm not sure if I am hearing this correctly. An audio expert
with the proper equipment needs to look at this. I am asking all news
outlets to provide them via the Internet as well as a place to return any
new transcriptions.

Both tapes were spliced into one file. The raw version and my filtered
tape are both available. Analyze the raw tape if using professional sound
equipment. It contains more of the original information. If just using
your ears, try the filtered tape. The first few phrases are quite clear.
The tape contains a very over modulated bass component. It's so strong
that turning the bass up will mask all sound and overdrive your woofers

Listening tip for the filtered file;
Keep volume and preamp at two thirds or less. Use an equalizer and
arrange the sliders on a bell curve centered at 1Khz (One thousand cycles
per second).

I urge all to listen to the filtered tape. It has some passages that are
clearly audible and are by themselves very frightening. Clear human
voices would not emerge from noise when you slice it up unless they were
there to start with.

To highlight the subliminal audio, keep the preamp (equalizer master)
low enough and arrange the sliders in a steep bell curve peaking at

Play around with it to clarify the embedded vocal track. Keep the lowest
equalizer band at the lowest possible setting. I am sending this out on
the net on the evening of March 17th, 2007.

Email me at meltongray@sbcglobal.net for the audio files and this text as
this was the original text printed at PortlandIndymedia.

Here is a recent update sent to the Arctic Beacon by Melton:

Time passes, 1 week to be exact, the post has stirred little interest.
While responding to requests for info, I researched intensly.
Here is the situation as of one week later on March 25th 2007....

I would have not come forward as I did if it were not for the utterly
sinister implications of what I think I am hearing on that recording.
The main purpose of my outreach is to get those recordings into the hands
of a capable expert. There is a larger picture, and I have reluctantly
found myself right in the middle of it. Google these, and use your
filters, lots of disinformation surrounds this topic . . . .

Gangstalking -- Morgellons -- Order out of Chaos

The remainder of this letter assumes some familiarity with the
Morgellons phenomenon and Gang Stalking. Forgive it's length, I attempted
to put the recordings into an understandable context. I will make some
vaguereferrences to "they" and "them" as this letter unfolds. I am
referring to the New World Order crowd in general, or in some cases to
specific agents of their agendas. The context should make needed
distinctions clear. What follows is conjecture based on conjecture, but it
all fits..

I have Morgellons. I have recently discovered this while researching how
to publish the audio file findings. We are the guinea pigs. The political
activists, the 9-11 researchers, the ones who won't shut up. They can
cause sores to appear on anyone's skin by bombarding them with far
infrared radiation. They are still experimenting and perfecting the
technique. Yeah, I know how that sounds. I am not distraught over this.
Keep reading as it gets more interesting...

This is the real purpose of "GangStalking". It's all about bombarding
the subjects with EMF and observing the results. Their long term goals
for this technology are speculated upon a little further into this
letter. Be advised that most of the info on gangstalking is

My harassment experience has been quite mild. It's more like they
are "studying me". The rest of it seems to be solely designed to remove
my credibility factor should I decide to make some noise about it.

I speculate their eventual goal is to be able to induce pain or
pleasure in anyone they choose by remote control. They punish with the
former, and charge for the latter. They also seek to turn our own
tissues into a sort of biometric database that can be read from,
or written to, without our knowledge or consent. The amount of "storage"
they believe they can manufacture inside our bodies will be enough to
store all our lifetime's information and then some.

How you say? Self Assembling NanoTubes and Quantam Dot Arrays.
As the tape said, this is no longer an experiment. Darpa and MIT are
making incredible progress in this area. They are getting a lot of help
from companies like Raytheon and some major Boston medical institutions.

Get a good guide to the EMF spectrum. Figure out the diameters of
the Morgellon's fibers. I used the information provided at Rense.com.
There are larger and smaller ones. Check the measurements against the
spectrum chart. It just so happens that the resonant frequencies for
tubes of these diameters falls exactly into the only two narrow slots in
the spectrum where the atmosphere is transparent to infrared EM radiation.
The military owns these portions of the radio spectrum (in the US that

Current research that M.I.T. is conducting relates to biomechanical
nanotubes that self assemble in organic materials at room temperature.
Several other defense industry principals are also involved heavily.
They assume these nanotubes will conduct electricity more efficiently
than wires, manufacture or detect specific molecules, read-write
information in binary form to organic nano-dot arrays as well as create
the nano-dot arrays. They intend to control them with pulse code
modulatedinfrared radiation. Google it, I did. Some digging will uncover
it all.

These guys like to brag if you know where to listen. Look for the
"Nanotechnology for the Soldier" program at M.I.T. Check out group 3.

My hobby is electronics and computers. I am an avid technology "Buff",
for whatever that's worth. I was trained to be a systems analyst and
designer when computers were as big as a house and cost millions of
dollars. I'm a little out of date but struggling to keep up. I always
hatedworking with computers. I love tinkering with them. I am a pantry
chef now and I love it. One thing I can recognize is a SYSTEM. I am
talking about a highly engineered interlocked set of devices and protocols
designed to get something done. This seems evident in the Morgellons

I will attempt to encapsulate the basic theory as I understand it.
If an EMF waveform who's peak-to-peak distance is the same as the tubes
diameter cross each other at any angle, a steady stream of the radiation
at the same frequency will be propagated along the fiber. It can be
"pulse coded" to carry binary data. A biomechanical device that knows
the protocol can store or use the data.

Morgellons fibers are optical fibers. The energy is propagated as photon
pairs. The wires (so to speak) only need be crumpled together. The
"signal" will jump across any gaps. This seemingly disorganized type of
networkingis actually very efficient. Most of the Morgellons fibers
appear to be communication lines capable of regenerative growth. These
are the ones in the skin. The rest of the various forms associated with
the disease (the larger ones) appear to carry the burden of performing
the more complex tasks in such a system. These would include materials
synthesis, nanofactory synthesis, command, data stores, and continuously
renewing communications infrastructure.

I must stress at this point that these are the aims of the scientists
according to my wildest estimations. They have not gotten that far yet.
They can cause regenerative growth by irradiation, but they already do
that in the laboratory. They can, over time and with sustained doses of
IR radiation, cause the fibers to multiply and cause sores on the skin.
Let's all hope that that is as far as they ever get.

It is my own conjecture that just about everyone in the G7 countries
has Morgellons. The original biological contaminants were said to include
nanotubes and altered red blood cells. The perfect self-injecting

They were also said to include RNA snippets to facilitate structure

It is my further conjecture that this biological agent picks up RNA from
some organisms that live on or in the body of the infected individuals.
This would include fungus and bacteria (inside and out).

This may be an unintended consequence or may not be. The reality is
that the prospects are quite frightening. Some of the victims of
Morgellons have no connection to such activist causes and it seems fair
to say these could be "stray and unintended" manifestations of the

Meanwhile... It's a widely held consensus that things are not going
well in DC for the world domination crowd. People are figuring it out.
They need a nuclear 9-11 to reign in the situation and return control to
the puppet masters. Can you believe all the "dirty bomb" hype?

If the hunch about Chicago proves to be correct, or if another such
scenario should occur, the Health Emergency Powers Act will be invoked.
With some certainty I will speculate further that the next emergency will
have a biohazard component and anybody with obvious sores on the skin
is going to be rounded up. This is where Morgellons comes in. Activists
will be picked up along with a lot of sick people to prevent an epidemic.
The voice of dissent will fall silent (for a time) without anyone

Indeed, people will demand that this be done.

There is a lot more pointing to Chicago, all very circumstantial and
easily dismissed. One example is that May 8th is a Tuesday and a local
election day (like 9-11). Federal buildings and some financial centers
will be closed as this is also VE day.

There have been multiple FEMA exercises for just such "combo" attacks
conducted in the Chicago area, three in four years. The last one was a
scaled down live play exercise with several Loop towers evacuated. The
general public was not told in advance that this was an exercise.

East Chicago is a neighboring suburb in Indiana. The words East and
South were thought to be heard repeatedly with the word Chicago in
the audio. East Chicago has an aging port facility. Much of the dirty
bomb hype in the media has centered on international ports and
uninspected cargo containers. The port at Indiana Harbor is a suspect

Just before the first exercise, Mieg's field was abruptly and forcefully
taken over and it's runways destroyed. They left a lot of debris. Later,
Mayor Daley converted it to "Northerly Island Park" and quietly paid off
the aircraft owners. When first pressured for a reason his office quoted
"Homeland Security - No Details Offered" as the reason.

Very quickly they backtracked. Days later the head of Homeland Security
came conspicuously to his rescue in the press. Northerly Island Park is
also a suspect location. It is right next door to the Loop.

It is important to stress that I uncovered the above info after hearing
the phrase "May-8" in the audio, so this knowledge did not have a chance
to influence my perceptions while deciphering messages. I uncovered the
knowledge of Morgellons at the same time. Again I stress that I am very
uncertain about the most important piece of audio. Some help is being
requested here. Somebody prove me wrong on all counts, please. I want to
be mistaken about this.

My message to the world is examine these recordings with a signal
processor and see what's in them. Do it soon. Spread this story around.
If you find something in the audio then spread it around.
Enough of that will cause them to postpone or reconsider their plans,
if indeed such plans exist.

Then watch the Chicago area on May 9 to see the FEMA team disassembling
their devices under heavy guard. Get camera and zoom ready. Get pictures.

Email me at meltongray@sbcglobal.net for the audio files and this text.
The rest of the article has the relevant portions of the tape transcripted out.

Now why am I bumping this? Here is why.

TSA beefs up transit security for July 4th week

U.K. terror plot factors into decision to send teams to 8 cities

WASHINGTON - Some of the armed officers with dogs that turned up this week around airports, subways and bus stops are part of special Transportation Security Administration teams sent to protect mass transit sites over the July Fourth holiday.

The “VIPER” teams were sent to guard facilities in the nation’s capital and in Baltimore, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, TSA spokeswoman Ellen Howe said Tuesday.

“It’s not just because of the attacks in England,” Howe said. “Some were planned this week anyway, but I won’t deny the English car bombs affected the decision.” She added, though, that there is “no credible, specific threat for the Fourth.”

The teams were designed “to provide a visible deterrent along with local police,” she said, and have regularly been sent out since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks “for special events wherever there are crowds — holidays, the Super Bowl, President Ford’s funeral.”

In fact, the agency has conducted 84 VIPER missions in the last 18 months. The acronym stands for “Visible Intermodal Protection and Response.”

The teams include canine teams, Transportation Security officers trained in behavior observation, air marshal supervisors, air marshals not scheduled for flights, surface transportation security inspectors and local police.

“You’ll see them in transit facilities and airports in large cities with heavy transit use and where people might use transit to go see fireworks,” Howe said.

The size of teams and their assignments vary based on consultations with local police. There might be a dozen people per shift, working two shifts a day to cover from early morning to late night. The dozen would be broken into smaller groups to cover more sites and move between sites.

Cities with these teams include the nation's capital, new york, houston and San Fransisco. cloakanddaagger and eric may have exposed houston as a target of a past attempt. New york was hit once and just could be hit again. What was left out of there was Chicago. It surprised me that Chicago doesn't get any Viper teams because as this topic shows, there have been attempts on it before. So just because Chicago ain't on that Viper list, does not mean that we shouldn't consider that they may go after it again, that it could be one of the cities that gets hit.
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

Houston has been attempted on before.

As I said, Washington DC is a likely target as they wish to wipe it out and move the capital to Denver someday.

The Queen of England has reportedly been buying up property in Colorado under a proxy.
There is a lot of "secret society" symbology at the airport, an AWFUL lot in fact
The symbolism apparent in the layout of the new Denver airport, some feel, says that it may be a control center for world control
Specifically, those involved in some very unusual government projects in the past, have remarked that the Denver area is where the establishment of the Western sector of the New World Order will be in the United States.
Denver is of very high altitude and ideal for safe underground building
The dedication or capstone of the new Denver Internation Airport is a masonic symbol.
If you visit the airport's south eastern side of the terminal you will find the Masonic Capstone in Granite.
This part of the terminal is called The Great Hall, which is known in Masonic lingo as their meeting hall.
On the Masonic Capstone is inscribed NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISION.
An eyewitness who has since "committed suicide" named Phil Schneider was a whistle blower re: Denver International Airport's underground facilities
He helped build the underground facilities and reportedly "killed" himself via a double tie catheter behind his own neck strangling himself. It goes without saying that it appears that he was MURDERED.
Phil also worked on other government underground facilities such as Area 51 and Dulce and more. See xhttp://www.geocities.com/Area51/9357/ Which is a tribute to Phil, although I cannot vouch for the site myself
In the same general area as the Masonic capstone, there are Masonic designs inlaided in the floor, such as the expression DZIT DIT GAII, [anyone know EXACTLY what that means?]
Phil Schneider's father was a U-boat captain during the NAZI regime.
Apparently DZIT DIT GAII refers to the BLACK SUN some sort of NAZI symbology.
NAZI's apparently were into "BLACK SUN" worship, i.e. Saturn, i.e. Satanism, should not surprise us, I suppose
There are many murals at the airport of an EXTREMELY grotesque and apocalyptic nature.
After looking at the murals many come away saying that they may represent what the elites plan to do with us and world
One of the murals depicts 3 caskets containing dead people, each person representing people who the elites may want dead
Black woman, a Jewish woman, and an American Indian Woman
The casket ritual is common in the Skull & Bones Club whose members include George Bush
In the same mural is shown the destruction of city and forest, a little girl holding a Mayan Tablet that predicts destruction of Civilization
Another Mural depicts a green giant "Darth Vader" like figure wearing a gas mask destroying a city
In this mural women can be seen carrying DEAD BABIES
Another mural depicts a German boy collecting from all the other children of the world, all of the worlds weapons
the German boy has a HUGE IRON FIST and is pounding all the weapons into plowshares on an anvil
Operation Paperclip was a plan wherein NAZI's were brought into the US to be brought back into power after being financed and appearance altered
Many German nationals have been seen along Americans in more sensitive areas of the airport's underground facilities on a regular basis
The LUFTWAFFE has long had an EXTENSIVE base in New Mexico complete with towns where all signs are in GERMAN
The Artists who made the murals etc in DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT have been interviewed wherein they first claimed that guidelines WERE provided for their work
Upon further investigation, they appear to have forgotten that they previously said guidelines were given
Another mural depicts nothing but mind-altering or poisonous plants and animals all of which are recognized as Masonic symbols worldwide
Most people are shocked by this weird art and are bewildered that such strange stuff is in the airport at all [not unlike the bizarre propaganda/art at the new IRS HQ]
Phil Schneider claimed during the last year of constuction that the underground airport system was being connected to a deep underground base
At least 8 levels deep
4.5 square mile underground city
88.5 square mile base underneath the airport [HARD to BELIEVE, huh] Your tax money at work ?
Rodney Stitch, author of Defrauding of America, claims to have a copy of a tape of a CIA agent paying off the mayor of Denver to get the airport built [$1.5 million payoff]
Phil Schneider blew the whistle on underground bases and concentration camps. For that, he was strangled with piano wire and his death ruled a 'suicide.'

Here are the creepy murals at Denver airport.

Alex Christopher on the Denver murals (ignore the reptilian stuff).

Does anyone remember the part in Alex Jones' film Martial Law 9-11, where he was talking to John Buchanen who exposed the Bush family funding the Nazis and really blew it open a few years ago? He touched in something very important. There was an attempt in 1933 I believe to assassinate FDR, and set up a fascist dictatorship in America.

So, until the early to mid-1980s, it is well documented now that because of Daddy Bush there were Nazi war criminals working in the U.S. government for salaries paid by U.S. tax dollars. Now we get to the problem. The question is why didn’t the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, UPI, Time magazine, Newsweek magazine and the three networks all get on that story in a feeding frenzy like they did against Nixon when the Watergate tapes turned up. And the answer to that question, you know very well, to go back to the Star Wars analogy – which is you can’t screw with Darth Vader. It’s very hard. The Bush family is the Darth Vader of the 20th and 21th Centuries. And Darth gets taken down at the end of the movie but it remains to be seen whether we the people can take down the Bush family and the Nazis before it’s too late. Because you and I both know what’s coming up before the election. There is going to be some kind of terrorist incident. They are going to declare martial law. They’re going to suspend the constitution. And to your listeners who have never heard me before, and to the younger listeners that you referenced, maybe I sound like a nut case. Maybe I sound like a paranoid. Maybe it’s absurd to some of your new listeners to think some guy is claiming there is going to be a terrorist attack and they are going to take down the constitution. Well, lo and behold, I now have in my possession from the Library of Congress on August the 10th, congressional testimony before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and they were going to do exactly that in November of 1934.

Prescott Bush led a group called the American Liberty League in a treasonous conspiracy with JP Morgan and the DuPont family. He tried to overthrow the U.S. government. I’ve got the documents. They were going to abolish the presidency, make it a civil position, which was a dictatorship. And they were going to kill FDR.
When they approached General Butler, he became curious as to their plans and offers of money and power. As he listened and learned more about the plot, he, being totally opposed to the idea of a dictatorship, went to the President, the Secret Service, and members of Congress, leading to a Congressional inquiry by the McCormick-Dickstein Committee, forerunner of the House Un-American Activities Committee, to investigate fascist and communist organizations which threatened the United States government. The Committee stated in its final report that it had found evidence of a plot to overthrow the elected goverment with a military coup. However, as Buchanan says in Alex Jones' flim, he "blew the whistle to Congress." This guy was a real patriot. He is kind of like that general who got fired for blowing the whistle on nuclear drills that were supposed to go live in 2005.

Finally, please recall how Alex Jones broke the story two years ago that there was a move to make Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who's dad was a nazi, the American President. Thus, there have been people who want to amend the constitution to allow foreign born people to become the president. Well I think it is being revived. Here is Arnold with a skull and bones ring.

New York's TIME magazine. Arnold has death's head beltbuckle. Nazis wore the death's head.

Who needs Washington? Very odd title. Next to the terminator is Michael Bloomberg a knight of malta.

June 15, 2007 posting ... after looking at the "facts" ... the gov agencies all moving to the center of the country ... just imagine ... the incredible detail of just moving all the computer and communications equipment ... these types of items do not move or travel well and is an extremely complex job ... just from this fact it tells you that this "move" has been anticipated and planned for a LONG time which tells you that someone has known for a LONG time that something was going to happen ... is it a natural event or are they planning to simulate a "natural event" ... Katrina worked well to move populations so how about the following scenario which i actually have talked about in the past on radio shows ... imagine someone setting nuclear charges off the west coast of the canary islands to create underwater land slides (on already fragile volcanic rift zones) in the eastern pacific and creating a massive man made tsunami that before anyone could awake and move ... would wipe out the population of the entire eastern USA and they could blame it on a natural event ... and also it would do considerable damage to england (thus the queen's visit to the USA to take residence in the tunnel systems) ... has anyone noticed goddard scientists moving to new locations ... this would be another "indicator" ... the key to understanding is the mass movement of US security agencies prior to the alleged "event" ... in a real natural event there would be no such preparations would there ??? kind of like bill clinton contacting donald trump 2 weeks before katrina hit new orleans to get donald's investment ok to rebuild certain parts of downtown new orleans ... i am quite tired tonight so with this thought i will go for some much needed rest ... the past weeks have been very taxing ... talk to you in the morning ... and keep an eye out for the new somewhat revised web page (same content and rules but with a menu driven front page) ... jim mccanney

Eric Jon Phelps has also brought this to attention recently.
"we'll have a second Deceleration of Independance, Elect a brand new Congress
and move the capital from Washington to Denver. We'll reshape our Republic and
start from the beginning." -John Roy Carlson, Under Cover page 360
They want to move on Iran. They want the draft. They want another disaster. They want to move to Colorado, with its massive underground bases and where the Aspen Institute (Colorado's CFR) is. As I've been saying, don't forget to look to Chicago as they have wanted to hit that too.

Now on with my main post here. Today I was watching a movie called Zeitgiest because someone recommended it to me. It not only gets into false flags and money manipulation, but early on it smashes the hell out of christianity and exposes it for the recycled pagan church that it is. I just love that kind of stuff.

Then later today, I decided to head on over to check out Cloak and Dagger, which I usually do every day. Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, was on today and yesterday with Lenny Bloom to talk about this movie and how it is inaccurate because it fails to make a distinction between false christs and the real one. It's at this point my brain goes numb because I don't have much of a stomach for calvinist nonsense, but he's much better at talking about how's at the top of the pyramid in the new world order. Anyway, listening to him inspired me to go back into Maxwell and Icke and see how the Christian church DID IN FACT EVOLVE from earlier pagan beliefs. Isis and Horus are the same as Mary and Jesus. And Isis is the same as Semiramis, which is like the cult of Diana. There is plenty of room for worship of the female and female energy in the occult practices of the world's elite.

Icke, THE BIGGEST SECRET page 142.
Francio, the founder of the Sicambrian Franks, claimed to be a descendant of Noah and his ancestors once resided in ancient Troy...The French city of Troyes, where the Templars were officially formed, was named by the Sicambrian Franks after their former home. The City of Paris was established by them in the sixth century after they beacme known as the Merovignians and it was named after Prince Paris, the song of King Priam of Troy. it was the relationship between Prince Paris and Helen of Sparta which supposedly caused the trojan war in which the Trojan Hourse infiltration assured victory for the spatrans.

The Merivignians established the city of Paris on a major vortex point and used an underground chamber for their rituals, incluidng human sacrifice to the goddess Diana. Here, kings in dispute over property would settle the issue in combat. Meroveus, the founder of the Merovignian dynasty, followed the Pagan goddess cult of Diana, another symbol for Isis/Semiramis

The Brotherhood manipulators are manipulating events from the shadows and behind our backs, a trait of the negative female neergy is also the creative force and you can creative postitivity or negativity. The Brotherhood are highly malevolent, but very creative. For this reason, in esoteric law and symbolism, the female energy (Diana, Semiramis, Isis, Barati) is given different names for its different expressions. The Egyptians portrayed Isis in white in her positive mode and in black to symbolize her negative aspect. In the same way, we have the symbolism of Diana (positive female) and Hecate (negative female). They are simply different symbolic names for different manifesttaions of the female energy.
This stuff got me thinking about the story of Isis and how she reformed her decapitated husband Osiris which included a penis out of gold, symbolized by an obelisk of course to represent male energy; or male creative force since males use their penis to create new life. We know there is an obelisk in Washington and we know there is one in Rome. We also know there is one in the city of Paris. It's called the Eiffel tower.

But all this talk about female energy and female goddesses is interesting because I was watching Michael Tsarion lecture on Atlantis on youtube a while ago and he talked about how the elite do things by Astrology. If you study Jordan Maxwell you know this to be the case with resepect to religion since Christianity is nothing more than the old time solar church. Tsarion explains in his astrotheology pages that there are different types of astrology. Solar, Stellar and Lunar. According to dictionary.com, lunar pertains to the moon. Type in lunar astrology into google and one of the first results on the first page has a website stating that
The Moon is the lunar energy - the lunar goddess vs. the Sun or Masculine energy. All things in our reality have duality - polar opposites.
So moon, lunar, female, feminine energy it's all connected. Keep in mind that this whole moon symbology thing will connect into Islam and its Venus worship.

What does this website say about moon (female energy)?
The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and is the closest planetary (it's not really a planet, but it's influences are strongly felt) object to us. The moon is without water and the only light it receives is reflected from the Sun. The light which repeats itself in phases every 28 days is caused by the Moons orbit around Earth.
28 days? Reminds me of a woman's menstrual cycle. What else does that website say?
Positive tendencies: Nurturing, receptive, instinctual, domestic, sensitive

Negative tendencies: Changeable, insecure, moody, sensitive.
Don't also forget about creativity. Isis had the creativity to not only fashion a new penis for her husband but she also had the basic generative, creative principle that males have. It takes two to make a baby.

What happens if you type in Isis Moon into google? You get this as your first result.


Click around and you get all this hyperlinked stuff.
That's a shitload of temples to be examining. But quickly scan each one and this is what you get.

SHRINE OF MA'AT - female (wife of thoth)
SHRINE OF ANUBIS - male (god of the dead, inventor of embalming)
SHRINE OF SHU - male (son of ra, god of the atmosphere)
SHRINE OF TEFNUT - female (goddess of waters)
SHRINE OF GEB - male (god of the earth, son of Shu and Tefnut)
SHRINE OF NUT - female (goddess of sky, sister-wife of geb)
SHRINE OF NEPHTHYS - female (sister-wife of Set)
SHRINE OF SET - male (became known as enemy of Horus)
SHRINE OF SEKHMET - female (lioness-Goddess)
SHRINE OF SERKET - female (a scorpion-goddess)
SHRINE OF BAST - female (cat goddess)
SHRINE OF HATHOR - female (feminine goddess par excellence in ancient Egypt)
SHRINE OF BES - male (patron and protector of pregnant women)
SHRINE OF HAPI - god of the nile

Notice what it says about Hathor, the feminine goddess par excellence
Hathor's symbology included such items as sistra (a type of rattle), the horns-and-sundisk headdress (in much later times incorporated into the attire of Isis), the menat (a type of ritual necklace that may have been used for percussive music), and mirrors...

Hathor was also known as the "Lady of Greenstone and Malachite" due to her being regarded as a goddess of the desert fringes where such mines existed. The Greeks called Hathor by the name of their goddess, Aphrodite. In the very late stages of Egyptian religion (over two millennia after Hathor had first appeared) she became almost totally absorbed into Isis (who acquired, aside from Hathor's headdress, the sistrum as well), resulting in frequent mistaken identity between the two.
In other words, Hathor was par excellence. And Hathor is absorbed into Isis. So logically speaking, Isis became par excellence. What happens when you combine Par excellence and Isis? Eventually you get the city of Paris, which as we have already seen is heavily related to the Brotherhood and to worship of the feminine. Get it? FEMININE! What is also in the city of Paris? The Eiffel tower which is in fact an obelisk (male creative force). I thought that was interesting but as David Icke says above, Paris ""was named after Prince Paris, the song of King Priam of Troy. it was the relationship between Prince Paris and Helen of Sparta which supposedly caused the trojan war."

So we have Paris being associated with female energy par excellence and thus feminine worship, we have Paris with male obelisks and we have Paris associated with the Trojan war. What does wikipedia say?
The Trojan War was waged, according to legend, against the city of Troy, located in Asia Minor, by the armies of the Achaeans (Mycenaean Greeks), after Paris of Troy stole Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. The war is among the most important events in Greek mythology, and was narrated in many works of Greek literature.

The war originated from a quarrel between the goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, after Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, gave them a golden apple, sometimes known as the Apple of Discord, marked "for the fairest". The goddesses went to Paris, who judged that Aphrodite, as the "fairest", should receive the apple. In exchange, Aphrodite made Helen, the most beautiful of all women, fall in love with Paris, who took her to Troy. Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, and the brother of Helen's husband Menelaus, led an expedition of Achaean troops to Troy and besieged the city for ten years. After the deaths of many heroes, including the Achaeans Achilles and Ajax, and the Trojans Hector and Paris, the city fell to the ruse of the Trojan Horse.
All this talk, I spent some time googling and came across about a seemingly helen or trojan ritual going on in the middle east.

It got me thinking: Will the USA be home to a war? Will Al Queida who has somehow used a trojan horse to infiltrate America (see the Simpsons episode where they squashed this story down to about seven minutes), when in reality they were sheparded into the USA, strike again? Will it be nuclear? Robert Mueller, has been saying that Al Queida operatives are on USA soil and likely have nuclear capabilities. So to recap, certain cities with VIPER PROTECTOR TEAMS are likely targets. And Chicago is a target too as they have tried to hit it before.

What have some people been saying?
FBI predicts terrorists will acquire nukes:
New York City Nuke Plot on NBC's "Heroes"-Lone Gunman?:
Gop Head: We Need More 'attacks On American Soil', so people appreciate Bush:
Santorum Suggests New Terror Attacks Will Change View Of War:

And of course that phony terror attack against those European airports.

And as this topic points out, all those VIPER cities like New York, Houston, San Fransisco, Washington DC (a target for the purpose of moving the capital to Denver), and the non VIPER one Chicago are places to keep your eyes on.

Or let's say it will instead be a contrived weather disaster like Hurrican Katrina was. Does anyone remember what was going on in 2005? If you don't you better check those flashback threads as I go into the whistleblowing that helped avert likely nuclear attacks. Nothing happened, but then katrina happened. If anyone was listening to cloakanddagger in 2005, they would have heard one of their guests (I can't remember, probably Eric may or Webster Tarpley) saying that America was in danger of being nuked in 2005. But then nothing happened thanks to some good patriotic work. But instead, America was hit hard; instead by a contrived weather disaster (which included levees being blown up and witnesses being murdered, look into Sherman Skolnick's series THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC for that).

Has anyone been watching the news lately? I've been hearing talks on CNN recently of massive electrical power blackouts and how allegedly, get this...terrorists have the power to make these things happen. Oh my gosh. Is there anything these CIA funded, MI-6 funded arab guys CAN'T DO? LOL.

Now to get back to some other dots to connect. At one great Illuminati website I have been to a recent connection. to the Atlantis Space Shuttle. It seems that space shuttles are just like obelisks, phalluses shaped like the penis of Osiris and that many NASA shuttle launches are just masonic type rituals. The guy who mentions this stuff says that the Atlantis shuttle flew on June 8 2007 at EDT 7:38pm. Could this be a code? Could something happen on 7-11? I'm thinking to myself could something also happen on 7-24? He says that when you consider this mission is STS-117, things get eerie. I say this could also be a november code. He goes on.
Also note that the mission is for 11 days. You could also say theres now a possibility of something happening on the 22nd July 2007? Now when you consider that Syria is removing the Petrodollar in the middle of July it gets interesting again. Also note how its highly likely Israel will attack Syria whilst the U.S goes for Iran. We have all this new talk that the Iran war is off but I don't fall for it so easy. Notice Iran putting the attack boats out supposedly? Lets see what happens. The Shuttle lands on the 18th June 2007. You'll also notice that Satanic Celebrations in June and July fall on these dates:

Jun 17 Corpus Christi
Jun 20
Jun 21 Feast Day
Jun 22 Summer Solstice 1
Jun 23

Jul 01 Demon Revels
Jul 20-26
Jul 27 Grand Climax
Jul. 31 Lammas

Now take note how its only one day after the Shuttle lands that we have the start of the next June Satanic celebrations. Whats also interesting is that my July 22 wonderings then fits directly in with the Jul 20-26 Satanic dates

I do not wish an event to happen, I am no prophet. I simply keep my eyes open for possible connections. Wether they occur or not, well who knows.
He continues on.
We should also consider that the Space Shuttle set off on a FRIday which is VENUS day. Now our so-called FREE-DOM is Venusian itself. Also remember its Lucifer day also which has a good/bad side. What happened also on Friday 8th June 2007? The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace was REPLACED by the Bush administration. Whats this mean? Well the United States is a full Military Force onto itself. So now will this aid in the next coming war? Certainly will not do the opposite of course. So my friends we may see some Martime event wether a nuclear detonated Tsunami again or a Maritime started conflict? Its not been since 2002 that any of the Shuttles have had an all male crew by the way. You will also notice that the Space Shuttle arrives back on a Tuesday which is the Planet Mars. Mars is the god of WAR!
September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday.

When we also consider that the ISS station is ISIS (Yoni) and the Space Shuttle is OSIRIS (Phallic/Yod) we then get the creation of the SUN.
Remember the Egyptian symbolism that permeates the Illuminati's language. I've already gone over ISIS, the female goddess par excellence and her husband whom she made a penis for after she put him back together. You know, a golden penis, or in other words a

What can we do to simulate the heat and power of the Sun somewhat? NUCLEAR Detonation. Do you think I'm possibily connecting some dots? You may see another Sovereign Military Order of Malta false flag attack with their Intelligence controlling yet more aircraft. You may find a setup of Iran utilising a fighter aircraft attack on the U.S forces linked with the Straits of Homuz. Remember what they wished to do with Iraq and the U.N painted plane.
Someone then commented to him.
never read your threads before but vry interesting what you say about the pentagon coup.. I want to spend some time reading those and thinking about them. Regarding the period 20-27 July, interestingly a square forms int the skies between Neptune/Chiron (conj in Aquarius) opposite Saturn (in Leo) and Mars (in Taurus) during this time.
(This suggests violent outbreaks, deception and control) the Moon completes the square (entering Scorpio 23-25 July) on 24 July (severe emotional disturbance / conflict). From around the 14 June to 3 July there is a series of very strong oppositions between Saturn conj Venus (in Leo) and Neptune conj Chiron (in Aquarius) tht reaches a climax around the end of June, assisted by the moon on 26 June. The period 18-20 June is interesting due to the grand trine Saturn / Mars / Pluto (in Sag) and assisted by moon on 19 June, when there is a kite formation. (this tells me powerful and ambition will to succeed in a dynamic project involving subterfuge) Mercury is retrograde end june to 12/13 july when the subterfuge mentioned for the June period, could be taken forward again.
Could other experienced astrologers add comments?
I will come back to this.
And another comment.
And worth mentioning too, during the Queen's recent US visit to Jamestown, she received a special call from the ISS (ISIS).
She came to USA this year after that school massacre at Virginia Tech (inside job). Know what else she also did while on USA soil on May 8? Made a trip to NASA.

Continuing on,
July 11th, 1979: Skylab crashes into Australia

After breaking up in the atmosphere, the American space station Skylab comes crashing down on Australia and into the Indian Ocean five years after its last manned mission ended. No one was injured. Launched in 1973, Skylab was the world's first successful space station, safely able to house three separate three-man crews for extended periods of time. Originally the spent third stage of a Saturn 5 moon rocket, the cylinder-shaped station was 118-feet tall, weighed 77 tons, and carried an assortment of scientific equipment. The crews of Skylab spent more than 700 hours observing the sun and also provided important information about the biological effects of living in space for prolonged periods of time.
The main poster then chimes in with this.
You should have noticed that on the 10th of June 2007 that the Osiris Phallic, Space Shuttle "ATLANTIS" docked with the ISIS, The ISS. What happened today? We had the conception of the SUN. What day was the 10th? SUNday! You should also note this event happened at exactly 7:38pm GMT this time in Greenwich Mean Time time. Why did they pick this time once again? Check out how high they were above the Wester Pacific Ocean. It works out at 220 miles which may mean something.
And he quotes an article.
And then he says,
"Remember that the Phallic/Yod is the SUN God's Penis. Remember folks Osiris is the Egyptian god of FERTILITY, life and death. I think we should be looking also at the positions of the belts of Orion. "

Check this yahoo news article out. 13 is a special number to freemasons.

Fix extends shuttle mission to 13 days

By JUAN LOZANO, Associated Press Writer

HOUSTON - Astronauts will try to fix a thermal blanket that peeled back during Atlantis' launch, extending the space shuttle's mission from 11 to 13 days, NASA managers said Monday.

No decision had been made on whether the loosened blanket, covering a 4-by-6-inch area over a pod for engines, will be repaired during a previously planned third spacewalk or a fourth, extra one, managers said.
When I look at the 7:38 time, I also can't help but wonder if something might happen in August on the tenth or the twenty first? I'm sticking with July but I'm not discounting August, or as my title for this thread this, the rest of the whole year. As the main poster I've been quoting says, there was a small crash today on the tenth. Perhaps a shade of things to come?


Dow Jones 13501.7 -148.27

FTSE 100 6630.9 -81.80

S&P 500 1510.1 -21.73

Cac 40 6019.2 -85.44

Nasdaq 2639.2 -30.86

BBC Global 30 5930.0 -12.64

Dax 7964.8 -112.63
He also had these to show us.

10 July 2007 -- 18:42 HRS EDT


'Time running short for hit on Iran
http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1183980036210&pagename=JPost%2FJPArt icle%2FShowFull

(Syria urges Syrians to Leave Lebanon)

Remember what I said about that whole 7:38 making 7-11 and how it could also be realted to November and not just July? Check this out.

"Between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we’re seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public’s going to have a very different view," -Rick Santorum (former senator from Pennsylvania), July 2007

Rick Santorum is a Sovereign Military Order of Malta member just like New York Mayor Bloomberg.

It's gonna be a hell of a rest of the year folks. Pay attention. Keep your eyes open.
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

Here's a helpful tool.
When you're done reading this site,
Go to the one where the guy who gave this interview is based. Be sure to check out his subforums dealing with the financial side of things, the one dealing with state sponsored terrorism and even the GENERAL section where there is talk of the atlantis phallus space shuttle, which is where most of that info comes from.
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

New York's City Hall to Move to Brooklyn

Jul 9, 8:22 AM EDT
Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City Hall is leaving Manhattan, at least for a couple weeks.

Starting Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and 85 staff members will work out of a satellite office in a Brooklyn emergency command center while their usual headquarters gets a facelift.

Bloomberg often goes to Brooklyn for events and meals out - he thinks the burgers at one Fort Greene bistro are the best in the city - but this will be the first time he's set up shop in the borough that boasts Coney Island, world famous pizza and some 2 million people.

"He's been doing a great job, but he's going to do an even better job being in Brooklyn," Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said ahead of the move.

One of the first issues to hit the mayor's desk Monday morning involved Brooklyn, and it put a damper on any welcome ceremony. Two young police officers were shot before dawn after pulling over a stolen SUV in the Crown Heights neighborhood, and one was in "extremely critical condition" with wounds to his face and neck, authorities said.

Bloomberg usually works in lower Manhattan in a three-story building constructed from 1803 to 1812 that has the honor of being the nation's oldest City Hall to still house its original governmental functions. The Governor's Room upstairs displays a desk used by George Washington.

The two-week renovation project includes some electrical work, painting and new carpet, and will be limited to the western portion of City Hall's upstairs area, where Bloomberg and his deputy mayors and staff have their desks. Their arrangement is a bit unorthodox, with no walls and the mayor sitting in the middle, a "bullpen" structure adopted from Bloomberg's Wall Street days.

Bloomberg reminded reporters last week that the new digs are just across the river; the Brooklyn Bridge almost links the buildings door to door.

"So let's not get too carried away with how far we're moving," Bloomberg said.
Remember from my Denver talk that Mayor Bloomberg is a knight of malta. There is a good chance that explosives will be planted in this revonation work. Just think of the Pentagon. The part that was being renovated to be the strongest was hit by the...whatever the fuck it was.
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

Update from Eric Phelps.
Trent Lott is a 33rd Degree Freemason. He is in the know. Notice the date
Lott recommends that Congressmen be away from Washington, D.C., is from
August 1 to Sept 12---the very harmonic window for on ground nuclear
detonations (Hiroshima---Aug 6; Nagasaki---Aug 9; WTC---Sept 11).

It makes sense. Use the CIA/FBI/DIA to blow the US capital anytime between
Aug.1 to Sept 30. Then declare martial law and move the capital to Denver
as per the fascist plan since 1943. In November at the time of Ramadan,
used CIA/Al Qaeda to blow Mecca and Medina killing over one million Moslems
and destroying their most revered Mosques. Now the Pope's Crusade can be
waged on both sides, tempered with unquenchable hatred and vengeance on both
sides; there is no time to think and reason. With the Order controlling the
Masonic leaders of both sides, the Pope's Crusade will run its course
lasting for over 20 years.

If I was the Black Pope, that would be my military strategy.

Lott: Get Out of D.C. While You Still Can

By Spencer Ackerman - August 2, 2007, 5:41 PM

Further demonstrating his counterterrorism sagacity, when asked if people should leave Washington, D.C., during the month of August, Lott replied that "I think it would be good to leave town in August, and it would probably be good to stay out until September the 12th."
This ties in with what I have said earlier about the desire to move the Capital to Denver which has the Denver international airport and the Aspen Institute, a front for the British monarchy which still has its tentacles in America on this board. You can't move the capital unless you have a good reason. Scream arab terrorism and people will bite.
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

Drew_J wrote:
Trent Lott is a 33rd Degree Freemason. He is in the know. Notice the date
Lott recommends that Congressmen be away from Washington, D.C., is from
August 1 to Sept 12---the very harmonic window for on ground nuclear
detonations (Hiroshima---Aug 6; Nagasaki---Aug 9; WTC---Sept 11).

It makes sense. Use the CIA/FBI/DIA to blow the US capital anytime between
Aug.1 to Sept 30. Then declare martial law and move the capital to Denver

This ties in with what I have said earlier about the desire to move the Capital to Denver which has the Denver international airport and the Aspen Institute, a front for the British monarchy which still has its tentacles in America on this board. You can't move the capital unless you have a good reason. Scream arab terrorism and people will bite.
It is kinda weird that "they" chose Denver as the North American Union Capital, the murals explain alot of NWO Imagery in the airport there, maybe, just maybe, "they" expect Los Angeles and the West Coast to be blown to bits, denver is situated "up-there" as far as the airport and it's supposed underground prisons, maybe for executing resisters to martial law????


This picture in the "airport" is weird. Arctic Beacon website has some info on it.

<img src="http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/reddog11/casket_crossx.gif" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"><br><br>


"Mural at Denver International Airport"

Denver is the future Capital of the North American Union

Dead White Girl, holding King James Bible
Jewish Yellow Star worn in the Dark Ages
Christian Gold Cross on Blood Red Coffin
(Possible meaning: Death to the White Race, Jews, Christians and Christianity. Notice the watch hanging from her neck - The Time is Nigh

Is this a prophetic message from the One Worlders who want to MERGE -
Government-Religion-Banking / Controlled from one Central Point.
Just like in the ancient times Dark Ages - With No Limitation of Power
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

More from the UNHIVED MIND, a site that's in the top three conspiracy sites on the net and is really cooking right now.




\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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Default Re: More stuff people to watch out for.

When President Bush signed his dictatorship directive on May 9, he also appointed a NEW cabinet position.

It is called the "National Continuity Coordinator."

from the directive: "...the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (APHS/CT) is hereby designated as the National Continuity Coordinator...."

The directive also states that this "new Coordinator" has 90 days to submit the "PLAN" (National Continuity Implementation Plan) to the president.

Well today is August 9 and it has been 90 days.

Therefore anytime after today, "the plan" is in motion.

The government sponsored TERRORIST event that is coming is now just a matter of time!

To see the directive and read about this date, go to paragraph (8):
\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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