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Old 11-26-2005, 11:25 AM
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Default 2012 Watch: The Last Emperor of Babylon and the Coming Cosmic Civilisation

2012 Watch: The Last Emperor of Babylon and the Coming Cosmic Civilisation

By Jose Arguelles
“No nation can outstrip its appointed term, nor can they delay it.”
– Quran, 23:43

As I write this report from my interdimensional viewing-station someplace in Middle Time, on the surface of the Earth, on the West coast of the great North Atlantis Ocean, in a city called “Washington, District of Columbia,” the last emperor of Babylon is being crowned.

No one ever says what the ‘W’ in the middle of George W. Bush’s name means or stands for, but since the first “president” of the United States of Atlantisia ( = Atlantis amnesia) was also George – George Washington – we may assume that the “W”, pronounced “dubbya,” is a reference to the first George of these North Atlantean States. Since George W’s father was also George, we may assume that we are now dealing with George the third. While he and his predecessors call themselves “presidents,” no president is he, this George W. Bush III, but the last emperor of Babylon.

Babylon, synonymous with the course of empire, warfare, taxes and imperial splendour, is a legacy bequeathed to the rest of civilisation since the beginning of the present historical cycle. Once that legacy leaped the Atlantis ocean, commemorated by Francis Bacon’s mystical text, New Atlantis, a cryptic reference to the founding of “America,” then Babylon triggered the ancient memory curse called Atlantis. Babylonian civilisation became full on Atlantean civilisation.

In the psychomythic analysis of cosmic history, when a world cycle has met its limit and gone full circle, its end meets and devours its beginning. Hence, the conquering Atlantean army marauds Iraq, with the news story released by the BBC on January 15, “US-Led Soldiers Said to Damage Babylon.”

Now an American military base, did George Washington ever think armies from his republic would be marching down and destroying the ancient brick highways, not to mention the famous Ishtar Gate of Babylon?

“Not only is what the American forces are doing damaging the archeology of Iraq,” said Lord Redesdale, an archaeologist at the site, “It’s actually damaging the cultural heritage of the whole world.” That is an understatement. At 387 million dollars per day just to keep his war going in Iraq, Emperor George III is also bringing about the destruction of many of that country's key cities. And since he refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol on green house emissions, he is destroying the biospheric legacy of planet Earth as well.

Why was George so silent when the 9.0 quake and tsunami – the most devastating and widespread catastrophe of modern history – swept across the Indian Ocean?

It should not be forgotten that George’s first response was to offer 15 million dollars in aid, a mere fraction of what he spends daily on the war in Iraq. By the time Atlantis-America was shamed into upping the ante to approximately what it spends on a single day in the war, Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, and head of Desert Storm – the first military conquest of ancient Babylon – was running around to all of the media talk shows telling the world America was not stingy.

Incidentally, it was not only the alternative press suggesting that maybe America had a hand in causing the quake – front page stories in the leading Cairo newspapers also wondered whether or not America didn’t detonate a nuclear or some other kind of device to cause the quake that set off the tsunami.

So today [January 20] the Emperor is being crowned. His ceremony is lavish by any standards. More than 40 million dollars is being spent on his “victory party.” In the meantime, the death toll of the tsunami rises while the effort to impose Atlantean values on the conquered of Babylon-Iraq continues to deteriorate daily as the “insurgents” (who called them that in the first place?) continue to show determined resistance against the Americans and their puppet regime. Such obvious callousness and disregard of humanity can only lead to the downfall of the perpetrators of the tyranny. Empires never last, and tyranny is often terminated by the violence it breeds.

But this is not just a normal Babylonian empire – this is its final, most virulent phase, the Atlantean amnesiac phase. Amnesia of what? Of the interplanetary wars? Of the collapse of civilisation on Mars? Red sands now blow in the withering wake of the combination of war and climate failure on Mars. And before that – Maldek, the asteroid belt, blown to smithereens like an apple smashing at high speed on a concrete sidewalk – by what force and perpetrated by whom?

What is occurring with the crowning of the last Emperor of Babylon is the last imperial amnesiac blow out. For surely there will be no Emperor to follow George III, even if it is the presidential Terminator, Arnold “Total Recall” Schwarzenegger. What he will inherit is the dust that is blowing in the winds of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Sumatra, Somalia and Sudan. These are the blowing dusts of Mars as Earth’s temperature rises.

This is the Closing of the Cycle and what the tsunami showed us is that in the end times, the catastrophes are only that much more catastrophic. The fall of America-Atlantis should be a welcome event. Imagine all the world’s K-marts suddenly falling silent. Imagine Las Vegas covered with sand, its roulette wheels sticking up from eerie snow-like dunes. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

But what the galactic Mayan crystal ball also shows is that this is merely an Earth clean up operation. What we need now is an Earth Rescue. It is a moral emergency down here, and we need to send out the call to the Galactic Federation that we will soon need their presence.

I remember a bumper sticker from the early ‘70s that is more appropriate now than ever before: “Send down the ships – it’s too late to reeducate them!” This time, there will be an Earth Rescue, because this time sufficient numbers of people are remembering and learning the lesson. What is occurring is what precedes the invisible re-arising of the new Earth from within the shards of the old, and with the new Earth, Cosmic Civilisation.

Universal calendar reform – the perfect harmonic standard of 13 Moons and 28 days – is the harbinger of the coming Cosmic Civilisation. Perfect harmony negates history and historical time. The Cosmic Civilisation is based on the perfection of telepathic harmony among the species, and this can only be brought about by rejecting Babylonian time altogether and entering the galactic Mayan time.

It should be evident now after the tsunami and observing the continuing fiascos of Emperor George III, the last emperor of Babylon, that the house of cards is about to tumble. It is a planetary moral emergency and we need spiritual fortitude to weather the storm – for this is the solar-galactic year, Blue Crystal Storm.

It is for this reason that I will be suspending my retreat in Middle Time to reappear on the surface of the Earth this Easter, Solar Moon 19-21 (March 25-27) to convene an “alternative Easter/resurrection in time.”

This will provide the first training of the spiritual force necessary to pave the way to 2012 in full consciousness of the need to prepare now for the coming of Cosmic Civilisation. Join with me if you can, if not in the flesh, on the telepathic airwaves!


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