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Old 12-01-2006, 10:38 AM
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Default Radiation

What is going on with radiation on these planes? It seems alot more than enough for one ex russian spy.

Five isn't an especially large number but it can be a frightening one.

Especially when that's the number of planes that have now been grounded by British Airways, after traces of a deadly radioactive substance was found on board the crafts.

The affected jets are all Boeing 767s and experts are guessing they're somehow tied into the death of a Russian spy, in a still developing plot that reads like a John Le Carre novel.

Retired agent Alexander Litvinenko became ill in Britain last month and died last week. Tests indicated he was poisoned with a rare isotope called polonium-210, which is usually only found in nuclear facilities.

In a note he wrote before he succumbed to the deadly substance, he accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of masterminding his murder, a charge the leader flatly denies.

There are now reports that Litvinenko may have been smuggling radioactive material out of his native country, although those claims are being refuted.

It might be one way to explain how the traces got on board the British planes, but so far, there are no sure reasons for the readings.

The discovery has forced the airlines to call some 30,000 passengers who were on 200 flights those planes have made since the traces were located, in an attempt to warn them about their potential exposure.

The flights involved were only made in the U.K. and Europe and none of the planes ever came to either Canada or the U.S.

British Home Secretary John Reid claims every effort is being made to find all the jets affected and keep them grounded.

"Two B.A. at Heathrow, one B.A. aircraft in Moscow, one Transaero, which is a Russian plane which arrived this morning at Heathrow," he lists of the crafts known so far. "And there is one other Russian plane that we know of that we think we would be interested in.

"There may be other planes of which we don't at this stage, know, but those are the five that we know of."

Travellers who think they may have been onboard any of the affected jets are being advised to see their doctors just in case. (For the full list of flights, check the itinerary below).

In the meantime, British politicians are pledging to get to the bottom of the mystery, wherever it leads.

"To date, around 24 venues have or are being monitored, and experts have confirmed traces of contamination at around 12 of these venues," warns Reid. "Police continue to trace possible witnesses, and to examine Mr. Alexander Litvinenko's movements at relevant times."

Health officials and the airline are stressing that the chances of anything serious happening to anyone as a result of their exposire is 'very low', but they're taking every precaution, just in case.

The affected flights are:

London Heathrow to Moscow/Moscow to London Heathrow
October 25, BA875
October 26, BA872 and BA873
October 28, BA872 and BA873
October 31, BA873, BA874 and BA875
November 1, BA874 and BA875
November 3, BA874 and BA875
November 5, BA872 and BA873
November 6, BA874 and BA875
November 7, BA872, BA873, BA874 and BA875
November 8, BA874 and BA875
November 9, BA872, BA873, BA874 and BA875
November 13, BA874 and BA875
November 14, BA872 and BA873
November 15, BA874 and BA875
November 16, BA872 and BA873
November 17, BA874 and BA875
November 18, BA874 and BA875
November 20, BA872 and BA873
November 22, BA872 and BA873
November 25, BA872 and BA873
November 28, BA872 and BA873
November 29, BA872

London Heathrow to Barcelona/Barcelona to London Heathrow
November 4, BA478 and BA479
November 16, BA478 and BA479
November 17, BA478 and BA479
November 19, BA478 and BA479
November 20, BA478 and BA479
November 21, BA478 and BA479
November 22, BA478 and BA479
November 23, BA478 and BA479
November 24, BA478 and BA479

London Heathrow to Dusseldorf/Dusseldorf to London Heathrow
October 30, BA936 and BA937
November 6, BA936 and BA937
November 8, BA936 and BA937
November 9, BA936 and BA937
November 11, BA936 and BA937
November 13, BA936 and BA937
November 18, BA936 and BA937
November 19, BA936 and BA937
November 24, BA936 and BA937
November 25, BA936 and BA937
November 27, BA936 and BA937

London Heathrow to Athens
October 30, BA632
October 31, BA634
November 4, BA632
November 5, BA634
November 6, BA632
November 7, BA634
November 8, BA632
November 9, BA634
November 10, BA632
November 11, BA632
November 14, BA634
November 19, BA632
November 20, BA634
November 21, BA632
November 22, BA634
November 24, BA632
November 25, BA632
November 27, BA632
November 28, BA632
November 28, BA634

Athens to London Heathrow
October 30, BA633
November 1, BA631
November 4, BA633
November 6, BA631
November 6, BA633
November 8, BA631
November 8, BA633
November 10, BA631
November 10, BA633
November 11, BA633
November 15, BA631
November 19, BA633
November 21, BA631
November 21, BA633
November 23, BA631
November 24, BA633
November 25, BA633
November 27, BA633
November 28, BA633
November 29, BA631

London Heathrow to Larnaca/Larnaca to London Heathrow
October 29, BA662 and BA663
November 11, BA662 and BA663
November 12, BA662 and BA663
November 13, BA662 and BA663
November 18, BA662 and BA663
November 26, BA662 and BA663

London Heathrow to Stockholm
November 3, BA786
November 19, BA780
November 22, BA780
November 23, BA780
November 24, BA780

Stockholm to London Heathrow
November 4, BA773
November 19, BA781
November 22, BA781
November 23, BA781
November 24, BA781

London Heathrow to Warsaw (actually operated to Vienna)
November 28, BA846

Warsaw to London Heathrow (actually operated from Vienna)
November 28, BA847

London Heathrow to Frankfurt
October 26, BA916
November 2, BA916

Frankfurt to London Heathrow
October 27, BA901
November 3, BA901

London Heathrow to Istanbul/Istanbul to London Heathrow
October 27, BA676 and BA677
November 2, BA676 and BA677
November 3, BA676 and BA677

London Heathrow to Madrid/Madrid to London Heathrow
November 26, BA460 and BA461

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Old 12-01-2006, 05:06 PM
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Default Re: Radiation

Your flight is permanently grounded. Radiation could be beneficial to you, give it a try.
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Old 12-02-2006, 07:38 AM
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Default Re: Radiation

A poor pathetic little troll.

As it's basicaly been Shadow that keeps responding to your tripe, the attention that you feed on. I guess it is Shadow that must finaly get rid of you.

So troll, this is my last response to you. I hope you enjoy talking to yourself from now.

Buh bye.............
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Old 12-02-2006, 04:47 PM
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Default Re: Radiation

Please keep this promise. Which of course you will not.
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