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Old 07-10-2009, 03:50 AM
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Wink U.S. stock market again before a crash?

U.S. stock market again before a crash?

F. William Engdahl

Since the beginning of this year the U.S. stock market experienced its strongest increase since 1938. Encouraged by this development is hardly noticed changes in the book stop Tung's guidelines for banks, massive accounting tricks the banks, and the whole supported and encouraged by a hypocritical media hype of economic policy spokesman for the Obama government. Insider stock selling at record levels, and get out. This is an indication that this is in fact one of the largest worldwide "sucker's rallies" (only a short-term rise in a sustained, overall downward trends) applies. The next crisis is imminent and it will fail violently.

A report by the Bloomberg financial news service that are currently leading the American managers in large companies, in their possession of shares of their company the company, namely, the frequency to as much as never before since the outbreak of the crisis in the 2007th Insiders of companies from the "Standard & Poor's 500-stock index" are now 14 weeks since become net sellers, exactly the time when the S & P 500, one of the major stock indexes, up 36 percent had.

Under American law, all equity sales of senior managers or directors of listed companies to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reported. This is to prevent the managers from potential insider knowledge of developments within the company as a profit warning or acquisitions by sale or purchase of shares in profit before relevant information to the public advised. Therefore, if managers with insider knowledge of their company shares on a large scale or over a longer period of some months, as they currently sell, as is the character to evaluate that the insiders in the American Buisnesswelt somewhat know what they are currently not want to reveal. In other words: The upturn is in reality no.

In my recent book The Decline of the dollar empire, I have argued that the bursting of the U.S. real estate bubble in August 2007 only represents the beginning of what future historians as the worst depression in American history will be described. The reason is easy if you look at the historical development of the U.S. debt since August 1971 remembered as the then President Nixon the dollar from the gold standard and led the American currency Fiat money made.

Unlike in the 80s of last century, the American banks today do not fall back to Latin America, which consists of profiteering could be plundered. And unlike in the 90s of last century, the American banks nor the economies of Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea or the rest of "Tiger States" in order to support the dollar. Still there is the prospect of domestic capital into the U.S. real estate values inflationierte manage to find themselves practically alone. When Greenspan's housing bubble burst in August 2007, the internal debt of businesses, households and, ultimately, the American government simply priceless. It will take years if not decades of normal conditions to make it back to fix.

The sales of own shares by company CEO, directors and senior managers are currently on the highest level since June 2007 accelerated, two months before the credit markets einfroren, when the S & P 500 index from its twelve-year low in March recovered.

Knowledge of experienced dealers and read these numbers and also prepare for a massive "correction" of the U.S. stock markets such as in October, if not sooner, before. In October, the latest quarterly reports of public companies, and these figures are not positive. It also ends this month for many banks and stock companies handle the accounting period.

Fall in government revenues alarming
According to reliable reports, my good friend John Willams in his newsletter Shadow Government Statistics, the statistics of the American government Obama in an unprecedented degree of manipulation, on the myth of an upturn to maintain. It can only go well for so long until the reality of space breaks down. A look at the tax revenues of the 50 states is a much more accurate gauge of U.S. economic reality.

Scott Pattison, head of the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO), a nationwide organization of financial and budget experts from the public service, said recently on the dramatic decline in tax revenue to the state level: "This is the worst part numbers that we have ever had . «On 30 June ended the financial year for 46 of the 50 American states. Only in New York, Texas, Michigan and Alabama ends the financial year later.

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