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Old 07-14-2009, 07:49 AM
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Default The Government Killed Jimi Hendrix

Uncensored News

Hendrix’s death was most likely the result of an FBI-sponsored conspiracy which involved groupie-girlfriend Monika Dannemann, manager Michael Jeffrey, and record producer Alan Douglas.... Michael Jeffrey reportedly died in a plane crash on his way to Spain in 1973, about three years after Hendrix’s death. Monika Dannemann reportedly committed suicide on April 5, 1996, about a year after Phillip Harvey’s damning affidavit surfaced showing her as a prime suspect in Hendrix’s murder; Chas Chandler also died in 1996. Devon Wilson reportedly died under mysterious circumstances at the Chelsea Hotel in New York in 1971.51 Contrary to popular belief, Hendrix’s death was not heroin-related at all. He did not die from "inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication" as London coroner Gavin Thurston (deceased) wrote on the inquest report. Jimi Hendrix drowned in red wine. This is not wild speculation, it was disclosed by Dr. John Bannister—the physician who worked on Hendrix at the St Mary Abbot's Hospital—in an interview on December 18, 1993; later on September 10, 1995. If Hendrix was drowned in red wine, he must have been murdered. This leaves two possible scenarios. He was either strapped down, and red wine was poured down his throat until he drowned, or he was given a barbiturate which put him in a drug-induced coma, and wine was poured down his throat until he strangled, because he was unable to cough. In either scenario, he drowned from red wine and merely regurgitated as a final stage of drowning. Whether Jimi Hendrix was murdered or not is no longer a topic of serious debate. The question to ask about his death should be the same one asked by the Warren Commission regarding President Kennedy’s assassination. Was he killed by a lone nut or was it a governmental conspiracy? In both cases, the alleged lone nuts (Oswald and Dannemann) ended up dying unnatural deaths.

For full articles and more please go to my blog at Uncensored News

Uncensored News

The truth about what is really going on around you. News the government doesn't want you to know. Keeping you up with all the latest lies of the US and world governments, exposing the truth, and giving you ways to fight back against the lies of your Government.


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Old 01-18-2010, 09:19 AM
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Default Re: The Government Killed Jimi Hendrix

Thank you neo. You are one of the few people on the internet to show any kind of grasp of what happened here. Most people on the internet are still debating whether it's true or not. Wise people who know how to interpret facts can see there's absolutely no question Hendrix was murdered. Jimi had to have been murdered simply because you cannot have the amount of wine Dr Bannister witnessed in Hendrix's body and not have it register in the blood stream. There's no way around that and you won't see any counter-arguments showing any other possibility. That's a firm forensic that necessitates Jimi died quickly after a large volume of wine was introduced into his lungs and stomach. This fits the stories being told to us about murder.

The accusation of an intelligence assassination is a big step however. If you are going to make that accusation you need to know more about the players involved. You would have to investigate Michael Jeffery's intelligence agency background and find more proof. I would also look into Monika Danneman and find out what the deal was with her. I don't think she was an operative, however I'm not sure to what degree she was possibly cooperating with Jeffery. A band insider allegedly overheard Jeffery telling Monika he planned to use her to poison Jimi, though I can't vouch for the veracity of that story.

There's no doubt Michael Jeffery had an intelligence background. The only question would be to what degree it possibly came into play with Hendrix's death? It could be Jeffery just coincidentally went into the rock field after his intel national service. Or it could be more dubious and Jeffery was maintaining his agent status and making himself available as an intel asset who had penetrated rock's inner-most circles. There's many possibilities. One possibility is that Jeffery snapped and went back into operative status once he realized Hendrix was going to fire him. In this case, whether he was actually serving a COINTELPRO-type function before the decision, he would have been serving one after. Whether this was done directly in knowing, ordered cooperation with any intelligence agency can only be guessed, unless someone can come forward with any evidence. But if there was such evidence you can bet your ass it would never see the light of day.

The operation UNDERWORLD/CHAOS modus operandi of the time was the use of mob networks to wage dirty operations. One could speculate that Michael Jeffery was planted right out of national service into this emerging rock scene as an intel asset. It's hard to say because Jeffery also conforms to a greedy bastard just out for himself and ripping off any and everybody he managed. In a way he's sort of a functioning psychopath. Again, a profile not uncommon for intel infiltrators and operatives. So the use of shady mafia loans and the deliberate sabotage of the band's financing could be seen as a deliberate strategy to compromise Hendrix in order to mire him in a CHAOS-type personal dilemma - all planned from the start. Unfortunately, there's really no way to prove this and the only ones who could are those possibly involved.

The manner of death, however, is very spook-like. I have no doubt the type of murder method used was directly from Jeffery's intel knowledge and background. It's almost proven by the fact it was successfully covered-up and described as an accidental death for so many years. Drowning in wine while incapacitated on an overdose of barbiturates is a classic intel method. The only question is whether Jeffery was doing this independently or not? Furthermore, one has to ask why there was no presentation of this forensic evidence at the original inquest? Dr Bannister admitted he honestly thought it was another rock star overdose at the time. However, there's no excuse for the abnormal indifference occurring right NOW, today from the official authorities involved. Especially when an "open verdict" should automatically necessitate the review of further revealing evidence. This lack of interest, where there's really no excuse for any lack of interest, necessarliy draws suspicion that those involved don't want any facts emerging that might lead to certain places they don't want exposed.

I'm not a big fan of the human race right now. People worship Hendrix and crave his music but when his ghost roams amongst us pleading for justice suddenly no one is there to be seen. What needs to be done is Scotland Yard needs to be sued and all authorities involved need to be sued for incompetence, malpractice, and failure to detect and act on forensic evidence of murder.

The silence on this is absolutley, ghoulishly creepy.
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Old 03-11-2010, 10:46 AM
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Default Re: The Government Killed Jimi Hendrix

Just to add some more background to this the forensic determining factor is both the stomach and lungs were full of "a large amount of wine" according to Doctor Bannister. This is much more than the two glasses of wine his girlfriend Monika Dannemann said they had before they went to bed. Hendrix was thought to have taken 9 strong German Vesparax Quinalbarbitone-based sleeping tablets. It was a knock-out dose but probably not a lethal one. And it was said Hendrix had a tolerance to sleeping pills. The reason those who say it was an accident are wrong is because the wine was witnessed in such a configuration as to be unaccountable by both the forensics and the official story. The wine seen splashed on the bed, clothes, and hair, as well as the wine in the body did fit the pattern of murder by being drowned in wine - otherwise known as "Waterboarding". Plus the wine on the bed and in the hair was pure, meaning it wasn't ingested - also prime evidence of waterboarding.

The coroner found rice remnants in Hendrix's stomach. He said it takes the stomach about 4 hours to clear its contents. So the undigested rice says Hendrix died before he could digest the rice. He was witnessed eating that rice at a party at around 11pm-12 midnight. He got back to Dannemann's flat at around 3am so the rice says he died somewhere between 3am and 4am. This is damning because it fits the pattern of Michael Jeffery's confession to Tappy Wright that he and some thugs murdered Hendrix. It fits the scenario of them laying in wait for their helper Dannemann to get Jimi back to the flat and waiting for him to take the extra strong Vesparax that had been left for him unawares.

To understand Hendrix's murder you have to look at his manager's background. He was a British MI5 agent. MI5 is the British CIA. Those are people who would be trained in waterboarding. Waterboarding is so rare a method of murder that it points right to intelligence agencies because they are the only ones who practice it. The fact Hendrix was waterboarded tells you right there that he was murdered by intelligence agents.

Jeffery hired the mafia music industry lawyers in New York under Steingarten & Weiss. He had bragged about torturing and killing during his MI5 service and proved he was willing to harm Hendrix when he staged a kidnapping. These are all intelligence agency methods. Jeffery hired friends of Hendrix to spy on him - all intel methods. But where you really understand why Jeffery murdered Hendrix is when you look at the CIA/mafia Bahamian banks Jeffery put Hendrix's stolen money into. Those banks were heavily active mob money laundry banks CIA was taking a cut from to fund dirty ops off the books from government scrutiny. When Jimi found out Jeffery was stealing from him he threatened to take him to court over it. If the court traced Jimi's monies to those banks a lot more than just Michael Jeffery would have been threatened. Those banks were the main banks CIA was using to fund its European anti-communist black ops. Get it now?

Jimi was on the FBI's "Security Index". It's a pretty serious listing. When Jimi went overseas he went into CIA's jurisdiction. You have to assume that since Hendrix called his doctor in New York to discuss his chronic insomnia that if he was on the FBI Security Index his call was probably listened to by CIA. So they knew he was going to take some sleeping pills to try to get some sleep. The powerful German Vesparax were already in place when Jimi made that call to his New York doctor. The doctor told Hendrix "I can arrange a prescription with a London doctor" and Jimi told him "no he didn't need that because there were some Tuinols here". Little did Jimi know the Vesparax were 3 times as potent as Tuinols. I suspect Jeffery's CIA/MI5 connections allowed him to know Jimi was going to take the Vesparax and pass-out. They were probably placed in the flat to make him do exactly that (classic intel method). His thugs were then outside Dannemann's flat watching for Hendrix to show up with their helper Dannemann. After he took the pills they came in and waterboarded him to death making it look like an overdose. Classic intelligence agency hit.

Hendrix's black harlem girlfriend Devon Wilson was going around telling people Jeffery killed Hendrix. 5 months after Hendrix's death she ended up dead out the 8th floor window of Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel.

To this day Scotland Yard refuses to admit this screamingly obvious evidence or re-open the case.

Jimi Hendrix was waterboarded to death. Who are the only people who practice waterboarding folks?
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Old 03-11-2010, 05:12 PM
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Default Re: The Government Killed Jimi Hendrix

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Thank you for this thread.

Is there really any need to have to convince people of this any longer?

There will always be people who don't know.
Some people know, doesn't equal, everyone knows.

I didn't even know - Jimi Hendrix - was dead. Nevermind how.(?)
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Old 03-12-2010, 02:17 PM
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Default Re: The Government Killed Jimi Hendrix

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

Why did the CIA want Hendrix dead?

I suspect they were treating people they considered radicals under secret Nixon-era programs named COINTELPRO and CHAOS. Once they put Hendrix on the FBI's "Security Index" they were showing they considered Hendrix a threat no matter what their reasons. I suggest you Google: Jimi Hendrix Assassinated and look at Alex Constantine's entry. It's all explained there.

At the time of his death Hendrix was threatening to remove a firm intermediary between Hendrix and the powers that be by firing his MI5/mafia-connected manager Michael Jeffery. He also threatened to expose the CIA banks his manager was hiding Hendrix's stolen money in. So I guess they killed him while they had the excuse.

The key to all this is reading how those secret programs were trying to decapitate powerful figures in the new counter-culture movement in order to do psychological warfare against it in the minds of the American public.
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