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Old 08-18-2009, 03:27 PM
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Wink The true extent of the crisis: Astrological forecast

The true extent of the crisis: Astrological forecast for the period from 20.08. until 18.09.2009

Brigitte Hamann

One year after the official start of the financial crisis is over. We will know their true magnitude learn. Bretton Woods returns and the days of the dollar as key currency are numbered. Still, we are in the eye of the storm - and the characters seem to rest them. Do not be fooled. The process of global transformation moves inexorably forward, and prepares the ground for the new political and economic power in the world.

15. September 2008: The official start of the financial crisis
Let us recall the time a year ago. In July 2008, the U.S. mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Headlines: They were in fact insolvent. On 13 Announced in July the U.S. government, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in loans and stock purchases in the billions to support and to take control, to avoid bankruptcy. Then came calm, even if here and there voices warning that the financial crisis had not yet ausgestanden.

On 15 September 2008 came the meltdown: the investment bank Lehman Brothers bankruptcy had requested. This was the official beginning of the financial crisis in the early summer of 2007 with the U.S. real estate crisis (Subprimekrise) had begun, and the global economic crisis mutated. The bubble burst. The banks were sitting on their loans. There were price falls in global equity markets. In the following months überschlugen the bad news.

The governments were utterly amazed. It was to hear you do not have a crisis of such a scale is expected. And, although already in Germany in 2003 on Bad Banks has spoken of how the Handelsblatt reported in the same year. In June 2007, stood in the British newspaper Telegraph that the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) before a dangerous credit bubble, warned that the world will plunge into a recession, which in the 1930s would resemble. According to the BIS would loan default rates to rise sooner or later. The BIS economist Dr. White said, the U.S. Subprimekrise was the trigger, but not the cause of the disaster. It has nothing you know? And could therefore not take action sooner?

In the Eye of the Storm
Now is back August, a year later, and we are in the eye of the storm. Since March boosted the stock market rally. The U.S. Dow Jones stock index rose at an annual high. We hear that consumer confidence has returned and that the industry once again incoming orders. In July, Barack Obama said: "The fire is now out. I believe that we have withdrawn from the abyss. "And after, according to Reuters, 1 August a poll showed that Obama's popularity at 50 percent - even Harry Truman and George W. Bush came after six months of tenure is much higher in favor of the electorate - we hear on 7 August From U.S. president again, he saw the beginning of the end of the recession.

Last year, the Fed more than one trillion U.S. dollars are printed. This will, inter alia, the 300-billion-US-dollar program to purchase U.S. government bonds financed, which is now one month until the end of October has been extended. General euphoria sparked already made, that the amount was not raised - the joy lasted, however, even in the mainstream media only briefly.

On 9 August was the 72nd U.S. bank bankrupt. Only a few days later, on 16 August, there are 77: The Colonial Ban k is the largest so far this year U.S. bank closed. Fannie Mae wants from the U.S. Department further 10.7 billion U.S. Dollar, after the government (or taxpayers) of the ailing Hypothekenbank already more than 101 billion U.S. Dollar had.

In boerse.ard.de prophesied economist Eberhardt Unger of Fairesearch on 20 July: "Gradually it will be critical for the dollar." Only 63 percent of all currency reserves are held in dollars. "And next year the reserves slip below 60 percent."

Also in Europe is the real extent of the crisis has not yet been reached. From late September into October, it opens a definite crisis in the EU, which is a new era in European politics will initiate.

More and more people into poverty. Not only in Germany, even in the U.S. is increasing the number of people who need free food. In the Federal Republic are now 800 billboards that are to address poverty care. In America the first time will receive 34 million people food stamps. Life insurance are facing bankruptcy, and who should pay the pension is totally unclear. Frisierte data anywhere - including in the assessment of the economic situation is so important development of the American housing market is concerned (F. William Engdahl: "Obama-hair Government housing data to> Green Shoots <myth to stir up").

Condition for inflation satisfies
Despite the lower consumer prices in the U.S. and Europe, primarily due to lower energy is the basic condition for inflation fulfilled. According to the classical definition of inflation is a strong increase in the money supply. The popular definition, inflation in prices of a "composed of bureaucrats and calculated basket" (Claus Vogt) measures, describes only a consequence, not the cause of the crisis. In its market analysis compares Claus Vogt to highly indebted countries with an alcoholic, just in the slight withdrawal symptoms use. Flight hurrying banks and governments came to him with huge quantities of liquor "to heal".

A narrow time window
Whether supporters of deflation or inflation theory, or those who only deflation and then hyperinflation predict - most have their event horizon to several years. But the world situation is similar to abate a storm surge less than one, to the extreme stretched rubber band. If it breaks, it will be a force back to us the breath stop. The time window is not very large: 120 days, perhaps, but logical astro speaks everything for the sudden turnaround in the coming new moon phase until 18 September.

The Republican members of the U.S. Congress, Ron Paul is not the only one who is convinced that the holders of the financial and economic power, a larger banking system and control, less banks and a depreciated U.S. Dollar want. And in the coming months, a "Bank Holiday" after the model of Franklin D. Roosevelt could be imminent, in which the banks close. This would, inter alia, to a devaluation of the already ailing dollar.

Whoever has the money, has the power. The Fed, as a major cause of the crisis, is at the request of the U.S. president is on the way to the supreme controlling body of the financial sector, despite fierce opposition in Congress. Senator Ron Paul now collects a majority, a detailed examination of the Fed endorsed. 282 of 535 deputies, representing more than 64 percent, are already behind him, launched by the "Federal Reserve Transperancy Ac«.

Protagonists of the next new moon phase: the dollar, the U.S. and China
Crucial to the further evolution of the global crisis, the U.S. and China. Bob Chapman says in his International Forecaster, according to his sources, the U.S. embassies around the world depend, to sell dollars and large amounts of local currencies in the countries where they operate, to buy. Taking the fact that the top managers of large institutions the stock rally is not to invest, but used to sell, and even less about good courses, there is a picture that not only from astrological perspective more than thoughtfully must agree.

The New Moon Horoscope for Washington announces a massive loss of substance, the world is inestimable. Between the 8th and 16 September will be a sudden event, the system and its weak economic base shaking. In order to plug budget hole, the U.S. government inflation-protected bond with a 30-year term hang up the "antiquated" 20-year bonds to replace. This record borrowing created growing distrust, and it is conceivable that long-term U.S. government bonds at the next auction does not find a buyer. Even now in this situation is bleak. The Fed Fed bought solely on 5 and 6 August U.S. government bonds worth a total of more than 14 billion U.S. Dollar - note that this Fed money indeed was even printed!

If the U.S. actually are on the rise, buyers for the bonds is available and on the stock but everything will be bought up, why are actions at all and even at this level required? Again money out of nothing created by the exorbitant debt of the U.S. catch. The question is: Who pays the mine? The bill will ensure not only the American citizens presented.

China will in the coming new moon phase for excitement care. Conceivably, the People's Republic is now definitely starting to get out of the dollar to free event. Before Beijing will repulse as many currencies as possible. With 2,000 billion U.S. dollars China holds the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world. So far the money went primarily in U.S. government securities. Now Beijing plans its currency reserves increased purchases for corporate use abroad. "Going out" is called the China strategy of the government enterprises, the international acquisitions plan, wants to support.

Bretton Woods Greetings
At the end of July came to 200 bankers and questioned Obama's economic team in depth, how long this huge deficit is sustainable as long as the economy should be stimulated and when the exit was planned. And what is Plan B if the dollar against other currencies, a fall flight would. Most of them came from China. It is more than for the dollar closely. In the upcoming new moon phase will be the core issues of the Bretton Woods world employ: the question of the dollar as an anchor and what Leitwährungsform alternatively could be made. The collateralization of the key currency - gold and precious metals come to the forefront. The dollar is a fall flight. Apart from the currency collapse is also a natural disaster in the states possible, as the flooding of New Orleans, the 2005th

The share prices are around the 10th Fall around September. Since neither government bonds are attractive and the development of the stock investors away, get real values and precious metals. For the EU, the real crisis in the next new moon phase from 18 September.

Brigitte Hamann worked since 1987 as a full teaching and consulting astrologer. She is the author of astrological books known as The Twelve archetypes, your life's goal and The Inner Child in the horoscope. With the "development-oriented astrology" has created an astrological map, at the center of some of the basic human motivations, desires and goals leads. After many years of cooperation with Michael Roscher, she founded the Academy for Development-oriented astrology EOA ®, which she teaches her method. 2006 saw the release of her book Journey to the goal of life, a new typology of the life of the valuable astrological ideas for non-astrologers processed.

Since 2007, it deals extensively with the special field of Geo-astrology. More about their activities, visit: EOA | Entwicklungsorientierte Astrologie | Brigitte Hamann 72108 Rottenburg am Neckar, Tübingen, Köln, München.

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