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Old 08-20-2009, 03:06 PM
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Wink Bank Mafia rules the world

Bank Mafia rules the world

By Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt
Thursday, 20 August 2009

Like the Italian Mafia, the Wall Street bankers and intelligent networks are now the prime example of organized crime. They move their customers over the table and go after the taxpayers, if you are on the wrong color at the roulette table set.
Financial oligopolies

In 2008, the global financial system completely collapsed. What we were experiencing were nonsensical socialist bailout the few financial oligopolies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America created, while other players like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch mercilessly in the sinking were pushed.

To capitalism supposedly to save money has been printed without limit and interest rates almost to zero. The Bernanke approach, however, is a fraud scheme.

The Supreme Leader of the Gang American financial empire is the henchman of the greatest people in history became expropriation. But instead of the purchasing power of citizens is irresponsible economic crisis action only further aggravate the country into a hyper-depression plunge, which belongs to the 30s as a mini-hurricane look like leaves.

Instead of the old system, which failed, to let go, everything that tries to artificially alive.

Hütchen players in the casino

It is one of the greatest illusion to believe that those in government are smarter than everyone else. Anyone who goes into politics has thus already demonstrated that he is stupid as everyone else, because otherwise he would have indeed pursued a management career or your own company.

The more the politicians of the mafia financial help to survive, the faster the whole world to ruin driven and we will soon experience a Obamageddon.

Apparently there is, except Ron Paul in the U.S. no politician who openly pronounce that the money junkies of Wall Street in the punished and the accused belong.

This is a necessary step in the revision of the monetary systems. As a sufficient condition for this is also the function of the Central Bank reviewed and, where appropriate, be closed. The deluded Harvard and Yale careerists in the casinos, known as investment banks, hired, had never in her life really worked. You press buttons to their customers across the table and to call for the taxpayer, when you click the wrong color at the roulette table set.

I mafiusi di banca

Like the Italian Mafia, the Wall Street bankers and intelligent networks are now the prime example of organized crime.

Since the term "mafia" by Giuseppe Rizzottos 1863 comedy first performed "I mafiusi de la Vicaria" became popular, it has many, sometimes contradictory meanings given.

For some contemporaries, especially on Wall Street bankers like brave men, because you are high risk, in truth, however, these high-risk gambler and firmly organized criminals whose goal always was to make money printing presses to generate their power with the politicians to impress and where necessary to bribe.

Mafia belong to the bank not only to banks, financial hurricanes have survived, but also the Federal Reserve and the key position of the U.S. finance minister. Thanks to a highly developed system of ranks and leadership posts, the across the board landscape in the U.S. goes, it will try everything to do with money has be brought under control, including the collection of taxes.

Organized criminals

After Frank Hagan (1983) compiled overview, there is wide agreement that organized crime will be discussed, if 1 a permanently-based and 2 operating company rationally designed, 3 Profits due to illegal activities to achieve. Precisely these criteria the banks in the Big Apple.

At the Wall Street crisis appears to be back despite the agenda of the high-speed program-day trading to be transferred, while at Goldman Sachs is a special kind of winning without any risk has created.

A gate who believes that everything right things can be sent if you are only 100 billion in trading profits.

When the Bank Mafia is clearly a serious economic criminals. It will be almost entirely business only those addressed to promise high profits with the keyword of toxicity to the extent of Giftmischerei be guessed. The fact that loans to companies not to include the highly profitable operations, indicates the current terminal credit in the economy.

Honor, and secrecy

The reason for this complicated system lies in the need to ensure the perpetrators of financial Mafia, the real bosses, in front of public attention and law enforcement agencies to protect.

The lower-ranking bankers here are a buffer between the secret part of the Bank Mafia and the public. As for the right Italian Mafia, the system of internal legitimacy on two values: honor and discretion.

How else would it possible that in Sunday surprise actions financial institutions without a tender of their competitors can be swallowed. The Honor Society of men verleibt is everything they want to incorporate without an uproar of indignation through the people can go, because all important decisions are made in secret.

Also, the people in any way about the systemic risks, which are received, even if the global derivatives market, the gross national product of the USA by a factor exceeds 50. What an honor to have so much leverage that the entire global economy so that by manipulating the money supply can play havoc!

Ponzi was Peanuts

For outside observers, the financial world as a complex network. This has in recent years mainly highly speculative products through securitization of debt spawned, so the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time to design.

Therefore, one can rightly by organized crime to speak.

When organized crime mafia the bank is the activity of bankers with advance planning labor-reaching and long-term profit-making serious crimes by using the citizens in the context of financial crises brought about intentionally in a distance of 10 years systematically expropriate.

It is therefore time that the citizens through an anti-Mafia campaign to be enlightened about the totalitarian drift of the Bank of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Perhaps we need to soon as the correct Italian Mafia a witness protection program for those bankers, the venerable company no longer can support.

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