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Old 02-13-2010, 11:28 AM
Public Enemy Number One Public Enemy Number One is offline
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Default Muhammedans Plotting Online to KILL YOU !!

Well, it seems the ifdolators are plotting once again to show Islamic love by slaughtering innocent people
On Jiuhadwatch.org (Jihadist "chatter" online shows "marked increase" in discussions about evading airport security - Jihad Watch)
You will find an enlightening discussion where the idfolators are trying to find loopholes to KILL YOU. Gee, it makes my heart all warm and gooshy inside. Hey, politically correct crowd perhaps we should just throw flowers at them, huh? Maybe if we would all just convert to Islam and accept Sharia law, they would leave us alone, huh Muhammado-Fascist appeasers?
Muhammado-Fascist appeasers make me sick. You would have sold us out to Hitler so you could hug trees and bask in your pinhead Politically Correct, Big government utopia. Oh, I forgot..that just means they can kill you secular, brain dead, Politically Correct, Big Government zombies easier.
In my opinion, most Muhammado-Fascist appeasers are TRAITORS!

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