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Old 03-10-2010, 08:41 PM
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Default USWGO: World War II female aviators are finally honored with a gold medal

USWGO is becoming a more professional type of news system because soon a news reporter from a huge mainstream media network is about to visit his site so all content is to be more professional and writer Brian D. Hill is hand typing all current events stuff in his own way instead of mirroring articles. All USWGO Content will be syndicated and reviewed on TheFederalJack and certain forums on the spectrum.

Source: World War II female aviators are finally honored with a gold medal - USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

Date: March 10, 2010


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All thumbnails are Copyrighted by © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. These have been put here non commercially under Fair Use for educational and non commercial purposes.

All sources are included within the original articles links within the page, if you cannot access those links or if links have been stripped out then go to the original news site of the article at uswgo.com.
(USWGO Alt. News Brian D. Hill)According to the Television News and the Associated Press World War II female aviation veterans are finally being given the honors of being given the Gold Metal which they should have been given at the same time as men being honored, while back then when women were still somewhat considered less then men they did flew planes during World War II but they were not considered real military pilots because of their gender. No American flags were draped over their coffins that their dead bodies laid when after they died while on duty. When their service to the military had ended they had to pay the bus fare on their way back home as repayment for their service to their country.

At least after all the hard treatment all women aviators finally got what they deserved a long time ago, recognition on Wednesday March 10, 2010, and a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor given by the U.S. Congress, in a ceremony on Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

There was at least 200 women there who served as Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), were then on Wednesday to receive the award on hand. Since many are in their 80ís to 90ís some came to receive their honors in Wheelchairs, many worn dark blue uniforms, and one of them named June Bent of Westboro, in the state of Massachusetts, had kept within her hands a photograph of her comrade who had died.

The military band there played one of Americas oldest songs ĎThe Star Spangled Bannerí but when one of the veteran women who was in a wheelchair stood up to salute throughout the entire song while one of her relatives gave her support for her back.

It is great that we didnít just leave these wonderful women that served our country to be treated as they did no service to this country. They are veterans and should be regarded as Veterans just like the men soldiers that fought for their country. I believe in the military saying that no soldier should be left behind and unfortunately the women were left behind quite a bit but now I am glad to see them being honored just like their male comrades.

Finally another step forward was taken today for women having the same equal rights as men but I will admit thereís some drawbacks such as children having no mothers as even women could be forced in a future upcoming draft. As much as I am glad both genders have rights the future might be bleak for children that could lose both their parents for future combat, say a war with Iran, or war with China and Russia the draft will definitely be restored forcing both males and females to be called by the Selective Service to force both genders into combat. Since that service probably doesnít take families into effect many children may be forced into government homes, out into the streets, or forced to fend for themselves, or even go into criminal activities as many work places have child labor laws, many may be forced to rob for themselves.

I hope that if the Selective Service picks people to go to war they will leave at least one parent to take care of each families children. As a news reporter and writer I will report the truth even the ugliness of good intentions. I am not against rights at all but I see that if women can serve in combat the draft will come for the women too and many women and girls will have to serve in all future wars and according to the draft it doesnít care whether people want to serve or not. It may also mean the population can keep being thinned out in the United States until we need foreign soldiers to save us which means we can easily be taken over by foreigners.

back to being exactly on topic, I am glad all women aviator pilots got their honors and finally got the recognition they deserved. I hope monuments get put up for the female aviators as well to honor all who protected our country whether it be men or women. I just hope we donít get into another World War because it may mean many children will lose their parents and put in government homes with high tech brainwashing and surveillance equipment.

God Bless America and God Bless our soldiers whether female or male!

God Bless our male and female aviators that roamed the skies to protect our country and freedoms that we fight for everyday!

God Bless Liberty, our Constitution, and God Bless the Oath Keepers and Marines that keep our country America!

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Old 03-11-2010, 08:53 AM
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Default Re: USWGO: World War II female aviators are finally honored with a gold medal

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