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Old 03-17-2010, 11:27 PM
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Default Reconciliation method to pass Obamacare is cheating, and will end our democracy

Source: Reconciliation method to pass Obamacare is cheating, and will end our democracy - USWGO Alternative News

(USWGO Alt. News Brian D. Hill)With Obama announcing on using the Reconciliation method on the health care bill and the fact that the house may end up passing the bill without actually voting on it is quite troublesome for our democracy, and may end the free America as we know it, and subject us to more government control over our very lives.

Now first before I tell you more I like to explain to the uneducated and easily brainwashed sheep what the two cheating methods are and then what will happen to us if this cheating goes unpunished.

First the reconciliation method, what this will do is, only require a need of 50 votes instead of the traditional 60 which makes a easy shortcut around the traditional senate and house rules. As people thinks this is a good thing, plus it will reform the nations health-care, they are forgetting that this bill will force you to pay for health insurance (or government run!) or pay a $15,000 fine which will be a final blow to the already dying middle class, will further create a larger gap between the rich and the poor, and much more Orwellian horrors along the way. With this Reconciliation method it will allow the pro big government advocates to ignore all voices of dissent, will pass the bill whether this bill is good or evil, and this method is a message to the house and senate that the puppet presidents can change the rules in congress and that no rules or laws apply to those in the executive position as long as the elite are happy with the executive powers of the president.

The Reconciliation method (or you can call it the reconciliation process) was crafted together in 1974, so congress can move swiftly on budget matters, but now it’s being used for stuff other then budget matters, a loophole which guarantees whatever Obama wants, he gets his way no matter what.

Now onto the other issue, the fact that now we may head for a future where bills can be voted in without actually being voted on. This tactic is known as the “Self executing rule” or what the Washington Post calls, a “deem and pass”, has been commonly used, although it was never used to pass a $875 billion Orwellian (Police State Conditioner) health-care bill, more like it should be called the police state death care bill.

Anyways this “Self executing rule” means that, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, suggests that she might attempt to pass the measure, without the house members actually voting on it.

Now that I explained to you about the both methods it is just cheating to pass something without the congress actually voting on it, and it’s cheating to simply lower the bar on votes needed because it hasn’t been used on other bills, plus it was suppose to just be used for swift budget matters. This concerns me that to get a new world order agenda bill through, they can now change the rules, make the rules, or not follow the rules for the future Orwellian, 1984 police state.

It isn’t right because that means any bill can now be passed by using loopholes, looking the other way, and are not setting a good example for our country. It may just teach people that it’s okay to con people, as long as it gets your agenda through, as long as there’s loopholes, that it’s okay to be a con person.

I never heard those rules before, even with Bush, even with Clinton, but with each passing administration the presidential aggression is growing, with Bush it was vetoing bills and executive orders, and now with Obama is these new methods to get bills unfairly passed.

The whole reason the bill passing needs to be fair is so that all members have to be explained to, why this bill or that bill, needs to be passed. With this new legitimate cheating method it will destroy the traditional ‘tell us why this bill needs to passed and how it will help our country’ and bring us into ‘If I want this bill passed, it will be passed, and I am the boss’.

The two new scary methods, the Reconciliation method, and the “Self executing rule” may guarantee that this end of our freedoms bill will be passed and that the government can threaten your rights to health-care and may up executing you if you decide to go up against any Nazi-style agenda in the future puppet Obama decides to pass. This may mean people will have to accept being raped, beat up, or even killed for what the government (neo nazis) declare as the greater good of society. The end of free thought is near as we need Big Brother to take care of us all while we are poisoned to death through various vaccinations, and medications in our water.

I also read comments that some people are not against the health care bill, because they believe it’s only there to help us, which I believe it doesn’t and is just a way to usher in 1984, to prepare us for the world government prison planet and prison states. Whether it is good for us or not, we should never accept cheating as a way to get bills through because in the future more bills that will be passed that may be more worse then even the Big Brother health-care type of bills will be passed then we may end up losing the Constitution forever and our Bill of Rights, GONE.

Once we accept losing our guns, then government run health-care, it will be the start of non resistance, then once we are totally immobilized without the government, we will have returned to the times of the Nazis, the soviet union, and even China since we will be forced to accept whatever government controls are put around our necks.

Future the elites will bring:

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