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Default At it Again

Here's a list of "known" alien races from the MAAR:

Adamic / Evadamic Hybrids
Some people call these the first humans, possibly first hybrid descendants of the Anunnaki . It is believed that the Adam / Eve theme shows up in many cultures over every continent in in many ancient texts. It is also believed that there are two races of beings within our universal locale; Draconian's (reptiles) and the Evadamic (human) which battled for domination of Terra, or Earth. They would look somewhat middle eastern or Native American, Black, dark brown hair, dark eyes, olive eyes, in rare cases blue eyes. Or are these mythological creatures in world history?

Alpha Centaurians
A humanoid species that has aquatic qualities such as gills, webbed feet an hands allowing them to live beneath our seas. They possibly inhabit our deep ocean depths and piloting UFO's often seen coming out of our oceans. They have been accredited with cattle mutilations, possess such an advanced weapons systems that other specie swill not war with them. Yet others claim they are here to enlighten our consciousness. Also they've been described as being a luminous bluish gray in color of various height.

Supposedly a reptilian ( have seen them described as humanoid/reptilian) species that is associated with the Constellation Aquila, in the Altair solar system. Almost romantic descriptions have been given, they are nomads among the stars, friends to some species of Nordics, Greys Other planetary military (including ours) and actually help defend Draconian's. Also league with The Ashtar Command. There are both positive and negative thoughts about The Ashtar Command. My cult groups also channel these entities.

A humanoid species associated with underground bases on earth under Antarctica and associated with fair haired pale almost bluish skinned races. In some explanations, it's said that these creatures also have reptilian qualities, they have slits instead of regular pupils and eye colors ranging from pale yellow to bright green more in tune with a cat or snakes eyes. In other explanations it is said they may be a pure Aryan race and have the swastika on their ships.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Arcturians are supposedly the most advanced beings in our Galaxy with the ability for dimensional travel. Their society which is a similar structure to that of earth. Apparently they are supposed to bring peace among warring planets. My thought is ALL Aliens have the ability to enter our earth by dimensional means. Or possibly some species have been here before humankind.

Blues / Greens
They've been described as short and stocky as in Whitley Strieber's book, 'Communion'. They are uniformed have wide faces and a darker blue color with almost comic movements, appearing to float or glide along. In Whitley's experience, they were behaving like medical doctors and examined him. Others have described as looking like a typical Grey except for the coloration and even humanoid varying from dark to brilliant blue. The was a 7 year-olds rendition.

Browns / Greys
Browns are rarer, like the rare blues and there are several grey species. Browns have been describes as 3 -7 feet tall, in various shades of brown to a tan color. Skin has been described in some cases a leathery, wrinkled appearance and eye size varies from a large almond shape to small and reptile like.

The Cassiopaeans are supposedly a highly advanced intelligent race of humanoids from the star system of Cassiopeia. Several New Age groups proclaim to channel these beings via telepathic communications. This is possibly another race based in more myth than fact. They have be described as beings of light, beings with halos or appearing in a dimensional energy form surrounded by light. Note: Coming form a former channeling cult I cannot place much stock in depending on channeled information as a source for credible information dealing with entities or aliens, or future selves....)

Those are just SOME of what they have listed.


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