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Old 09-04-2005, 09:34 PM
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Default Re: Greetings to everyone here

Welcome Insight- nice to see you here.

Not much time now to discuss DIA right now but here are some links that I have found- you may of already seen these but just in case.



Denver airport:


"i know the artist of these murals...and his family. i even helped with painting the murals. there is meaning behind the murals, as with any art/mural, there is a story. if i'm not mistaken, there are 6 murals. the first three are murals of oppression / extinction / and pollution...the mural with the military figure wearing the gas mask and holding the sword represents war. the child curled up in a ball and all else on the left of the mural the is a symbol of all the suffering that is the result of war. the others show some of the animals that have been extinct, and an extinct indian (native american) tribe. as well as forest fires (deforestation) and air pollution.

the other 3 murals show all the children of the world coming together in piece and breaking the war statue. then you see all the children bringing the swords of war to make tools (notice how the sword is bent and being made into a plow.) the mural also shows the extinct animals alive again. all the murals are all tied in by the use of the rainbow that is the dream of the child sleeping in the streets shown in the first mural. the rainbow also represents hope and of God's promise.

the mural was painted by Leo Tanguma. he is a very inspiring and humble artist. i was very fortunate to have met him and worked with him. you can do a 'google search': leo tanguma.
here is a couple of links of his work."

Truth, Peace, Freedom, Trust, Abundance, Unselfishness, Joy, Humility and Pure Love
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