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Old 04-18-2010, 09:00 PM
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Default The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat now!

The world elite did have a plan, a master plan to Unite the whole planet! You might ask why? Just because by uniting the world, they would have strengthen their power grips for generations to come, as they become capable of controlling and directing the world population evolution, so to gain better advantages over them (by advancing their own biological evolution in relation with the world masses).

Anyhow, read more about their failure here:
Corporate Banking Elite and their initial plan… Before becoming aware of the System Threat! | The Mind Traveler

How they create a beast to help them, but how this beast is now returning against its former masters! Thats a short story, but worth your time!

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Old 04-19-2010, 04:24 AM
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Default Re: The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat no

Surely joining the world together is a good thing? We all face the same common problems in life and working together as a planet would be much more beneficial for mankind?
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Old 04-19-2010, 02:11 PM
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Default Re: The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat no

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Surely joining the world together is a good thing? We all face the same common problems in life and working together as a planet would be much more beneficial for mankind?
I don't think you have read much, do you?
Yes uniting the world might be a good thing if it is done properly, which isn't the case at all!!

n the western world the concept of Freedom is a Freedom link to a system!

While the concept of Freedom on a humanitarian basis, is a completely different concept than the first one!

History of human technological applications:

To better understand the differences, we must go back in time and take a closer look at the first technological applications in human societies! Those first tribes, were scattered across vast geological areas, some where living in forest, other on the littoral of rivers or Oceans and many other areas. The tribes living in forest have first developed ways to hunt for their foods, while the tribes living on the littorals, did learn techniques to fish fish! Of course, I am referring to such tribes without considering if they were sedentary or nomads, because the nomads seldom try to fish in the rivers or Oceans, as they were following games migration paths mainly.

So the first tribes did began exploring and developing technologies needed to survive inside their different environment, so to eat and be safe. Each have found different ways to extract foods from their envir0nments via various technologies, like pole, arrows, bows, axe, fish net, fish pole, boat and on. The priorities of that period were to use technologies as tools or proxies to get what they need to survive the hostilities of their immediate environment.

Technologies as seen today:

But today’s technologies, aren’t use for human survival, but rather for feeding the system. Feeding the system, because todays, most technologies are made either to distract humanity’s from its identity or to make it more competitive inside the system, thus forgiving our real environment, which is geographical in Nature. How he is doing so, is simple, he is creating an illusion of freedom inside himself that distract man’s from seeing what he really needs to be happy! So to acheive such illusion he needs to impose us choices, that we will think are the best for us (i.e: marketing campaigns and publicities), while in fact, those choices are imposed by the system to answer such system needs! For example, while living in China, I did want to change my room window, because she wasn’t convenient, so I went to the street market on the next corner, and show my plan for another window, and the worker, agree to make it with the current dimensions and requirements for a good price. He came back a week later to fix the new window designed by myself, and was more than happy with the results, as it was answering my needs! But back in Canada, I would have got the same problem and went to a window maker kilometers away from my house, just to be stuck choosing between industrial templates of windows that do not fit my needs but that the vendor will say suitable for me, because it answers the System made requirements (not mines)! So I would have ask the window maker to make one for me, and he would have only agree if I was paying a prohibitive premium price for the custom works, because it was out of the system (out of mass productions and therefore expensive). So now the “freedom” offered by the system is more evident to understand, as he offers only a set of choices, that WE need to agree with, since it is approved by the system and its requirements (laws, and other market rules). Of course, as the system powers will grow, this choice limitations will seems to disapear by the help of various technologies like prototyping, and 3D printers (Stereolithography) but by then, most peoples would have stop to think by themselves, and let the system choose for them instead (fashions, fabricated needs, pre-fabricated styles ect…).

System Freedom and its choices offerings:

In such system, we need to buy more liberty, by acquiring more wealth, because doing so, release some system restraints, but doing so, also render the new rich an Agent of the system instead of a “slave”. Because such Agent will then seek to gain more wealth as easy as possible, so to do this, he will have to find ways to make peoples work harder, cheaper, by answering to the economic system of profits and share dividendes! His investments, will then force more peoples into the system, longer and cheaper (increasing competitions favor the wealthiest peoples), rendering them also slaves of the system but having an active role.

The system Waste Technologies and comfort zones:

So the system is creating “waste” technologies, not to ensure human survival anymore, but to increase its enslavements, by “suggesting” to the slaves through publicities, and marketing campaigns, that to be happy in life you need to buy more things (that you do not really need at all)! In publicity they call this marketing, and it is responsible to show peoples why they need something that they REALLY do not need to survive or become better. Which in turn require the “slaves” to spend more time working and working harder to get the more of the same system “privileges” (waste technologies) years after years! Linking the peoples to a system “fish bowl” where slaves are trapped inside a system routine bubble (directed by the economic system), and pays their bills, their debts and everything the system told them they need to be happy! The creation of such waste gadgets are directed to increase the system powers by forcing the system integration in Humans. It also succeed boosting its influences on our planet ecosystem to force humans to adapt to the meltdown of our ecosystem by accepting tools created by the system that push us away from interacting with our ecosystem (becoming more dependent toward the system than our natural ecosystem by destroying it!!). Because in such system the priority is only economic, as world orders can only exist if Global productivity increase, even if our ecosystem is collapsing because of it! So now, technologies are not created to preserve us from the possible hostile Natural environment we used to live in, but rather at rendering us dependable of the Economic system, from which our comfort zone depends (not our survival anymore).

Human base definition of Freedom:

For a person to reach happiness in life, the person must first learn to free itself from its fears, so that his ego could be set free of restraints to express his REAL potential! But to achieve this, the person must first learn to know itself, then learn about its inner fears, and confront them one by one, one after the other, so to bypass them and evolve in life to gain a much higher integrity and inner powers, that will increase the person learning skills beyond what the system requires and become conscious of its true powers as a creative human being! Gaining such consciousness is the key to the real Human powers! Just to give an example, the Falung Dafa organisation in China, rediscover the principles and original ideology behind the Taichi practice, thus giving powers to heal the practitioners of that art! Then more and more Chinese, discover that learning such skills, could cure them from diseases without going to the doctors (molded by and FOR the system), so more and more peoples joined the ranks of the Falung Dafa, until it reaches over 100 millions peoples, so the Chinese communist party (composed of 110 million members), began to see this movement as a potential political threat, and began the persecution of the movement across ALL China!

Why was it so, its because, by freeing Human minds from its fears, then it let the mind loose to evolve and move forward, but if a person, keeps all its fears, his ego will become a wall of fears that would have stop the evolution of the mind of the person! Only that way a Human being can really be set free!!

Darwin evolution Theory:

In his theory, he states that animals were capable to adapt themselves to their environment through natural selections, but this wasn’t really true! Because Darwin implicitly revealed in his theory, that the consciousness of the animals were behind their physical evolution! Because for a giraffe that wants to eat the best and most nutritious leafs, going higher at the top of the tree was a conscious priority, so after several generation of such needs, the body of the Giraffe, begin to acquire new genetic materials through its ecosystem (virus, bacterias and on), and use them toward that conscious goal of reaching higher leafs! So over generations, the Giraffe neck began to grow taller and taller until the consciousness no longer wish a longer neck to reach higher leafs (reaching the top of the trees was enough). So in human evolution this thing is a bit different but very similar!

The System idea to let Human evolve with an integrated flat TV panel:

But imagine a person, that wish for years to get a large flat TV screen!! How can our body could manage to answer that new conscious priority? How in hell our body can evolve to integrate a flat TV screen? The answer, the body would never find it, and develop cancerous cells (cancers are mainly unassigned immortal cells, having mutated for no purposes at all) in place, like a bug between what human consciousness wants, and what the genetic capabilities can offer to answer such evolutionary superfluous needs (biologically speaking). But of course, the system will tell peoples that if you feel depress, or got cancer its because it is a disease that can be cure by the system, but he won’t tell peoples that those “illnesses” are only biological alarm signals that the system isn’t working for us at all, but AGAINST us!! But of course, the system will seduce the peoples more and more and provide them with their wishes, by making cheaper flat TV panels, because more slaves would have enter its system, pushing down the price, and answer the consciousness dreams of the slaves!

Those are illusions from the system of course, but VERY powerful illusions! Illusions that can even derails Human biological evolution! But the system won’t stop here, to attract more peoples into its trap! He will also offer those peoples to flee themselves, and give them a way to NEVER confront their fears, because doing so is so much uncomfortable compare to what the system offers them in exchanges! Because, for those peoples, drugs and alcohol will be created, to shut down their thinkings, games and distractions (music, videos and on) will be created to eat more times away from inner thinking and induce subconscious messages that will increase its influence on Human minds. And then he will begin to create illusions of powers through the virtual world that is the Internet (his main tool of predilections).

Facebook Powers or how social recognitions drive the System powers:

One of those powers, is Social recognitions, which wants peoples to think that they are popular and increase their communications to be happier and feel accepted in the system and by the system! One example of this, is Facebook, where most young peoples will seek as much “friends” as possible, and increase their rate of communications! But this offset two important human values, the needs for a familial core, and the needs to talk about the reality of life (to face fears and experience life). But instead the System is offering communication so fast, that peoples will connect to many at the same time, having less and less time, talking about the real things of life! Instead they will talk about superficial things in life, and feel content with that! But it is because, doing so make them forget about the REAL world and the REAL issues in life! Just try to remember what your last text message of Facebook status was all about… Pretty sure it weren’t much deep!!!!

Conclusion, the End of Humanity Natural and Biological Evolution:

So all in all, the System has override the original purpose of our technological development, which was firstly to help Humanity surviving the hostilities of this world, and now use waste technologies to render us more and more dependent of it by gaining more and more control over our environments, either by destroying it by our industrial pollution (driven by the market forces and the consumption society) or by imposing a NEW ARTIFICIAL environment to Humanity! In this new artificial environment, Humanity will feel no needs to face their fears to become better persons, because they will have drugs to forget about the reality and games to distract them from facing it, then jobs will help them buy those games and those drugs, making them believe that they are happy with this reality, while in fact, there is little Natural reality there! Even humanity will have lost its life and potential, in order to let a system grow bigger and bigger! As more and more trades will migrate toward the net, our intelligence and our very soul will migrate as well, as we are mainly a trade based intelligence, so the system will succeed in imposing its new evolutionary environment (with market based evolution rules instead of biologically based) over our Natural environment!

So debasing biological evolution mechanisms replaced by a completely synthetic evolutionary system.
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Old 05-06-2010, 11:18 AM
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Thumbs down Re: The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat no

I DON'T want to unite the world!

I have no unity or harmony with most of the dumb people with whom I come in to contact with on a daily basis. They love to watch internet porn, worthless sports on ESPN, and play with their Avatar action figures after watching and worshiping Eywa and smoking weed, and then when a drug deal goes bad they want to shoot Carlo or Ricky with their gat and speed away in their phat ride.


No. Here's one vote for worldwide division.
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Old 05-06-2010, 11:42 AM
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Default Re: The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat no

Sentrynox, very good post. Did you write it or post a link, please? tyvm.
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Old 06-06-2010, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: The NWO elite got tricked and have created one BEAST that they can Hardly beat no

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Sentrynox, very good post. Did you write it or post a link, please? tyvm.
Yes indeed I did write this, and many other things! Visit my two blogs on that matter:
The Mind Traveler, the world has reach singularity
Geopolitics News

And my newest and most urgent analysis:
The Global Carbon market Conspiracy to privatize the ownership of planetary life « Geopolitics News

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