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Old 11-05-2010, 02:55 PM
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Post November 5, 2010 - Emotional Tension Levels Plateau Begins: Tipping Point Approaching

History has shown us time and again the world is an evolution of cycles. Each cycle can be defined by having a beginning, a middle, and end. The curious question that should be noted is, what defines the tipping point to determine the end?

To illustrate such a cycle, we look to a shepherd and his sheep.

In the beginning, the shepherd leads his flock to a place of feast. In the middle, the sheep graze upon the pasture delivered by the shepherd. This keeps the flock both complacent and busy as only the shepherd can provide such abundance. This, in turn, keeps the shepherd complacent and offers a time to rest. The tipping point of this cycle is when certain sheep within the flock begin to wander. Has the field offered by the shepherd become barren of sustenance? Or have the rogue sheep, determined of their own free will, that a more appealing pasture wait elsewhere? In the end, the shepherd postures to intimidate the wanderers to rejoin the flock. The cycle is now complete, to only begin again.

History has shown us time and again the world is an evolution of cycles. Cycles that reach an end by means of a tipping point. Are you part of the flock, both complacent and busy grazing upon the pasture delivered to you by the shepherd? Or are you a wandering sheep determined and convinced there is more than what the shepherd provides?

For those with eyes wide open, November 5, 2010 marks the approach to the tipping point of our cycle.

The shepherd is content, and has left for a time of rest.

Obama's Asian Trip

Now, is the time to wander.

Seek the pasture, you desire.

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