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Old 07-09-2011, 02:15 PM
blackjok3r blackjok3r is offline
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Post What needs to change for the survival of mankind.

This is what I think.

We need a new direction here. What we have dosn't work. Constant growth is unsustainable and impossible. Everyone born deserves the right to live a prosperous and glorious life. My goal here is to stop human kind from destroying the planet earth before we become a great empire of global proportions. The earth is going to change, it always has and always will. We need to adapt to its changes or we as a species will go extinct, taking every other species with us. That's not fair on earth or any one of its inhabitants. We have about 3 billion years left to conqueror space and travel to other planets before we all die. Look how much we have achieved in 11,000 years. I'm damn sure its possible. Human kind needs to get rid of it selfish ways, the big picture is more important than yourself. You are not important, but you can make a huge difference. I outline my plan below. It is far from complete right now, and all input from free thinking individuals will be taken into account before the formation of an earth constitution.


Global carbon tax at $100 a tonne.

Oil prices to quadruple overnight. (We need oil for many things we cant run out, it has to be a saved commodity)

Move all refugees under the age of 14 to rich countries for education, and move lots of educated rich ppl to poor Countries.

Mass deployment of thorium reactors, and global effort to develop fusion.

Phase out coal power and most cars to become electric

Develop base on the moon, looking fast towards other plants.

Space elevators with huge solar arrays attached.

Forced sterilization for anyone who has more than 2 children who cannot be fed without aid,

Enforce communist system of government globally:
-strong discouragement of corruption by order of death
-anyone who reports corruption to receive 2x the money offered by the bribe offered.
-wealth to be distributed evenly to all hard working citizens, people in unskilled jobs for extended time start losing rights and money, this will encourage smart people and hard working persons to do the best they can.

Legalize drugs but with tight restrictions:
-Anyone can get a script for anything almost free of cost it they can prove a need, supply is limited. Run it like dexis are now. U need to prove u need it for a reason and if that reason is not proven after a period of time time then u cant get it any more. Everyone has a drug they might need it dosn't matter what that drug is. Removing crime is a much better idea, take control off criminals to avoid corruption.

Feed as much money into education as possible, all people in all the world are equal if they can prove their intelligence for a chosen qualification. Every position available is eligible for some kind of promotion based on performance. All educated people are allowed more children if growth rates are negative. Population growth cannot exceed 0% of current levels, and must generally be a negative value for some time.

I hope you like it. I have put a lot of thought into this and I want to try and make a difference in the world. I don't want to work for the man to make some one else rich and wasteful. I think humans have an extremely huge potential. Hell its something like 4 billion to 1 that we even exist. We have to think of the future. Just look what we did in the past with out any technology.

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Old 07-14-2011, 05:21 PM
Apothecary Apothecary is offline
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Default Re: What needs to change for the survival of mankind.

There's some descent ideology in here but, I could see this very easily FOR corruptive purposes. Anyone who comes forth with information about "corruption" could be in fact setting someone else up for death who isn't actually corrupt. Battery operated vehicles still get their power from somewhere "power plants" and trying to harness the power of the sun "fusion" only seen in Bombs on Earth i don't know how this could be a great option either. Education yes, need more of it that's quality. Population control would be very hard to achieve due to religious beliefs because of right to life peoples. Bribing people not to take a bribe wouldn't stop corruption it'd get the corrupt to yell that someone was being corrupt and make more money for being underhanded. Problem is money is power get rid of money altogether so there isn't a competitive edge on life by a harmonic tone where people work together towards a common goal. What do we need space elevators for? If you were to try to attach one to the moon, well the Earth Rotates and so does the moon, so it just blatantly wouldn't work. Carbon tax, every week you run your computer you'd be charged 100bucks. I'm sure you've spent alot of time on this and that's great I love seeing people think, but may want to research how things work a little more thoroughly is all
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Old 08-04-2011, 05:58 PM
werwolf werwolf is offline
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Default Re: What needs to change for the survival of mankind.

To save life on this planet all it needs is the complete destruction of the zionist and talmudic jews and lame brained halfwits like blackjoc3r

No more endless wars for profit, no more blatant kill whitey, kill musslim, kill anybody who doesn't kiss yid arse, no more materialist propaganda shoved in your face 24 hrs a day, no more dangerous drugs force fed to your kids, no more multicultie fuckin' bullshit.

Just people free to live as they like in their own part of the world.

and as for a world communist regeme: well! aren't a couple of hundred million murdered by the commies enough for you yet or what you prick?
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