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Old 07-15-2011, 12:32 PM
alvarej alvarej is offline
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Default Could you please tell me the meaning of IGNT? thanks

I am looking to know what the initials IGNT stands for

Thank you

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Old 08-20-2011, 04:37 AM
djcooker djcooker is offline
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Default Re: Could you please tell me the meaning of IGNT? thanks

i think Ignt could stand for Ignite or Ignorant
X@@funny shows
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Old 08-25-2011, 12:47 AM
Ian Moone Ian Moone is offline
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Default Re: Could you please tell me the meaning of IGNT? thanks

I suggest it could be "Intelligence Gathering Network Technology".

Some forms that you might recognize would be spy bots for example and web bots, or some forms of Trojan viruses that send data mined from individual PC's back to a central warehousing and processing site.

Its interesting that now day you don;t have to receive an infected email to get a virus into your PC - you can do it from simply browsing an infected web site.

As has been shown with news of the world hacking scandal recently its not just PC's that can be hacked either - now days other peripherals like phones and many other devices with computerized controls can be hacked to obtain your personal data such as passwords ad bank / credit card details.

The new tap n go type transaction cards will be some of themost easily accessed with portable readers available for very little $ off the net someone with a tablet in their handbag hooked up to a reader - can walk past you on a bus or at a train station, while shopping in a crowd and collect all of yours and others details in just a short walk each day!

This is just a more tech savvy technique than the old data skimming devices.

Often those harvesting the data don't get caught exploiting it for personal gain - what they do is on-sell it anonymously online to those in places like Nigeria etc - who THEN set out and defraud the rightful owner, knowing that no one in their country is going to be extradited for these types of crimes.

One of the tech savvy ways of exploiting devices / peripherals, especially mobile phones is thru the blue tooth capability of the device.

One casino in my home town - had well over 100 clients and staff - lose on average $2K a piece in excessive mobile bills.

Turned out someone staying at the casino hotel in an upstairs room above the gaming floor was searching for roaming bluetooth devices and cracking them, & then using the phone to send vast amounts of data (probably hardcore porn being filmed in the room) to the internet for publishing on websites.

Its not till the end of the month when you get your account that you find out you have a excess bill of a couple grand. Some people thought they must have accidentally sat on their new I phone in their pocket and pushed a button and connected to the net by accident, however - one of the staff members affected got details of the date and time when this uploading took place, and realized that his mobile was locked inside his staff locker the whole shift & the staff lockers were under security video surveillance the whole time! He got a CD burnt of the day and time when he supposedly did all this uploading and went to his provider showing him locking it inside his locker at start of the shift and not taking it out again till 8 hours later - when THEY had billed him for all this internet time!

They refunded the bill - BUT, they pointed out that security of his phone was his responsibility, and locking it away with blue tooth enabled - was what likely allowed someone to hack into his phone from a room upstairs in the same hotel / casino complex.

Between the 2 major carriers - there were over 200 cases of such hacking of mobiles by bluetooth each for between $2K & $3K. Aust Fed Police were called in on it because the casino security didn't know if the live feed was being used by:-

A) A gamer on the playing floor getting details from a mobile phone camera of other players hands, via some kind of internet feed and phone loop back of data system,

B) Whether some crime syndicate hadn't hacked into the casino security bank and was uploading all the building and security data for analysis for a huge future robbery / raid

C) Whether maybe terrorists were planning some kind of attack and using the hacking to get the security data out of the building for planning purposes, without it being linked back to them in any way.

The thing is: -

1. Who can use over $200K worth of internet hacking data upload capacity in a month or so

2. How can they then convert that stolen capacity into cash to walk away with.

3. What uses was the data being put too - that required it to be kept hidden from the casino and law enforcement authorities?


Back to your original question - this is a seldom talked about area of IT security - that involves games the 'big boys' play - i.e the nation states - and the bad guys - such as intelligence agencies, big time corrupt mafia type players.

Intelligence Gathering Network Technology broadly encompasses all of these fields specific to high end technology interference.

Typically there's chatter by someone, somewhere on the net or email system to get all their ducks in a row to pull this off and bots etc can search out certain keywords and capture data containing those parameters - record the data and the source and the recipient and send it all back to the warehouse for processing into intelligence reports.

GCHQ in Britain (Emm Eye Six) have one of the worlds biggest listening in stations in project echelon, in the UK, which monitors real time traffic via satellites for key words / phrases and sends copies of emails and web traffic to the relevant intel agency - the See EyeEhh have another and so it goes.

Even so called encrypted data really isn't!

Just about all the worlds encryption hardware and software was developed and manufactured by Israeli firms, and the see Eye Eh put one of their best nerd people into the workforce there, and implanted a hidden sub routine into the encryption software.

What it does is - take the decryption key, reduce it to a microdot and implant said microdot into the . above the second letter "i" appearing in the encrypted data.

Then echelon captures the encrypted data, decodes it via the microdot & reads it real time, and scans for the key words and phrases, and anything that looks suspicious is sent to GCHQ and then the relevant allies intel service.

There's a squillion ways to get at data - corporate photo copiers are a favorite - they store everything they scan into memory to copy & save it to a chip memory, that can be hacked.

Nothing in the online world is secure these days - its as simple as that.

heck for all you know your internet enabled refrigerator - that automatically does the online grocery shopping for you could be spying on you for Russia!

Welcome to 1984.

Orwell knew a LOT more than he ever let on!

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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