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Old 02-07-2012, 05:42 AM
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Default Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH (part 2)

Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH (part 2) today 7th Feb 2012

I told you about the criminal Freemason's false god called GAOTU (great ARCHitech of the universe). Archangel Michael is my hero. Satan is my Arch-enemy. Research Royal Archers or anything Masons - Arch, etc. You are trapped inside a Satanic Illusion. Wake up you fools.

I can feel the Roman Masons (aka the Black Nobility) spiritually trembling in Rome, London and Washington. This message is simple. The eye of a needle, i.e, give up your wealth (Nehemiah 5) or simmer a long time with con-man Lucy. Do not care what your collective thinks, this is about you. Repent, retrieve your soul (imperative), find Jesus and eternal life.

Hear me once again. Sinners repent before this Winter. Satan's 6000 year rule is known as Winter. Jesus the boat (Ark) keeper is calling loudly "Come in number 666, your time is up". God's divine change is upon you, everything I do and write is for you. I Am a servant of Yahweh (aka YHWH).

To Our creator God Yahweh (the mathematician) numbers are everything. Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) have been stealing and reversing God Yahweh's perfect numbers. Do not worry. Here are some more of the divine/numerical clues. SAHT or Our Father manipulated Jim Christie to re-marry my mother so that I would become Joseph Christie. The Occultic Masons stole the minds of my 7 brothers and my sister. The Occult have spent a lifetime telling me I Am Jesus Christ. I have documented all of the intense persecution. The number of Jesus Christ is 888 and Lucy is 666. This is what Revelation is all about, the final battle. I Am ready, Thy will be done.

The English Gematria (EG) for Joseph is 73 and the EG for Christ is 77. If you add the individual numbers of Joseph Christ 7+3+7+7 = 24 = 888. The Word of "Jesus the infinite" will never die. In Faith I ask ye, who made this Joe Stirling aka Joseph Christie?. Yahweh is perfect.

Know this, Lucifer (aka Lucy) is the ultimate coward who uses selfish/soulless/mindless human things to do his destructive work. My message to Lucy the Poof, come out and fight in the open, you know who I Am. Now, before the Gays start bitching, do your research on SAHT's social engineering. They have been manipulating this for the End Times. Even the Roman Masons wore short skirts. SAHT knew that most Gays would hate and try to destroy the Beautiful Bible. Same sex marriage is wrong, period. I do not hate people who are Gay, I hate ignorance. Research how ruthless and evil SAHT truly are. Do not believe the brainwash and programs from THEIR lying manipulating media. Keep your soul (do not sell it), you will need it for your next eternal journey.

Lucy the Poof lives in the cold South Pole. He frequents Scotland to watch his favourite football team "Queen of the South". Lucy also frequents Bohemian Grove to sodomise his Tempted. What's the half-time score between us Lucy?. Jo Jo has got thee on the run. I will grind/cremate your Tempted to dust, repent or lament. No later than the fall. Don't think the Dummy Diamond and her Masonic Haemorrhoids will save you. Hope you don't mind if I ignore the charade on Masonic TV. Switch off their TV, surely even you can see that it is all fake. Open thine eyes.

Thank you to gifted Pastor Jim Graham (Emeritus Gold Hill Baptist Church) and all others who came to "God's Weekend". That was a very special event and a part of the new beginning. Who am I to say your place is assured. Wherever you are, tell others to "Come Home" to your local Church, Jesus is waiting. Your Lord and Saviour is inside everyone of you, open His door. He will forgive all sinners, you only have to ask.

Correction/apology to the last teaching called "Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH". I asked for donations which was wrong, God alone looks after His Church. I then wrote about my synchronicities (meaningful coincidence) with fellow Christian Roy. I said the word "Baptised" instead of "Blessed". My sincere apologies to Roy and any other Christians offended. Was it my mistake or intentional by the Holy Spirit?. But then, the Holy Spirit doesn't make mistakes (Hmm). Also my use of the words "incorruptible Church", I meant me (to those with ears). I say this because 3 hours after I blessed Roy, he and his good wife went to see a live concert of Handel's Messiah. This completed the synchro/message for me and you.

If you read the Christ Messenger, I keep telling you this is not about me. My message to Christians and righteous people everywhere is to rejoice. This part of the Beautiful Bible is all about God Yahweh's promise to YOU. Jesus does not have to repeat Himself, the Word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will be forever. Read, feel, absorb and live His Word. Your soul will not survive without it. I tell you again, the truth shall set you free.

To the skeptics and brown-tongued masons hiding behind the curtains/forums. I have no left brain qualifications or a proper education. I was a thief and unruly. I was locked up from the age of 11 to 18. Who do you think is writing these words? I do not hide and I have no fear for I walk side by side with Jesus Christ. I Am about to show you that Our God Yahweh is the One and only true God. He is the most mighty, powerful and forgiving God. The wonderful prophet and servant Elijah says make your choice before the fall.

Oh! where is this false god called Lucy? I will blow her candle out, piff, puff, POOF (smile).

Let us sing/pray..... Jesus today - Jesus tonight - Jesus beside me - Inside me, Jesus. amen

Love, peace and FR33DOM, Joseph Christ (aka Joe Stirling). Got the whole world in His hands.

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Old 02-09-2012, 01:12 PM
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Default Re: Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH (part 2)

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
I told you about the criminal Freemason's false god called GAOTU (great ARCHitech of the universe).
The manifestation of GAOTU for me is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - the Christian God. Is this not the same God you follow?

You give yourself way too much credit and think too highly of yourself; self-important. Satan isn't going to just come "battle" you because you called him out on the Internet.

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
Lucy the Poof lives in the cold South Pole. He frequents Scotland to watch his favourite football team "Queen of the South".

Oh, your posts usually bring a smile to my face.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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