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Old 09-07-2011, 07:54 PM
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Default they are watching you. they control you

How is this for a conspiracy theory
There are public mental health offices of all kinds like behavior modification
Itís a place people bring there kids to brake bad habits or to help them get
Over being afraid of the dark. In other words to make kids behave the way
Parents want them to. Your behavior is being modified right now. As you read this.
These behavior modification thing is being used on the public. They control you by inserting
Things in your mind and you donít know they are doing it. They use everything under the sun
Exposing you to the power of suggestion like the way they make sure you see the way they
Walk what they want you to hear like when you leave your house in the morning someone
Always walks past your house every day and every time you leave your house. If you change
The time you leave your house you get punished in some way like someone else will make sure
He will cross your path and do or say anything like for example say.. What are you looking at..
Or just give you a look with a attitude then you are distracted and all day you wonderÖ
What the hell was wrong with that guy what did I do.. And after a few days of this example you
donít do anything different so you donít get into any more trouble and your back in there control.
I think you get the idea why do they do this??.. To have control over all the people control over there
Thinking control over there attitude over there fallings and state of mind.. What time of you leave
The house in the morning.. Try going out a hour early a few days.. Then start going out a hour
Later in the morning.. Keep changing later leave 15 minutes later and so on.. Not just leaving
Your house im talking about changing your habits and making sure there different every time..
And before you know it you get stopped on the street even when your walking to be stopped by
A cop asking for your id. Or you get speeding ticket for going 35 in a 30 mile a hour zone..
If you have control they donít like it. And make things happen to nudge you back to your
Normal habits. And if you donít the problems continue.. A change in behavior worries them
Take notice what you are exposed to now. Then change your habits Ö try this.. The ext time
You walk on the sidewalk in a big city.. Make sure anyone that is coming from the direction
You are going is in your right hand side when they pass you.. Try that because everyone got
It in there heads your supposed to pass on there left like when you drive a car.. I guarantee
You will see what I am saying when you do that.. There is a conspiracy going on they hate
Free thinkers and when you cant be controlled you become a target. Think im donuts..
Take notice of your surroundings.

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Old 09-17-2011, 03:02 PM
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so is the goverment behind this or is this state of thinking above even the goverment you tell me cus i have no idea and i really dont think the goverment has the numbers or the intention to do what your saying there doing nice pic of saint michael by the way.
the truth tastes good when you have a belly full of lies
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