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Smile Free ebook: Genocide in the Holy Land

Genocide in the Holy Land

by Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld

"He who leads one to sin is worse than the he who kills him."

What the murderers did not achieve in Poland, our destroyers from within wish to complete here in the Holy Land.
-- David Rubinstein, A brother - in-law of two Teheran boys in a letter



The Teheran Children Accuse
I. Jewish Education in Poland
II. The Children Gather
III. The Children's Introduction To Life in Palestine
IV. Negotiations With The Jewish Agency
V. The Mizrachi
VI. The Transit Camps
VII. The Distribution
VIII. The Reaction of Diaspora Jewry
IX. Summary

I. Background: Life in Yemen
A. Status of jewish people in the Middle East
B. Spiritual and Cultural Heritage
1. The Synagoge and the Study of Torah
2. Education

II. Immigration of Israel: Operation Magic Carpet
A. Consequences: The Lost Children
B. Early Zionist Evacuation Attempts
C. Zionists Purchase Yemeni jewish people from the Imam

III. Life in Israel: Religious Education and Observance Denied
A. Zionist Propaganda
B. Religious Bloc Protests
C. Report of the Investigative Committee on Educational Matters in the Immigrant Camps. (1950)
1. Appointment and Modus Operandi
2. Direction of the Investigation
3. Complaints and Charges
4. Conclusions
D. Abuses against Religion Continue
1. Education
2. Anti-Religious Settlements

IV. Disappearance of Yemenite Children
A. Violation of Human Rights in Israel
B. Investigative Commission to Discover the Yemenite Children
V. Lamentations
VI. Murder In Ein Shemer

I. The North African Children Accuse
II. Iraq
III. The North African Children Accuse
IV. Upper Nazareth A Story of One Town


The Jewish people have been enjoined in Deutoronomy (23:3-6) not to accept the Ammonites or the Moabites into their congregation for they tried to entice the jewish people to sin. The effect of sin is so profound on the sinner, (in the case of Ammon and Moab) that it continues even beyond his tenth generation. The stigma can never be removed, not only from the sinner, but from all of his progeny. As Rashi explains in his commentary of the above verse the difference between the sinners and those who would have wanted to annihilate the Jewish people physically: ancient Egypt and Edom - that the ancient Egyptians and Edomites can be accepted into the assemblage of G-d after the third generation, while the Ammonites and the Moabites cannot, because causing someone to sin, is much worse than he who kills someone. Thus, Zionists who not only have broken the mitzvos, but also have enticed countless thousands of Jewish immigrants to the state of Israel to sin by turning them into atheists are much worse according to the Torah than murderers. Their goal has been to transform the Jewish people from a religious people to a secular nation. They have used various methods in different countries, depending on the circumstances. They have used the guise of religion when it was to their advantage, confusing Zionism and Judaism in the minds of those from whom they hope to gain support. They have even used the holocaust to play upon the sympathies of the unwitting to get what they want. They have used the horrible suffering of millions of jewish people to enable them to build a nation, as all other nations.

The Zionists have attempted to strike at the heart of Judaism in an effort to gain control over the Jewish people. They have used any and all means to secure that goal, including bribery, terrorism, anti-semitism and the violation of the basic human right of religious freedom. The Zionist dream of the establishment of the State of Israel was based on manipulation of the anti-semitism of Western leaders by Theodor Herzl, the architect of modern-day Zionism. It was furthered by bribery which was used, for example, to persuade the imam of Yemen and Southern Arabian sultans to allow the Yemeni jewish people to immigrate to Israel. Terrorism has also been a capstone of Zionism. One need only remember the tactics of the Irgun in the 1940's, of which Israel's current Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, was a member. Countless terrorist acts, such as those used in 1950-1951 in Baghdad, Iraq, have been attributed to the Zionists-terrorists acts not only against those opposed to the Zionists, but also against their fellow jewish people to persuade them to immigrate to Israel.

Continue to read and download the ebook for free:

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