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Old 09-19-2012, 03:03 AM
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Smile Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence – An Interview with Dr. Kirby Surprise

Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence – An Interview with Dr. Kirby Surprise

September 8, 2012

The experience of meaningful coincidences is universal. They are reported by people of every culture, every belief system, and time period. Traditionally these synchronistic events are made acceptable by ascribing them to outside supernatural forces such as divinities, or in modern times, impersonal archetypal influences.

Dr. Kirby Surprise demonstrates that synchronistic events, based on the activity of the mind, are actually caused by the person who perceives them, and reflect many levels of their consciousness.

His research reveals that what we believe and the way we look for patterns in the world generates synchronistic events that mirror our own assumptions. By decoding the science of synchronicity, Dr. Kirby uncovered how we actually create events and how we co‐create our reality.

A licensed psychologist who makes his living assessing, diagnosing and treating delusions and thought disorders, Dr. Kirby Surprise is certainly qualified to untangle the web of reflected meanings and false assumptions about synchronistic events.

His groundbreaking new book is titled Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Change, and Unlocking Your Mind (New Page Books, 2012).

New Dawn recently spoke to Dr. Surprise.

NEW DAWN (ND): Dr. Surprise, doesn’t it seen strange for someone named Surprise to be writing a book on coincidences?

DR. KIRBY SURPRISE (KS): Yes, Surprise is actually my family name, and I am a licensed psychologist. It’s definitely a meaningful coincidence that I wound up writing a book on synchronicity. Having a name like Surprise is probably one of the reasons the book seems to have had a charmed life in the publication process. The name and the book itself are their own synchronistic event.

ND: What exactly are synchronistic events?

KS: Synchronistic events (SE) are coincidences in which a meaning or message seems to be conveyed by the events to the observer. They happen when the inner and outer worlds become synchronised. Here’s an example from the book that helped fuel my own fascination with SE:
One cool autumn day I was sitting in my car waiting to pick up a friend. I was listening to the radio to pass the time. During a commercial break an ad for the movie Carrie was played. The movie is about a teenager who discovers she has the ability to move objects at a distance. I started having fantasies about what it would actually be like to experience moving an object this way. I had seen the film; during its climax, Carrie uses her power to crush her family’s home. I looked across the street and saw an old cottage. Focusing on the house, I fantasised about what being able to move an object that large would be like. I was remembering a National Inquirer headline about a house that supposedly was turned over on its side by some psychic force. I was wondering what effect such a power would have on a person, how it might feel to move a house.

As I stared at the house the entire cottage shuddered violently. The house started to move. It rolled over onto its side. The roof was now facing me. I was astonished and felt panicky. I stared at the overturned house and wondered, could I have really done this? I wondered if this was just a vivid dream. I decided I was awake and the event was real.
“OK,” I said to myself. “If I just did that, then I want to see the house crushed like in the movie.”

As I stared, awestruck, the house again began to shudder. The roof started to collapse inward as if the centre of the house were slowly imploding. Beams burst through walls and windows shattered as the house began to tear itself apart. A moment later, I saw a flash of yellow paint above the house, then the largest bulldozer I’d ever seen climbed lazily over the centre of the house, crushing the structure into rubble in a few moments. It then started to load the debris into waiting dump trucks. The house had obscured the demolition equipment from sight. With the radio on and windows up, I couldn’t hear the tractor engine. My fantasy had come to pass, my wish fulfilled through a series of synchronistic events.

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