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Old 09-22-2012, 07:52 AM
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Smile The Christian World Should Beware of Atheist Zionism

The Christian World Should Beware of Atheist Zionism

For more than 50 years, the aggressive, exploitive and racist atheist Zionist ideology has caused bloodshed in the Middle East. However, especially in the West, the real meaning what is reffered to as Zionism is not understood and its real plan is unknown. As a result of misinformation, most people in the West think that Zionism is a harmless ideology, whose purpose is to establish an independent homeland for the Jews, for this reason, many Westerners feel some sympathy for it. However, this is not the reality of the situation.

It is true that Zionism intends to establish a homeland for Jews and it is towards this purpose that Zionists struggle. But this struggle has been perhaps one of the most merciless, cruel and unjust struggles in history. Atheist-Zionism developed in the 19th century with the purpose of establishing a land for Jews, and for this purpose they chose the land of Palestine which they regarded as holy. To this point it was a legitimate goal but over time it became a project of ethnic cleansing and merciless colonization as it ignored the Muslim Arab people living in Palestine. The slogan often used by Zionists at that time, "a land without people for a people without a land", was propaganda with no basis in reality because at that time, neither the Jews were without a land nor the Palestinian land without people. The migration of Zionists into Palestine was the beginning of chaos in the Middle East. Instead of living together with the people of the area, the newly arrived Zionists removed them from their homes and drove them from their land. The Zionist goal of establishing a homeland for themselves resulted in millions of people being without a homeland.

However, in the political circumstances of the time, this fact was ignored and still today in many quarters it is still disregarded. Treating history as if it had never happened will not bring a lasting peace to the Middle East; this is clear. Surely it is everyone's desire that the Middle East may become a secure land in which Jews, Muslims and Christians can live together in peace. Before this can happen, all sides must put aside their prejudices, use their common sense, and work together in good conscience towards a bright future. For this reason, the Christian world has an important part to play in this cooperation. It is very important to understand atheist Zionism correctly and to be wary of this irreligious ideology.

Atheist-Zionism is an Irreligious Ideology

The most serious error made by certain circles in the Christian world that feel sympathy for Zionism is thinking that this ideology is based on a religious foundation. But atheist Zionism was a completely irreligious ideology in the minds of its founders and it continues to be so today in the ideas it promotes. It took over the racism of the Talmud and the "changing of history" project from the Kabala and reinterpreted them, again in an irreligious way, for their purposes.

The identity of the founders of this movement is very enlightening in this regard. First of all, it is known that the founder of political Zionism, Theodore Herzl, did not have a religious consciousness. And the leader of the movement after Herzl, Max Nordau, openly proclaimed that he was an atheist. The basic intention of the founders of the ideology and those that followed them was to protect the purity of the Jewish race. Max Nordau responded to the criticism that Zionism (atheist Zionism) was not a religion but a racist ideology by saying that he was of the same view as his critics.1

Indeed, the ideas that influenced founders of atheist Zionism like Herzl and Nordau and the generations that followed them were from 19th century European anti-religious ideology. One of the clearest examples of this is Zeev Jabotinsky, known as the founder of right-wing atheist Zionism . He admired Hitler and Mussolini and wanted to establish a Jewish version of the racist ideology of these fascist dictators. Lenni Brenner, an expert on the history of Zionism, writes of Jabotinsky :

It is easy to see the sources of Jabotinsky's racism. The bourgeois world of the early 20th Century was inundated by social-Darwinist theories of natural biological conflicts between races, and these ideas soon took root among the early Zionists. 2

Jabotinsky's views formed the basis of the Herut Party when the Israeli state was founded. In time, Herut joined with other small parties and became the Likud Party. Radical, hard-line politicians such as Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon were all leaders of Likud. In other words, the ideas of Ariel Sharon, the prime minister of Israel fanning the flames of violence by his intransigent policies at the beginning of the 21st century, stretch back to the Social Darwinism of Jabotinsky. This Social Darwinist Zionism has been and it still today the starting point for Israel's crimes against humanity.

The most important aspect of the matter is, however, atheist Zionism uses religious language even though its source lies in Social Darwinism, a totally secular and anti-religious ideology. Likud, and even more radical Israeli parties use Jewish religious ideas and quotes from the Torah to justify their cruel aims such as annexing all the Palestinian land, slaughtering the Palestinians or driving them out, and even invading other Arab countries.

But this is a great error. Judaism, like Islam and Christianity, is a divine religion and does not permit the unjust use of force. Jewish religion is based on the holy Commandments sent down to the Children of Israel through Moses, and these Commandments even though they underwent some alteration in the course of history generally enjoin justice, mercy and peace. The attempt of radical atheist Zionism a Social Darwinist ideology to find support for itself in the Torah is similar to the hypocrisy of fascists like Mussolini and Franco trying to use the Catholic Church to support their ideology.

This fact caused religious Jews to seriously criticize atheist Zionism right from the start.

One of these, a Lubavich rabbi by the name of Sholem Dov Ber Schneersohn, said even before the state of Israel came into being, that Zionism (atheist Zionism) was a deviation from Judaism:

From all the writings of the Zionists we can clearly see that their main aim and activity is to create the impression among the Jewish People that the whole purpose of the Torah and the commandments is merely to strengthen national feeling. This theory can easily be adopted by the youth who regard themselves as instruments prepared for the fulfillment of the Zionist ideal. They regard themselves as completely liberated form Torah and the commandments. They think nationalism has replaced religion... When Herzl was in the Holy Land he was far removed from God. He OPENLY PROFANED THE TORAH BY ENTERING THE HOLY CITY ON THE SABBATH. HE WENT TO THE SITE OF THE SANCTUARY WHICH EVEN FROM A HUMAN POINT OF VIEW HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE, THUS OPENLY PROFANING THE SABBATH IN THE HOLY CITY, AND IN THE PLACE OF HIS TEMPLE, DOING EVIL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD. In order to influence our brethren in favor of the Zionist aspiration for an independent nation and government, they have no alternative but to lead the people astray from the path of Torah and the commandments, or at least, to weaken their attachment as much as possible SO THAT NATIONALISM SHOULD PREVAIL OVER TORAH, BECAUSE IT IS KNOWN THAT THOSE ATTACHED TO THE TORAH ARE UNLIKELY TO CHANGE AND ACCEPT SOME OTHER FORM OF FAITH. It is surely clear that the Zionists not only are not approaching Judaism, but that they entirely destroy Jewish souls in intentionally TAKING AWAY FROM THEM EVEN THE HIDDEN AND MYSTICAL FEELING IN THEIR SOULS FOR THE TORAH AND THE COMMANDMENTS... 3

Rabbi Schneersohn's criticism of Zionism turned out to be true. Despite the fact that Zionists use Jewish religious concepts, their project is totally irreligious. Today, atheist Zionism continues to use religious concepts for nationalist goals. This fact is being pointed out and seriously criticized by many religious Jews.

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