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Old 10-28-2012, 05:00 PM
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Smile How to surpass karma and predestination

How to surpass karma and predestination

We live immersed in a fluidic ocean, which initiatic science calls ‘astral light’. This fluid is so sensitive that everything is imprinted upon it. Even the most insignificant of our acts, of our slightest emotion, the most fleeting of our thoughts are all reflected upon this astral light and proliferate, until they reach the outermost limits of the universe, in other words the limits of the zodiac, because the confines of the zodiac represent the boundaries God has created for the manifest world. This is why the zodiac has also been likened to a serpent who holds the world in the coils of its body. If destiny is inexorable it is because all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our actions, both good and bad, are recorded in this fluidic ocean which we cannot escape, and one day they do catch up with us. (JANUAR 25, 2000)

All humankind, the solar system, and even the whole cosmos, must undergo events decreed since the beginning of time, and there is nothing we can do to change this. Imagine we are cruising on board a ship: there is a prearranged itinerary and scheduled ports of call which are, of course, impossible to alter, and there is no way we can leave this ship – unless we fall overboard. However, on board we can read, enjoy conversing with our fellow travellers, sleep in our cabins, or visit the bridge to scan the ocean. This metaphor of a ship illustrates the destiny of humankind: we are all on board a ship whose itinerary has been mapped out by the Lord Himself, and there is absolutely nothing that anybody can do to change it. ‘On board‘ – inwardly – we may do as we please, we can improve or demean ourselves, but our scheduled destination remains the same. (MARCH 1, 1999)

From the moment we perform an act we inevitably release certain forces, which in turn will inevitably produce certain results. It is this concept of cause and effect that is contained in the word ‘karma’. This word has subsequently taken on the meaning of payment for a transgression committed.
In reality it could be said that karma (in this second sense of the word) occurs each time an act is not fully inspired by divine wisdom and love, which is the case most of the time. But human beings experiment and have to practice. These experiments are somewhat crude and clumsy, but this is not important. They must correct themselves, put right their mistakes and of course in order to obtain these results they struggle and suffer.
You will say: ‘But surely it is better not to do anything, if by acting we inevitably make mistakes and will have to suffer to put them right.’ No, you must act. Obviously you will suffer, but you will also learn, you will evolve and then one day you will suffer no longer. When you will have learnt to act correctly, when all your actions , all your words are inspired by goodness, purity and total lack of self-interest, they will not induce karma, but will attract beneficial consequences. And this is referred to as ‘dharma’. (JANUAR 4, 2000)

We cannot conquer the destructive principle which worms its way into our bodies over the years, but we can slow it down and more importantly, we can learn to make use of it. How? Well, when illness and old-age begin to take hold, when you lose your strength and physical abilities then tell yourself it is time to find other ways to keep you busy, time to find other sources of joy. Whatever the conditions in which you find yourself there is always something you can do, and if you no longer have physical energy, you must dig deep within yourself to bring the spiritual energies alive, and these are inexhaustible.
If the principle which allows people to grow and flourish knew no opposition, if it encountered no obstacles, human beings would lose themselves. Yes indeed, if old age, illness and other troubles were not there to restrict them a little, many people would become monsters. But we all know our path has only one possible end, and that is death. In this all human beings are equal. So we all have to bow down, be modest, think, become wiser and find the path that leads to God. (OCTOBER 10, 2000)

Supposing there is someone you really cannot abide: You may often think how wonderful it would be if he were to disappear for good. Of course, you would not go so far as to kill that person, as murder is not lightly undertaken, and anyway it would be risky. But you think about this death and would like to happen. Well, you should know that perhaps you will be responsible for another death elsewhere in the world. Yes, because your thoughts, feelings and desires spread everywhere and may influence people in some far away place, who are in the same frame of mind and wanting to rid themselves of their enemies. If their vengefulness is stronger than yours, or if they lack the willpower to resist their criminal tendencies, one day they may commit murder, without the slightest idea why a sudden impulse pushed them to such an extreme. You will be quite unaware of what happened, but in fact you are the one responsible. When you pass on to the next world you should be aware that you will be shown the consequences of your thoughts, feelings and negative wishes, and you will be horrified to realize how much harm you have caused. (OCTOBER 15, 1998)

Anyone who enjoys throwing pieces of broken glass on the road, saying: ‘It doesn’t matter! I won’t be around, so it will only harm others,’ is mistaken, because the road we follow is not a straight line. You may not be aware of this, but the path along which we human beings travel is a circular one. He who has scattered broken glass will, therefore, one day have to walk along the same stretch of road where previously he spread danger, and will have to suffer the consequences of his actions. If you dig holes or set traps along the road, the laws will take you past that very spot again and make you fall into these same holes and into these same traps. And then you will have time to reflect on your misadventure, to grumble about people’s wickedness and stupidity, and try to discover who the culprits are. You will, of course, have forgotten that the culprit was you, yourself. He who lives with a devil-may-care attitude creates all the problems which will, one day, plague his life. (OCTOBER 22, 1999)

Wish and hope for whatever you like, create whatever you like in your mind, but be sure to examine your desires with care beforehand, for if they are too personal, if their vibrations are not in harmony with the divine order that reigns throughout the universe, they will conflict with the laws of God and with a whole world of entities, beings and vibrations, and you will not succeed. And in fact, it is better that you do not succeed for, at least, then, you will be spared all manner of disappointments and accidents. It is preferable not to succeed in one’s evil designs, otherwise the karmic consequences are unavoidable. Suppose you want to get rid of a rival or revenge yourself on him, but your plan misfires and you abandon the idea. So much the better! It will not cost you as much as it would have if you had succeeded; success would have meant incurring a huge karmic dept! (OCTOBER 22, 1987)

It is on this earth that man’s evolution takes place; not elsewhere. Even someone who has had to suffer in Hell for a long time because of his crimes, is obliged to come back to earth to repair all the evil he has done. For it is not enough to suffer; suffering does not make up for evil deeds. Since those evil deeds were committed on earth, reparation has to be made on earth. And isn’t this the real reason for reincarnation? Otherwise, why should men return to earth if they had already atoned for their faults on the astral plane? The truth is that there is a law which decrees that man must make reparation for his errors in every region in which those errors have done damage. (OCTOBER 29, 1987)

Everything that happens is the consequence of something that happened before. This means that you cannot interpret present events correctly if you do not consider the past. But that is not all. It is in your power to influence this present that stems from the past, so that your dreams and ambitions may be fulfilled in the future. In order to understand a person’s life, therefore – your own included – you must see it not only as the consequence of a remote past but also as the starting point of a new existence. You cannot evaluate a person’s life accurately if you fail to take into account its link with past and future lives. (NOVEMBER 11, 1995)

In past incarnations human beings have, consciously or unconsciously, broken all kinds of laws and, as they have not made reparation for these transgressions, they now find themselves in difficulties, with debts to be paid and all kinds of complicated situations that have to be sorted out. But destiny conceals this from them. When they are about to marry or form a partnership with somebody, for instance, destiny prevents them from seeing the true character of their future partners or how they will react in such and such a situation. It does this so that they may learn their lessons and pay their debts. If they were forewarned it would be very easy to avoid such trials. This is why the law of justice arranges things so that they shall have no recollection and no premonitions: They are in the soup up to their necks, and they are going to have to stay there until they have understood the lessons of Divine Justice! (NOVEMBER 27, 1987)

You must learn to compare the little vexations of life with all the gifts that Providence showers on you so generously. Unfortunately, people do just the opposite: they compare the little they have with the abundance enjoyed by their neighbours: 'Just look at him: he's got a car and I’ve still only got a bicycle!' Or, 'Look at that lucky creature: she's got a diamond and all I’ve got are false pearls!' lf you must compare things, why not choose to look at the advantages you enjoy compared to the deprivations suffered by so many other poor people who are always unhappy or ill? This discontented, ungrateful attitude shows how incredibly blind human beings are; they simply don't see all the blessings that Heaven gives them in such abundance, so they find all kinds of reasons to let their faith, love and gratitude be weakened or destroyed.
(JANUARY 21, 1988)

A gardener who has failed to sow any vegetables is not surprised when he sees none growing. He simply says to himself: ‘This is normal, old man. Since you have not had the time to sow carrots, you have no carrots. But you have lettuces, parsley and onions, because you have sown them.' Yes, when it concerns fruit and vegetables, human beings reason correctly. But they know nothing of the moral and psychological realms: they believe they will harvest happiness, joy and peace while sowing violence, cruelty and spitefulness. No, they will harvest violence, cruelty and spitefulness. But because they do not understand this, they are surprised and rebel against what happens to them. When they learn to keep watch over themselves and to spread only seeds of light and love with their words, their feelings and their thoughts, their destiny will improve. (MARCH 11, 2004)

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