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Old 05-31-2013, 04:27 PM
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Smile Means to bring ‘Heaven on Earth’

Means to bring ‘Heaven on Earth’

Prenatal Education and Spiritual Electroplating

The thoughts, feelings and desires of human beings all pour into the invisible world where they activate either benevolent or maleficent currents. But because very few people are taught about this, there are four or five billion individuals on the earth who, every day, ceaselessly and unconsciously trigger destructive forces. If we try to enlighten them, they are wide-eyed in astonishment and ask what we are talking about: if thoughts and feelings cannot be seen or touched, how can they influence events? Well, in fact, they do.

The inner life, the life of thought is essential for building our future and that of humanity. That is why the first thing we learn in an initiatic school is to watch over our thoughts, our feelings and our desires. We learn to assess their objectives and their direction so that we can unite with the beneficial forces of nature. In doing so, we work on our own evolution and that of the whole world.

So many people carelessly attach themselves to men and women who cut them off from Heaven, who prevent them from uniting with the sublime world, from meditating, studying and even from just being good! On the pretext of loving them, they accept to be stupidly influenced without perceiving the abyss they are plunging into. Yes, no judgment at all, no criteria! I am not against associations, friendships, love and marriage. But why become attached to someone who does not help you get closer to the Lord, nor enlighten you, purify or ennoble your? Forgetting the Source of love – which can quench everyone’s thirst day and night – only drink in very small swamps and puddles, hoping to be fulfilled and filled with wonder – well, it is ridiculous! You can love – you must love – all creatures, but be careful and let yourselves be influenced only by those who can unite you with the divine source.

So many people find it normal to adopt a rebellious attitude of mind. If only they knew what their bodies were in the process of registering as a result!
They would realize that violent, chaotic vibrations were being recorded, indelibly printed in each of their cells. But people are not in the habit of observing themselves or their own inner state, and they do not know that nature, which is gifted with intelligence and memory, is preparing lessons for them later on. For example, they marry and have children: those children will take after them and, like them, will be violent and disrespectful. When this day comes, and they find themselves victims, they will complain, ‘It isn’t fair. What have I done to deserve offspring like this?’ But they should reflect on their own past behaviour, and then, too late, they would understand. The law of backlash exists in the psychic as well as in the physical world. Unhappily, it is only when the consequences of their actions return to them that human beings begin to reflect and understand.

It is quite marvelous to be a creator; to create music, poetry, painting - or children! But it is important to examine the quality of one's creations, otherwise they will turn out to be gargoyles! You have managed to produce something? Excellent! But don't forget to ask yourself how good

it is and what its effects will be. People are very ready to tell you that they feel the need to express what is inside them. Yes, in one way or another, we all need to bring out what is in us, but does this mean that we must put it all on display? Unfortunately this is what a great many creators in the field of art, literature and philosophy are doing: they are exposing their own excrement in public. You will object that I am exaggerating! Unfortunately, no: it is no exaggeration! In the future, when artists are instructed in Initiatic schools, they will be led in the paths of true creativity, and they will produce only works of art that inspire the souls of men, for they will be a reflection of Heaven.

On the physical level, of course, women are weaker than men, but women have immense power. This power lies in their special magnetism which emanates from them in the form of tiny subtle particles. It is not in the physical realm that women have the most power, but in the realm of etheric emanations, and if some men see them as witches, magicians or nature spirits, it is because of this magnetism which nature has given them. Women are even capable of forming etheric bodies with these emanations. If a higher being, a world Savior were to provide the seed of a sublime realization, of the Kingdom of God on earth, all women together could form the body of this collective child with their emanations. If more and more women in the world became conscious of their possibilities and set to work, their subtle emanations would contribute to the formation of a new collective body: the Kingdom of God and His Justice.

Why does a child incarnate into one family rather than another?
It is always a mystery. Some children do not belong to the same spiritual family as their parents, so they are not really the children of those parents, and in this case, the parents are not responsible for the actions of their children, and vice versa. The Bible tells us that when a man has sinned, not only is he himself punished, but also four generations of his children and grandchildren. What have those children done to merit that suffering? It was not they who sinned; it was their fathers or great-grandfathers, and in appearance this punishment is unjust. But in reality, those who pay for the faults of their parents by inheriting the same illnesses, the same vices, are truly their children and have merited their situation. If they had been born to another father or mother, they would not have had to suffer. We know that saints have been born to criminals, and very ordinary beings have given birth to geniuses. Children are not always affected by the crimes of their parents, but when they are, it shows that they have been attracted to an incarnation amongst those they resemble, because they had previously lived the same way. The law obliges them to incarnate into precisely that family, in order to share the same trials as those merited by their parents.

It is thanks to women and their constant quest for beauty, that there is still some beauty in the faces and bodies of human beings, for it is women who transmit beauty to their children. However, they must learn to steer this aspiration in the right direction and, instead of looking for beauty only on the physical plane, they must seek it also on the plane of the soul and spirit. A woman may use all the 'tricks of the trade' to look beautiful for a few hours, and succeed in getting the invitation she was hankering after, or even in catching a husband, but if she never adds an element of eternal beauty to her physical charms, she will only do herself harm. The best method, therefore, is to work to obtain inner beauty by cultivating luminous thoughts and generous feelings, which will gradually be reflected in the physical body.

When you study a face, both from the front and in profile, you often realize, even without knowing physiognomy, that this face and profile do not match each other. And this is normal, because they reflect two different realities. The face represents what we have inherited from our father and mother, and from our grandparents also, in other words all the qualities and faults transmitted to us by our heritage. Our profile represents ourselves as individuals. Our inheritance is a capital which human beings are spending continuously: the more time passes the more our individuality manifests and matches our profiles. When a face, seen from the front, is coarse, but the profile is noble and expressive, that person will live a mediocre and even depraved life during his childhood and adolescence; but later, as an adult, he or she will begin to gain wisdom and overcome all these inherited negative tendencies. And the converse is also true. It is of course preferable that both the front and the profile be magnificent. But for the future it is important to know that the profile of a face is much more significant than the full face.

In their psychic and spiritual lives, human beings are not uniquely men or women as they are on the physical plane. The mystic who contemplates divinity is like a woman who wants to receive a spark, a seed from God. He devotes himself to the light of God; he opens himself to it and then receives this seed in his soul. He carries it within him for a long time in order to give birth in the world to a divine child. In the spiritual realm, a man, like a woman, can conceive a child. By linking to God, he changes polarity; he becomes a woman and gives birth to the child that is love and the child that is wisdom. In the same way, if a virgin who devotes herself to the service of God also prepares herself to marry the Christ, she will give birth spiritually. There are no barren marriages in the spiritual life, but only on the condition that men and women are educated about the laws of polarity.

The formation of a child’s body in the mother’s womb is not a purely physiological process. In forming its physical body, the soul of the child calls to itself its large and invisible family in the beyond to help in this construction. From all directions, not only grandparents and great- grandparents, but even very distant ancestors arrive and set to work. A child’s body, then, is a reflection, a synthesis of generations of beings going back centuries and millennia, and this is why it is conditioned by atavism, by a heredity which can either be healthy or unhealthy. Under this weight of the generations, it is very difficult to escape the heredity and influence of one’s family. Only the disciple of an initiatic school, who is instructed in the omnipotence of spirit over matter, can gradually free himself from the burden of heredity.

Women want to be beautiful and some moralists have criticized them for it. But there is no crime in wanting to be beautiful. On the contrary, if women did not seek beauty they would have brought generations of incredibly ugly children into this world. It is the mother who passes on beauty to her children. It is the mother who forms them, creates them, and this is why during the pregnancy she must wish beauty for them. All these moralists who have been condemning women’s desire to be beautiful have not understood that it is the woman’s task, the mother’s task, to bring beauty to earth. Men do not think a great deal about cultivating beauty, they are busy with other things. So, imagine what would happen if women did not concern themselves with it. Women are therefore right in wanting to be beautiful, in order to be able to pass this beauty on to their children. They do, however, need to understand where and how they should look for true beauty, spiritual beauty, so that one day through their children they make Heaven come to earth.

Even if you do not believe in God you cannot fail to recognize that there is an order in nature and, consequently, that there must be an intelligence that created that order. Reflect for a moment on the fact that each seed reproduces its own kind. How is it possible not to see that this must be the work of a higher intelligence? The mere recognition of this law is enough to make us change our vision of the world. You may not believe in God, but you cannot deny the fact that every seed produces exactly its own kind, whether it be a plant, a tree, an insect, an animal or a man. This law is absolute and should make you think.

You may perhaps allow yourself to be ungrateful, unjust, cruel or violent, but if you do so, you must know that sooner or later this law will catch up with you and you will see its application in your own life. If you have children, for instance, they will resemble you and through them you will suffer from your own behavior. Even if God did not exist, you have endless proof of the fact that a cosmic intelligence exists.

Most men and women are so careless when they enter a relationship or marriage! They imagine that everything will be easy, light and pleasant, since their partner is there, of course, merely to satisfy their needs. But gradually they begin to feel stuck, and then come the arguments and confrontations, until they understand that, in order to restore the situation, they must each strive to forget themselves a little and think of the other. What they mistook for recreation is in fact a school where they begin what for every human being is the most important apprenticeship: the expansion of consciousness. Perhaps you are wondering what this expansion of consciousness means. It means leaving one's small, limited self in order to enter the vast community of humanity and, for many, this apprenticeship inevitably begins with the experience called ‘falling in love'.

History has certainly know very rare beings who have come into this world totally exempt from faults and passions and who have been predestined for some great work. Why are they not more numerous? The truth is that, because of heredity, almost no families on earth could give the luminous spirits that want to incarnate appropriate materials with which to form their physical and psychic bodies. Even the greatest initiates are obliged to work year after year on the faults and defects passed on to them through heredity. Even if their spirit helps the mother during gestation and works with her to gather the best elements, they cannot prevent some hereditary imperfections from threading their way through; although they come from celestial regions, they have to bear heavy burdens. That is why men and women who want to raise a family must become conscious of their power to help some great spirits incarnate in the best conditions. They will receive such gratitude from these spirits who become their children!

You always need to blame the conditions of life and feel you are the victim of fate, society, heredity ... No, it is you who, by your inner attitude, have consciously or unconsciously chosen your present conditions. Change your attitude and conditions will change. They are constantly changing anyway according to the way you are, to your understanding, your behaviour. As long as you think material conditions are determinant, you do nothing to reinforce and improve yourself, thus making your difficulties worse. But if you give priority to the spirit, light and inner force, conditions will end by conforming to these divine principles. For ‘that which is below is like that which is above’, and with time, what is above eventually ends by being realized below, in matter.

In order for a person to incarnate on earth, all of creation must agree to his coming. If it refuses even a few elements, then that person dies. That amazes you? Well, reflect on this. Notice how things are done in a country, a business or a family. There are people who calculate the budget, plan the expenditures (how much to allocate to education, defense, health, etc.), decide what savings to make, which persons to hire, dismiss or keep on, what sums are necessary for food, heating, maintenance and so on.

Do you really think that when it is a matter of someone coming on earth, nobody takes a decision or approves it? In a family, town, country, everything is calculated and done according to plans, budgets ... and you suppose everything in the universe is done without thought, haphazardly? Really, human ignorance is unimaginable! There are also entities up above that calculate how many human beings should come down to earth, the number of years they are to stay. Yes, it is such an immense economy, which you are far from imagining.

A mother who is expecting a baby must become aware of the powers she has to influence this child well before it is born. It is not enough to love this child before it is born, the mother must learn how to use the powers of love. So, by thinking of her child the mother is able to project her love to the sublime regions to gather elements the child will need later on and to infuse the child with these elements, elements which will work on it to make it into an exceptional being. How could a mother think she can give her child everything it needs solely with her own resources, without fetching them from elsewhere, from higher up, on the spiritual plane? So, now and again, a few minutes several times a day she should stand before God, through thought and prayer and say to Him: ‘Lord, I want this child you are giving me to be Your servant. But to achieve this I need other elements, which are only found near You. Please give them to me.’ You will say it is not easy to stand before God. Of course not, but it is merely a figure of speech. Simply by thinking of beauty, of light, of eternity, the mother will attract higher subtle elements and will project them on to her child.

How many young people, dissatisfied with their circumstances, blame their parents! Their parents do not understand them, they do not provide them with good conditions for their development, and they are deplorable examples for them. It may be true, but they should not blame them. If they have such parents, and not others, it is because they have deserved them. Yes, if they had deserved to live in other conditions, they would have been given other parents. The person who, thanks to the work he has already done in previous lives, is predestined to become a musician or a painter of genius, reincarnates in a family that provides the conditions for his gifts to be developed. If he deserves to be weak, handicapped, or ill, divine justice sees to it that he reincarnates in a family that transmits to him every weakness, every defect. Parents are responsible only on the surface; they should not be reproached, because they are only carrying out orders. All the defects a human being inherits from them were created by him; he had already formed them within himself long ago through his thoughts, feelings, and actions in previous incarnations. So, instead of reproaching his parents, each person, if he is to evolve, must blame only himself.

Many people’s dream is to be able to prolong life indefinitely. But although Cosmic Intelligence has not given them the possibility to live eternally on earth, it has provided them with an organism that is capable of surviving far longer. The truth is that it is human beings themselves who, through their ignorance and disordered conduct, shorten their life, and the children who are born onto this earth receive a heritage that has been made defective by generations and generations of people who have lived badly. Everyone must therefore decide to lead an intelligent and reasonable life once more, so that humankind may attain this longevity. This can of course not be achieved in one generation, because the past is overloaded with harmful elements that are not so easily cast out, but by observing certain rules of life and conduct, we can not only prepare the ground for later but we can introduce certain improvements even in this existence. You will say: “And what about the advances of medicine?’ Yes, the advances of medicine ... but if human beings do not take this work of regeneration upon themselves, in what state will medicine preserve them?

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