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Old 09-19-2014, 09:02 PM
Martin Timothy Martin Timothy is offline
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Default DEJA VU: Scotland's Referendum Unrest and the Zionist Ousting of Morsi

Police Called To Disturbance At Pro-Unionist Rally In Glasgow’s George Square!

Check the shot accompanying the article, and see similarities in the photo of alleged demonstrators confronting police in Cairo..

The Canada Greenberg op that busses OWS ppl into New York City from Bellevue pavilion for the insane, that provided embittered psychiatrist Major Hasan, a Canadian actor blamed for the alleged Fort Hood massacre, And the "Harley Shirt Guy," whose scripted comments re the collapse of the WTC Towers went world wide on 911, is behind these stunts!


Recall the American Zionist identified as Mossad, whose photograph back lit by a police barricade went world wide, who was arrested for inciting violence June 2011, then traded for eighty one Egyptians detained in occupied Palestine.

Who turned up at OWS 'Frisco three months later, which indicate the Scottish and Egyptian affairs were staged by Zion .. sure the Jews covet the Scottish oilfields, they coveted those in Iraqi and Ukraine as well!


If David Icke & Kevin Annett's allegations against the British Royals, re sacrificial killing and the ritual murder of children, had the same media exposure as the Scottish referendum, true Scots and Britons would together beleaguer the Royal residences and drag the occupants before the same capital courts, with the Rotherham rapists & the ISIS terrorists.

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