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Default Re: Obama's love of Abraham Lincoln


There comes a time in human history where "certain forces" drive people to the point of rage and anger, this force although hidden,(to most) is manifesting itself daily in the lives of BILLIONS of people. (YES BILLIONS!) It will lead to???-It is what THEY want.

Professors Deconstruct Obama’s Muscular Presidency

May 13, 2014, Spencer Irvine,

Law professors Jonathan Turley of George Washington University and Nicholas Rosenkranz of Georgetown slammed President Obama’s “muscular presidency” as dangerously unconstitutional. The Federalist Society hosted these speakers in a panel discussion entitled, “Suspension of Laws: What are the Limits of Executive Authority?”

Turley said that President Obama has completely ignored and “circumvented” Congress. After all of Obama’s rhetoric, speeches and subsequent actions, Turley said, “The irony is that he didn’t have to circumvent Congress” to achieve his own goals. As a law professor at George Washington, he could only say, “I’m left scratching my head” in trying to understand Obama’s vision of the presidency. He said, “It’s not that we [haven’t had] circumvention of Congress in the past, [but] it has been accelerating under this president.”

Turley noted that in the last State of the Union address, “President Obama went to Congress and said he intended to circumvent Congress and to act alone in areas where Congress has either blocked him or failed to act.”

Turley was shocked by the response by sitting congressional members to Obama’s statement. He continued, “Now that alone was quite surprising, but what was more surprising, [the] rapturous applause [he got]. I look at this body, of both houses, applauding a president who just said he would circumvent them and would act unilaterally…it bordered on self-loathing.” This “self-loathing” and “rapturous applause” by Congress was, as Turley said, “Something the framers wouldn’t have anticipated.”

He worried, “Our system is changing in a very fundamental way, and in my view, is a very dangerous way.” Turley compared the three branches of government, judicial, legislative and executive branches, as ones “held together in a type of orbit…they check each other and create stability through that check and balance system and separation of power.” Today, under Obama, “the executive branch has …aggregated power to the point that it has created instability” in the country.

As a result, these actions “can create instability in society” as a whole and Turley said, “That was never what the framers envisioned.” Now, Americans are seeing “the shift of power to federal agencies, which are now exercising judicial and executive power” and a disregard for the long-held belief in separation of powers.

“I have never said that President Obama is a dictator,” said Turley, “but I do believe that what he is doing through circumvention of Congress…he is becoming a government unto himself.” Even as a supporter of his policies, Turley warned, “Once this space expands, the gas will fill it equally” and Obama’s supporters “will rue the day that they remained silent in the face of change in this system.” Why? Turley pointed out, “The next president can do the same” and expand his presidential and executive powers. Then, “it will be hard for people to reject, who were silent today.” It would, he argued, be the “height of hypocrisy.”

During Obama’s terms as president, Turley found, “The most significant…involved changes that were rejected by Congress…and the president responded by carrying out the same decisions or policies under his unilateral authority.” One such example: President Obama’s executive orders implementing the DREAM Act that a Democratic Congress would not pass, the act which gives free college tuition to illegal immigrants.

Rosenkranz said, “Congress repeatedly declines to pass it [the DREAM Act]” and yet, Obama will “behave as if it were [passed].” Some defend Obama and say that he is trying to conserve executive resources, but Rosenkranz said, “In this case, it is quite clear that he is not trying” to do so. For example, “it is free for the federal government” to enforce immigration law. However, Obama went ahead and “exempted millions of people from the immigration law.” In his opinion, “This exemption has a distinctly legislative character” and is “a blanket policy [affecting] 1.67 million people.”

Additionally, Turley said, “The power of the purse has become almost an urban legend or almost a constitutional legend” under Obama. “There’s so much money sloshing around in the executive branch that Congress has lost the power of the purse,” he said. With ObamaCare, Turley said, “[Obama] took $454 million from a dedicated purpose and shifted it over on his own purpose.” With Libya, “Not only did President Obama say that he alone defines what a war is, there was no room for the court, no room for Congress, as long as he didn’t call it a war, it would not trigger the Constitution, but was really unsettling that he funded that war entirely out of discretionary funds. He actually carried out a war without having to go to Congress at all.”

He tempered his criticism slightly when he stated, “It is not even about President Obama; it’s about our constitutional system… [because] this system is changing so fast and so significantly that I don’t know what system we’re left with.” Turley feared that Obama has created a top-down executive government model, in which “that system will be insulated” from popular opinion, also known as Congress.

“Congress, with all its faults, is the thumping heart of the Madisonian system,” said Turley. Now Obama has created “the very danger that we hoped to avoid.”

Turley said, “There’s a reason why we’re not getting things done…we’re divided, we’re a divided nation, and Congress looks exactly like the nation.” He defended the role and makeup of Congress because “that’s what Congress is supposed to be; it’s supposed to be a reflection of the public. So what you’re saying is that you want to circumvent” the public. Turley pointed out, “The reason why the President is circumventing Congress is because Congress is divided and cannot get anything done.” He warned Obama’s supporters, “When you argue for a muscular presidency…you have to take note of what that means.”

Based on Obama’s actions, Turley mentioned, “Now, that’s a muscular presidency, it is not the presidency that’s a part of this Constitution.” Today, “there really isn’t a pushback” from Congress because Obama has made the legislative body “a non-entity.” Turley is alarmed by the drone strikes targeting American citizens suspected of terrorist activities abroad. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at Turley’s alma mater, the University of Chicago, and in Turley’s words, discussed why the government should “vaporize a couple [of] Americans.”

He went on to say, “President Obama went further and created a system by which Americans could be taken out by his sole discretion” and without a trial. Turley said, “The president is now asserting the right to kill any one of you by his authority…without a charge…and the result was applause.”
Turley could only wonder, “We are really living in a parallel universe where the president is claiming the right to kill American civilians” and people are applauding his unilateral actions.

Some argue that the Founders [or as he called them, the Framers] did not write the Constitution during poisonous times. Turley responded and said, “This Constitution was written during poisonous political times.” The Founders “didn’t like wars…they didn’t like executives getting us into wars.” Yet, “Look what happened in Libya…we must be reading different works” if you think the Founders would approve of an intervention in Libya.

Rosenkranz added to Turley’s point, using ObamaCare, immigration reform and the IRS targeting scandal as examples of extra-constitutional acts. Calling himself a “textualist,” he focused on the wording of the Constitution. From the Constitution, Rosenkranz read the phrase, “The president shall take care that these laws will be faithfully executed.” He pointed out that the phrase, “’shall take care’…is not optional, this is mandatory.” In his words, “Other folks will do the actual executing, but his duty to take care of the executing of the laws.” Also, “The president does have power to make enforcement choices; However, he has to make them faithfully.”

He gave a background on the reason behind this clause, “English kings had taken power to suspend the law unilaterally. The Framers expressly rejected that practice. That’s what this clause is doing here.”

Rosenkranz, referring to ObamaCare, said that one of the delays of the law’s implementation came via a blog post in July 2013. “I have lost track, the president has suspended or modified Obamacare some, is it 36 times by now, I’ve lost track.” The delays go against the law’s statutes, which he believed “is perfectly clear.”

Even after he said, “Sometimes Congress leaves gaps,” Rosenkranz affirmed, “This is not such a case. The date is crystal clear: January 1, 2014. It could not be more explicit, it could not be so clear, you don’t need a lawyer to know what this means.” Rosenkranz said, “What you have is Obamacare: it is crystal clear and it tells you when it will be implemented.”

Yet, the blog post “makes no mention of this statutory effort” and to him, “the blog post raises the question of what ‘faithfully’ means.” Rosenkranz, referring to the delays, said, “This is wholesale suspension of a law” and the President “simply cannot mean to decline to execute the law at all.”
He found Obama’s comments on the delays “particularly troubling.” On August 19, 2013, Obama sought “a change in the law” and said, “He would prefer” some changes. Rosenkranz pointed out that President Obama said he would prefer to pick up the phone and call House Speaker John Boehner to change the law. “The climate was so toxic,” said Rosenkranz, but “the truth though, the President knows it, he wouldn’t even have to pick up the phone.” The House had several bills on the floor, one that would delay the employer mandate and another would delay the individual mandate. Obama “didn’t actually support the bill[s], to the contrary, he actually threatened to veto it.”

Rosenkranz warned, “This is, it’s really almost…the President actually seeming to prefer flouting the law as written, rather than supporting a statutory change that would achieve his desired results. This [seems more of] a willful violation of the [take care] clause.”

And, Rosenkranz added, “this act was enacted years ago…literally, years of leave time, we couldn’t get our act together.” He felt that the failures are “a bit of an indictment of the law itself.” As he said before, “Congress was prepared to amend this law. The President could have [amended it].” “There should’ve been a legislative change [but Obama] actually threatened to veto it.” When asked by an audience member about why Obama would not sign any House bill to delay ObamaCare, he said:

Article continues below


Feds rile ranchers by fencing off water for cattle — to protect a jumping mouse!

Forest Service says it’s mouse habitat

By*Valerie Richardson-The Washington TimesSunday, May 11, 2014

The Obama administration’s crackdown on Western land use has sparked a furor over the Forest Service’s decision to fence off a creek used by thirsty cattle in drought-stricken Otero County, New Mexico.

The Otero County Commission is scheduled to meet Monday to discuss whether to order the sheriff to open the gates against the wishes of Forest Service officials, who have argued that the fence is needed to protect the Agua Chiquita riparian area and habitat for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse.

Otero County Sheriff Benny House said he worries that the increasingly tense situation could erupt into a Nevada-style melee between ranchers and federal agents.

"What’s going to happen here is that we could end up with a Bundy situation,” said Sheriff House, referring to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the Bureau of Land Management. “Hopefully, we can resolve it without it getting out of hand.”

In another display of unrest in the West over federal land policy, about 50 people drove all-terrain vehicles Saturday into Recapture Canyon in southern Utah, an area managed by the Bureau of Land Management that is off limits to motorized vehicles. Hundreds more attended a protest at a nearby park.

Juan Palma, Bureau of Land Management Utah state director, said in a statement that the agency would “pursue all available redress through the legal system to hold the lawbreakers accountable.

”He said the area is the site of ancient Indian archaeological artifacts and dwellings.

Although Bundy ranch comparisons are inevitable, one key distinction is that the Otero County ranchers, unlike Mr. Bundy, haven’t broken any laws. They own the rights to the water under New Mexico law, but the creek is within the federally owned forest.
Article continues below


Are You Ready for Riots?

Daniel Ameduri December 11th, 2013

Future Money TrendsComments (446)Read by 29,652 people

Editor’s Note: With America’s middle class being destroyed on a daily basis, and low wage workers seeing reduced hours and experiencing more difficulty with making ends meet, it is only a matter of time before people snap. We may think we live in a stable society, but as Daniel Ameduri of*Future Money Trends*points out below, no country is immune to civil unrest when the right conditions are met. And if you’ve been paying attention, it’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest the signs of discontent are starting to appear from sea to shining sea.*As the situation continues to degrade in the United States we, too, will experience rioting and civil unrest, something the U.S. government has been actively preparing for. In the very near future, riots won’t just be some far-off event you watch on television from the comfort of your couch… They’ll be front and center, right outside your front door.


Multiple Officers Shot During No-Knock Raid, One Killed


Injured officer dies after Friday's shooting in Killeen

Posted:*May 09, 2014 6:07 AM PDT

KILLEEN -UPDATE: Funeral Services honoring Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie have been set. Detective Dinwiddie succumbed to his injuries yesterday, after being shot while serving a search warrant on Friday.

The family will receive visitors on Friday, May 16 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., at the First Baptist Church at 3310 S. WS Young Drive.

BLM workers on alert after wrangler threatened with gun on I-15

Terror ploy? » Assailants hide behind hoods, mask license plate while making death threat.

By Erin Alberty*| The Salt Lake Tribune*First Published May 07 2014 10:13 pmLast Updated May 08 2014 08:41 am

With anti-government sentiments roiling in the aftermath of Cliven Bundy’s Nevada standoff, government workers in western Utah are stripping BLM logos from their vehicles after two motorists brandished a gun and displayed a threatening sign at a federal wrangler who was driving Tuesday in Juab County.

The wrangler was driving a load of horses and burros north on Interstate 15 about 11 a.m. near Mills when a dark blue Dodge 1500 extended-cab pickup pulled up alongside the wrangler. The two occupants "told him he was No. 1 with that certain gesture," said Eric Reid, the wrangler’s supervisor at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Fillmore Field Office.

The pickup fell back and the wrangler continued north. A few minutes later, the pickup reappeared, Reid said. The men, wearing hoods, held up a sign, apparently scrawled on a piece of paper, that read, "You need to die." One of the men pointed what appeared to be a Glock handgun at the wrangler.

Article link


Dozens illegally ride ATVs into Utah canyon in lands fight rally

Protest » Scores of ATV riders enter off-limits trail to claim temporary victory in jurisdictional dispute with the BLM over canyon access.

By Brian Maffly*| The Salt Lake Tribune*First Published May 10 2014 11:09 amLast Updated May 11 2014 12:12 pm

Blanding • Fed up with federal control over lands their families have used for generations, Blanding residents along with out-of-town supporters on Saturday drove all-terrain vehicles into Recapture Canyon, an area rich in prehistoric sites the Bureau of Land Management closed to motorized use seven years ago.

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, acting, he said, as a private citizen, organized the ride. It commenced with a rally in Blanding’s Centennial Park protesting what he and more than 200 supporters call federal "overreach" into local jurisdiction. Prompting the protest was BLM’s failure to process San Juan County’s applications for ATV rights-of-way in Recapture, although resentment toward the federal agency here runs much deeper and wider than the canyon that parallels Blanding a few miles to the east.

BLM officials said they were disappointed protestors broke the law Saturday, adding that federal officers recorded riders whom they intend to prosecute.

Full article at link


FBI investigating Bundy supporters in BLM dispute

Posted:*May 08, 2014 3:52 PM PDTUpdated:*May 09, 2014 10:10 AM PDTBy George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter -*bio*|*email

LAS VEGAS --*The 8 News NOW I-Team has learned that FBI agents have started an investigation into the events surrounding a potentially deadly showdown one month ago surrounding rancher Cliven Bundy.

It is one thing for Cliven Bundy and his supporters to square off against an assortment of Bureau of Land Management employees. It is quite another when the FBI enters the picture, and that is exactly what has happened.

The I-Team has confirmed that FBI agents have launched a formal investigation into alleged death threats, intimidation and possible weapons violations that culminated with a dangerous showdown on April 12, and the first people to be interviewed by FBI agents are Metro Police, starting with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillispie.
full article below


Outraged Albuquerque Citizens Demand Arrest of Police Chief

Albuquerque citizens continue to demonstrate that they have had enough of their increasingly violent police department. The Albuquerque Police Department has even had its acronym changed by residents to mean*Another Person Dead.

The long-standing dissatisfaction reached a new level following the blatant execution of a homeless man that was passed off as justified by police chief Gordon Eden. You can see the*video hereand judge for yourself whether proper force was used in this case of "illegal camping."

The APD is so*out of controlthat even the morally bankrupt Department of Justice was forced into atwo-year investigation*that resulted in them acknowledging the systematic use of egregious violence and a laundry list of general misconduct.

*Despite DOJ's "recommendations" to focus on additional training, better citizen oversight, as well as the threat of potential lawsuits, citizens seem intent not to wait for bureaucracy to correct itself; they are taking immediate action as you'll see in the video below.

Albuquerque Police Violated Lapel Camera Policy 60 Times

America’s Predatory Deadbeats (otherwise known as the Albuquerque Police Department) are in the news again. Will it ever end?

On April 21, Albuquerque police Officer Jeremy Dear shot and killed 19 year-oldMary Hawkes. She was suspected of*stealing a truck, and allegedly was running from police when she was shot:

Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden told the Associated Press that an officer was pursuing the suspect on foot Monday morning when the woman reportedly “stopped, turned and pointed a handgun at close range.”

4 On Your Side reveals another traffic stop nightmare

's a story that has left the entire country wondering about the state of law enforcement in New Mexico.

4 On Your Side revealed*how David Eckert rolled through a stop sign in Deming.

A K-9 named Leo alerted that it sniffed drugs on Eckert's driver's seat.

And, for the next 14 hours, those police officers, and doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center performed eight medical procedures including x-rays, rectal finger exams, enemas, and finally a colonoscopy.

According to a federal lawsuit, officers Bobby Orosco and Robert Chavez were two of the officers involved, and they never found drugs inside Eckert.

Our investigation reveals another chapter. Another man, another minor traffic violation, another incident with Leo the K-9 and another example of the violation of a man's body.

Police reports state deputies stopped Timothy Young because he turned without putting his blinker on.

Again, Leo the K-9 alerts on Young's seat.Young is taken to the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, and just like Eckert, he's subjected to medical procedures including x-rays of his stomach and an anal exam.

Article continue below



Man Seeks Millions After N.M. Police Force Colonoscopy in Drug Search

Civil rights attorney says Hispanic officers may have targeted 'white boy' because they 'don't like him living in their community.'
By*Steven Nelson*Nov 5, 2013

Police forced New Mexico scrap metal tradesman David Eckert to undergo two digital anal probes, three enema insertions and ultimately a colonoscopy after officers incorrectly assumed he was concealing drugs, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on his behalf.

No drugs were found by police or doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, N.M. The exhaustive search began when Eckert allegedly rolled through a stop sign in Deming, N.M., on Jan. 2, 2013.


Chinese Crowd, Furious, Besets Chengguan in Eastern City

By*Lu Chen,*Epoch Times| April 20, 2014Last Updated: April 20, 2014 4:29 pm

Nearly 1,000 outraged Chinese besieged a group of urban management officials in an eastern city on Saturday, smashing their vehicle with bricks and windows, beating them bloody and unconscious, and then flipping over the ambulance that came to provide medical treatment.*

It was a dramatic and violent reversal to the usual order of events when notorious urban officials, called chengguan in Chinese, get into conflicts with street vendors and pedestrians. Though their official job is to enforce local street ordinances, chengguan have gained a reputation for their arbitrary brutality across China over the years.

On April 19, a group of chengguan in Cangnan county, part of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, were seen to be bullying a street vendor. A passerby, 36 year-old Mr. Huang, began taking pictures of the encounter with his cell phone. One of the officials told him to delete the pictures. He refused. A flurry of abuse, kicks, and punches followed.*


Enraged by China, Vietnam Mobs Torch 15 Factories


By Newser Editors and Wire ServicesPosted May 14, 2014 1:04 AM CDT

NEWSER)*– Anti-China mobs torched up to 15 foreign-owned factories and trashed many more in southern Vietnam last night amid rising anger over China's recent installment of an oil rig in disputed Southeast Asian waters. The unrest at industrial parks established to attract foreign investors, which followed protests involving up to 20,000 workers, was the most serious outbreak of public disorder in the tightly controlled country in years, and comes as the government tries to manage public anger against China while itself protesting Chinese actions in a part of the South China Sea it claims as its own.

An official says the protests were initially peaceful but were hijacked by "extremists" who incited people to break into the factories. He said at least 15 factories were set alight and "hundreds" more vandalized or looted, while some security guards and unidentified "foreign experts" were assaulted. China's foreign ministry has issued a statement urging Chinese travelers to "carefully consider travel plans and go with caution" and Chinese residents and organizations in Vietnam to "raise their risk awareness and strengthen security."


Police can have sex with prostitutes: Hawaii law

March 21, 2014

HONULULU: The Honolulu police department has insisted the state lawmakers to pass a law that would allow all undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes during “office-hours,” leading to the controversial debate. The law suggested by the government would help track the human-trafficking rackets, the Hawaii lawmakers said.

Article below


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Default Re: Obama's love of Abraham Lincoln


The NDAA and Suspension of Habeas Corpus: Not Just for "Enemy Combatants” Anymore

Written by**Becky Akers

Monday, 16 January 2012 14:30

Remember all those neocons and Republicans who cheered George W. Bush’s “indefinite detainment” of “enemy combatants”?*Many of them*— though, amazingly, not all — have lost their enthusiasm for trampling the Constitution now that Obama’s administration has suspended habeas corpus for American citizens, too, with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA).

Outrage over the NDAA continues to boil*16 days into Amerika’s shiny new police-state*. Pray God the fury mounts: This horrific law completes the country’s descent into totalitarianism by designating the “Homeland” a battlefield in the idiotic War on Terror. That unleashes the military on us. And as if this weren’t wickedness enough, it enables the President to accuse anyone, even American citizens, of terrorism while imprisoning us without an iota of evidence or any hope of trial.



Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

Nafeez AhmedThursday 12 June 2014*02.00*EDT

Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. The multi-million dollar*programmeis designed to develop immediate and long-term "warfighter-relevant insights" for senior officials and decision makers in "the defense policy community," and to inform policy implemented by "combatant commands."


The US government doesn't want you to know how the cops are tracking you

Trevor Timm

Saturday 14 June 2014*07.30*EDT

Thought the NSA was bad? Local police and the Obama administration are hoovering cellphone location data from inside your house, and a crackdown could lead to surveillance reform

All across America, from Florida to Colorado and back again, the country's*increasingly militarized*local police forcesare using a secretive technology*to vacuum up cellphone data from entire neighborhoods – including from people inside their own homes – almost always without a warrant. This week, numerous investigations by major news agencies revealed the US government is now taking unbelievable measures to make sure you never find out about it. But a landmark court ruling for privacy could soon force the cops to stop, even as the Obama administration fights to keep its latest tool for mass surveillance a secret.


The New thought crimes of the NWO.

1. Any criticism of the Administration is racist.

2. Any unusual admiration of the Bill of Rights is a thought crime.

3. All Religous Freedom is a hate crime.


Holder announces taskforce for 'homegrown terrorist'

Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr. has announced the creation of a task force within the Justice Department to combat an "escalating danger" from "homegrown" terrorists within the United States.

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg News)By TIMOTHY M. PHELPS

Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr.*on Monday announced*the creation of a task force within the Justice Department to combat an “escalating danger” from “homegrown” terrorists within the United States.

The Justice Department, in a news*release accompanying Holder’s weekly video address, cited a Congressional Research Service report last year that said domestic terrorists were responsible for more than two dozen incidents in the U.S. since 9/11.

Holder, in the video, cited the Boston Marathon bombings last year and shootings at Fort Hood in 2009 and 2014 as examples of “the danger we face from these homegrown threats.

”The FBI was criticized for its decision not to share information with local law enforcement agencies about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the brothers authorities say were behind the bombings.

*The task force will chiefly comprise leaders from the FBI, the Justice Department’s National Security Division and U.S. Attorneys.

Called the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee, it is a recreation of a task force formed by former Atty. Gen. Janet Reno after*the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The task force fell into disuse after 9/11.

Though*the original task force, which was little known,*focused mainly on right-wing zealots, Holder’s version is aimed at U.S. citizens or visitors radicalized via the Internet.

Holder said the government will continue to fight terrorists abroad.*“But we also must concern ourselves with a different type of threat. We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders,” he said.

Horrific terror incidents like the tragic shootings at Fort Hood and last year's Boston Marathon bombing demonstrate the danger we face from these homegrown threats.

- Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder, Jr.
“Horrific terror incidents like the tragic shootings at Fort Hood and last year’s Boston Marathon bombing demonstrate the danger we face from these homegrown threats,” Holder said in the video posted on the department’s website.*

“Now -- as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet -- it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home,” Holder said.



Armed Homeland Security Agents in 'Community Outreach' to " let people know they're in the area".



Eric Holder’s long losing record before the Supreme Court

By*John Fund*and*Hans Von SpakovskyJuly 5, 2014 | 4:29pm



The race hustler posing as Attorney General of the US


Eric Holder has made quite a splash this weekend when he appeared on*“This Week.”*His principal reason for appearing seemed to be bashing Sarah Palin, but we’ll get back to that later. Holder said some pretty interesting things which really make you question how- or if- his brain works.Holder insists immigration laws*are being upheld. Then he immediately said:
Article continues at link



Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America?

Thursday, 03 July 2014 05:09 Brandon Smith

In the mid-sixties at the height of the “social revolution” the line between democratic benevolence and outright communism became rather blurry. The Democratic Party, which controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, was used as the springboard by social engineers to introduce a new era of welfare initiatives enacted in the name of “defending the poor”, also known as the “Great Society Programs”. These initiatives, however, were driven by far more subversive and extreme motivations, and have been expanded on by every presidency since, Republican and Democrat alike.

At Columbia University, sociologist professors Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven introduced a political strategy in 1966 in an article entitled*'The Weight Of The Poor: A Strategy To End Poverty'. This article outlined a plan that they believed would eventually lead to the total transmutation of America into a full-fledged centralized welfare state (in other words, a collectivist enclave). The spearpoint of the Cloward-Piven strategy involved nothing less than economic sabotage against the U.S.

Theoretically, according to the doctrine, a condition of overwhelming tension and strain could be engineered through the overloading of American welfare rolls, thereby smothering the entitlement program structure at the state and local level. The implosion of welfare benefits would facilitate a massive spike in poverty and desperation, creating a financial crisis that would lead to an even greater cycle of demand for a fully socialized system. This desperation would then “force” the federal government to concentrate all welfare programs under one roof, nationalize and enforce a socialist ideology, and ultimately, compact an immense level of power into the hands of a select few.

Cloward and Piven claimed that this could be accomplished at a grassroots level through community activism, and, that it would facilitate a more compassionate federal authority, however, there are numerous problems with these assertions.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy has nothing to do with grassroots activism, and accomplishes nothing tangible for the downtrodden poverty class. In fact, I would dare to say that Cloward and Piven as well as most social engineers are well aware that the concept ultimately only serves to give even more dominance to the establishment and pilfer even more freedom from the masses.

Cloward-Piven is not limited to the destabilization of state and local welfare programs. It can easily be used against federal level entitlements, and in reality, is much more effective against an entity with the proven tendency towards exponential debt spending. Though the federal government may be able to borrow fiat dollars through the Federal Reserve to prolong welfare rolls while the states cannot, a more volatile threat arises when debt monetization begins to wear down the purchasing power of the currency. Weakened purchasing power results in reduced consumer activity, less industrial growth, less GDP, and obviously, more poverty. The dollar has lost approximately 75% of its purchasing power since 1972, and 98% after the founding ot the Federal Reserve in 1913, and after 50 years of the so-called “War on Poverty”,*nearly one third of the American population*now repeatedly slips under the official poverty line.
Article below at link



Due Process? Naw, Not Any More

This is what happens when you sit for the encroachment of your fundamental rights and the guarantees in the Constitution -- they continue, right up until you have your wages confiscated on*a mere allegation*without any due process or hearing.

Don't say you weren't warned -- you were, and you sat on your ass.

Article continues at link below




Many of you probably watched portions, if not all of, Megyn Kelly’s interviews with Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist of yesteryear.

Kelly did her usual excellent job of pressing Ayers on his violent past.

But*Stanley Kurtz*wishes she had pressed Ayers more about his relationship with Barack Obama. For, as Kurtz points out, Ayers and Obama had a much tighter political alliance than Ayers admitted to on Kelly’s show.

Kelly focused on Ayers’ fundraiser for Obama’s first political campaign, rather than their time together on several left-leaning Chicago foundation boards. This is understandable — anyone can sit beside someone else on this or that board.

But Kurtz demonstrated in his book*Radical-in-Chief*that Ayers and Obama weren’t just fellow board members; they were left-wing soul mates who used their power to place each other in positions where they could radically affect the education received by children in Chicago.

Here is how the relationship worked:

Link below


"After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts

Friday, 27 June 2014 12:30

Written by**Alex Newman

Former general and CIA chief David Petraeus (shown), a key figure in the globalist*Council on Foreign Relations*and the shadowy*Bilderbergnetwork, boasted at a recent conference that the*United States of America is set to be merged*into the*continental regime being erected*under the*North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)*. Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty last week in London, the ex-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq essentially celebrated the end of U.S. independence — and by extension, the demise of the Constitution.**

*“After America comes North America,” Petraeus*said*confidently in answering the question about what comes after the United States, the theme of the panel discussion. “Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.” He also boasted about how the three economies have been put “together” over the last 20 years as part of the “implementation” of the North American Free Trade Act.

The “highly integrated” forces of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Petraeus continued, will become the world’s powerhouse for energy and science. “There are four revolutions that are ongoing at various levels in each of the countries but foremost in the United States,” said the former CIA chief, who now serves as chairman of the KKR Global Institute. “The energy revolution is the first of those, which has created the biggest change in geopolitics since the rise of China since 1978.” The other “revolutions” include IT, manufacturing, and life sciences, which, “as highly integrated as they are, allow you to argue that after America comes North America,” he added.

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