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Old 12-03-2005, 03:48 AM
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Default The Shift in the Global Economy

The Shift in the Global Economy

In the Fourth DAY of the Galactic Underworld the shift away from Western dominance will likely be most clearly visible in the economic arena. This DAY will thus bring to an end the domination of the world economy by the West, and it is easy to see the background to this: The national debt of the US is currently at about 7 trillion dollars and its budget deficit at about 400 billion dollars while savings are minimal. The unofficial idea seems to be that the rest of the world is investing in the US economy by giving credits, but the question is with such deficits how long the rest of the world will find it a worthwhile debtor. A somewhat similar situation is at hand in its main Western partner, the UK, where personal debt recently passed the one trillion pound mark. On the other hand, China has now in terms of GDP become the second economy of the world (with Japan third and India fourth).

Comparisons of the changing relative sizes of the world’s largest economies however do not capture the real picture. What says more is that an astounding 60 % of the increase in investments in the world in the years 2000-2003 happened in China and that the same country stood for about a third of the increase in oil consumption as well as in trade. As much as forty per cent of Japan’s growth in 2004 was driven by exports to China. We are thus now witnessing a paradigm shift of the global economy, where East Asia, and especially China, is becoming the chief engine of all of the world’s economy. What we may conclude from the Mayan calendar, with the energies currently favoring the Eastern Hemisphere, is that this change is a fundamental paradigm shift that will not be reversed. After about 250 years of Western dominance of the world’s trade and economy, first by the UK and then by the US, East Asia is now becoming its driving force, its engine. While most of the world has not yet woken up to this fact, the Fourth DAY will bring it to the forefront of its attention.

When I, based on my studies of the Mayan calendar, in the 90’s wrote about this forthcoming end to Western dominance this seemed like science fiction. Now we are already there, and what it shows is that the energies of the cosmic plan are much more powerful than temporary appearances when it comes to the economic development of the world. I foresee however the changes in the world economy happening in two steps: In DAY 4, East Asia, and especially China, will take the role of the world’s economic engine to the detriment of the power of the pound and the dollar. Especially the US dollar will likely depreciate considerably in value and be shun by foreign creditors with a whole range of political and economical consequences. Then in DAY 5, I expect a more fundamental change to take place in how we perceive “values” and this will mean an even more fundamental shift in the world’s “economy”, some kind of collapse of the international monetary system. Such a collapse is most easily understood as an aspect of the energy shift favoring the right brain half that will lead human beings to see reality concretely to the detriment of the global “monopoly game” of paper and cyber money (which are abstractions without any real existence). Among other things the mechanisms by means of which banks “create” credit will become transparent. The old abstract calculations of the left brain half will then no longer be consistent with the emerging values of the right brain half, which sees reality concretely. This conflict between perceptions will be the deeper and more fundamental reason that the world economy will reach a point where no further economic growth will be possible and if anything a negative downward spiral will start. It is appropriate to talk about hitting a “wall”, since no matter what means are being attempted, such as the expansion of credit, the wheels will then still not start turning.

The real cause of this coming to a wall is thus to be found in the altered consciousness that the upcoming pulses of LIGHT will bring. There is then really no need to present technical reasons as to why a wall will present itself to continued economic growth. While many people may be shocked by the prospects of such an end to economic growth we may also look upon it positively. An end to economic growth obviously is very good for the Earth and the environment. It is also quite possible that as economic growth comes to an end population growth will find the same fate due to the very same shift in consciousness. The need for growth actually has its origin in the dualist consciousness, and the need for filling holes of emptiness in the human mind that this has caused during the past 5000 years and most markedly since the blinded consciousness of the Planetary Underworld began to rule in the mid-18th century, which really made both economic and population growth take off. As the Galactic Underworld DAY-by-DAY now serves to create human beings that are whole, much of the driving force of both economic and population growth will disappear. As a further spin-off of this emerging consciousness it will no longer be possible to regard the Earth, and life on it, as dead matter to be exploited according to the calculations of the left brain.

These are some of the changes on the global level that the transformation of consciousness of the Fourth DAY will bring. But how will it affect our individual lives? A first approximation is that the kind of occurrences that followed upon the Oneness Celebration (June 6-8, 2004, at the midpoint of the Third NIGHT) will characterize the experience of all of the Fourth DAY. Typically people then described an increase in telepathy, a speed-up of processes of spiritual evolution and breakups of dysfunctional relationships that were not aligned with their higher purpose. These kinds of occurrences likely will be a normal feature of everyday life throughout the Fourth DAY, especially for those that are attuned to the cosmic plan. We may think of ourselves as nerve cells in a global brain whose connecting threads are now being entirely rewired. In such a situation we have little reason to expect our lives to proceed in a linear fashion and in many ways our world and our perception of it can be turned upside down as a result of this rewiring. This rewiring of the planet on a very large scale affects our relationships in a way that may not be easily comprehensible from our own limited individual perspectives. We will simply have to have faith that this rewiring has a higher purpose and that this purpose is good. From the point where this new creation DAY begins on December 4 we will however find that those that are aligned with the cosmic plan will gain a substantial wind on their back in their projects.

I think then that there is every reason to expect that the Fourth DAY will amount to a turning point in our civilizational development. It is only as we now become more strongly influenced by the rapidly alternating energies of the Galactic Underworld and the ensuing speed-up of time that larger groups of people will come to understand that we are subject to a cosmic plan and that this cosmic plan follows the Mayan calendar. A special day to notice in the Cosmic Time Plan is the very midpoint of the Galactic Underworld, which also is the very midpoint of the Fourth DAY. This midpoint may be identified as June 2, 2005, which is dominated by the energy 1 Imix, 1 Alligator, in the traditional Sacred Mayan calendar. This may be a time to visualize the end of dominance at all levels of human relations, personal, political and economical. To visualize the end to dominance will now be more powerful than to visualize peace and the point to realize is that if we are able to create the end to dominance peace will naturally follow. To visualize the end to dominance is also to visualize the end to the current imbalance in our own minds between what is mediated by the left and right hemispheres of our brains. To create balance within ourselves and in all our relations is a way of preparing for the Enlightenment that may be humanity’s as the Mayan calendar comes to an end – a life lived fully in the present moment unfettered by the linear time and separate strategizing that the left brain currently imposes on us.


I expect that the Fourth DAY also will mean a deeper unification of the Mayan calendar and the world movement towards Enlightenment (Mukti). A core Mukti-Maya synthesis is emerging that it is the purpose of my work to outline. In this respect I wholeheartedly recommend the work of Kalki (www.livinginjoy.com). Kalki is developing processes, including through dikshas and sutras that provide a path to transcend duality and reach Enlightened states. There may be many other paths that lead to Enlightenment, but this one has the distinction of being linked to the cosmic time plan. While many teachings look upon Enlightenment as an individual process, Kalki’s work is thus carried out within the framework of a cosmic time plan of changing energies as part of a predetermined evolutionary plan for humanity. Thus, even if many people are looking mostly for having individual experiences of higher states of consciousness I feel confident that it is also necessary to have an intellectual understanding of the cosmic plan in order to best serve the enlightened future of humanity. This understanding I feel can only come from the Mayan calendar.

This core Mukti-Maya synthesis emerging in the Fourth DAY will mean that people in a very practical way will be able to use the Mayan calendar as a tool on their own path towards attaining the Enlightened state of consciousness. The very midpoint of the Galactic Underworld (1 Imix, June 2, 2005) is an excellent time for people to start following the traditional Sacred Calendar on a daily basis, as well as an excellent time for people to visualize the end to dominance – the Midpoint Celebration. To be able to use the Mayan calendar for much needed guidance in the chaotic and sometimes oppressive times that we have ahead of us we need to incorporate it in our daily lives, become aware of the energies ruling our days and so gain an understanding of our own individual processes of evolution.

The ruling elite is however at this point likely to become aware of the energies of the cosmic plan as they are encoded in the Mayan calendar. It may for the first time come to feel threatened by the cosmic plan and begin to realize that they themselves represent a blockage to the divine plan. It is realistic to expect an increased determination to resist it on their part, with all kinds of possible oppression as a result. Needless to say, the awareness of the existence of a cosmic plan threatening economic dominance will provoke serious reactions among those that currently dominate the world and enjoy the fruits of this. It is certainly not in their interest to let humanity know about the True Mayan calendar, which shows that their dominance will be brought to an end by the wave movement of the Galactic Underworld. In fact, dominance as such, as a phenomenon that has shaped human relations for about five thousand years, is now about to come to an end. It then really becomes somewhat of a race between the forces of the future and the forces of the past, which ones are going to understand the Mayan calendar first, because this is a tool that could be used for any purpose. In this sense false Mayan calendars, notably the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar, that have nothing to contribute to our understanding of the future, may serve not only to create confusion, but in fact to block people’s understanding of the future based on its pretensions of being Mayan. Only the True Mayan calendar, that outlines the rhythm and type of changes that the world is undergoing, can bring the well-founded hope that the world now sorely needs.

The difficult Fifth NIGHT ruled by Tezcatlipoca
At this point I feel it may be in its place to make a jump forward to discuss what is likely to occur after the two pulses of LIGHT in DAY 4 and DAY 5. In the Fifth NIGHT, (November 18 2007 – November 12, 2008, ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness), we will see the last desperate attempts of the West, and power hierarchies based on materialism everywhere, to remain in control and strengthen their power in some new very oppressive way. If the international monetary system collapses in DAY 5 we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). Except that I simply look upon it as a phase in a cosmic plan, this is the time period when many of the scenarios described by conspiracy theoreticians may come true. Regardless of the concrete forms it may take, this is when everything will be made to keep people in the fold. In the same way as we, during the Fifth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld (1932-52), saw an alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union of Stalin we may well in the upcoming Fifth NIGHT come to see an alliance between the rulers of China and the United States – all in the interest of maintaining a hierarchically ruled world with a focus on material gains. And in the same way as the mentioned dictatorships of the Planetary Underworld enjoyed the overwhelming support of their subjects, we may well come to see a strong support by the subjects of the “democracy” of the US and the “popular” regime of China as the Fifth NIGHT begins to rule in the Galactic Underworld. Especially in the United States people are already on a massive scale deluded into thinking that they are free. Those with knowledge of the changing energies of the Mayan calendar will not be as easy to manipulate by fear, since they are aware of the wave movement of history.

The Shift from Chaos to the Enlightened world
Following the Fifth NIGHT large groups of people will however in the Sixth DAY break away from hierarchical control and guided by their intuition find a path towards increased wholeness. This is when the hierarchies will really start to break down, probably largely in a chaotic way. Yet, this is exactly the kind of chaos that is needed for the recreation of an Enlightened world. Creativity is born out of chaos and if you think more deeply about it you realize that there is no linear way from today’s world (2004) to the Enlightened (2011). Instead the enlightened world can only emerge out of a series of transformative pulses, including periods of destruction, such as the Fifth NIGHT. The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment. The emergence of a fully enlightened collective state of consciousness can only thrive in a global consciousness that is balanced. This is because the imbalance that has been dominating humanity for some 5000 years has had its direct cause the dualist frame of consciousness that was ruling throughout this time.

I feel however that the kind of Enlightenment humanity will approach as the cosmic plan is completed in 2011 will not be like anything that has existed previously. Although there are many descriptions of enlightened beings and ascended masters from human history I personally think that their states of consciousness in various ways have been limited by the creation fields that were ruling at the particular time they were (or are) living. Only in 2011 will all veils separating human beings from the divine be removed and the supramental consciousness of the Universal Underworld will be unexplored territory. In a sense we are talking about the emergence of an entirely new species of human beings. For the first time Enlightenment will take place in a balanced global creation field and this certainly will influence the depth and scope of the cosmic consciousness that may be attained.

A crucial point of preparation for the attainment of this supramental cosmic consciousness will be the Second Harmonic Convergence/Oneness Celebration of the Gregorian dates May 27/28 2010 (1 Imix and 2 Ik). This is when for the first time, standing on the balance that the Galactic Underworld has brought, we will begin to sense the supramental consciousness that the Universal Underworld will bring. For all those seeking to become part of the new species of human beings endowed with an unlimited consciousness this is a time to absorb the new energies of universality. These dates are placed in relation to the Universal Underworld in the same way as the original Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987 might be seen to have been a preparation for the Galactic Underworld. Tony Shearer, who originally proposed the Harmonic Convergence in his book Quetzalcoatl – Lord of the Dawn, based its dates on the true Mayan Calendar. This fact was unfortunately later obscured, and thus an important aspect of that event was lost and still need to be retrieved. May 27/28 2010 (1 Imix and 2 Ik) are the dates for Phoenix to rise from the ashes and for an Enlightened world to arise from chaos. A sort of resurrection to the New Jerusalem where life is lived totally in the present moment with no limits and no separation. God is good. There is a logic to the evolution of the divine encoded by the Mayan calendar. Maybe, in fact, God, life and consciousness are all the same.


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