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Old 12-15-2004, 01:27 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!


Oh now I see what's really happening.
The thread that I started is in danger of surpassing in number of hits the one that
Mary started and THATS why she is trying to ruin the discussion here. It's nothing but rants and spinny talk by her, a popularity contest to see who can post the most and get 5 stars.

She even agrees with the one who wanted my topic pulled. If you FORCE people not to discuss this topic then that is censorship. Now we know the type of person she is.
Now I know what's going on.

I have a good mind to make a complaint to the administrator if this defamation ( Doofus etc. ) continues. It's all there for Henry to see.

My wish is that Mary would stay off the thread I started but since she won't do that then stop with the namecalling and false associations like with the flat earth comment. The Earth is spherical and you know that the topic here is the non-movement of the Earth.


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Old 12-15-2004, 02:48 PM
marypopinz marypopinz is offline
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Oh my, Mr. Shady, please accept my apology.

Rush toonie, I didn't even bother to read most of your narrow minded opinions of your last attack, I skimmed.

Goood luck to you in seeking the truth.

You are not my cup of tea. You are far too aggressive too notice I actually was defending you as that you may be onto something...

I'm so happy not to be of your nature.

Complain to Henry. Wah, wah, wah.

So long chum, I won't bother with you again. You are apparently not of any kind of mind other than poison.

God bless you
Mary XXX

P.S. Do you really think it's a popularity contest here? Is that what you are here for? Notoriety for someone else's thoughts?

When you produce some of your own, I probably won't bother to look as I don't dance with the devil... I walk away.

Mary XXX

N.B. Rush Toonie? Did you try the experiment or was it beyond your comprehension?

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D I guess it is your thread just like it is their world... not open for discussion. You should seek help regarding apparent paranoia. The lunacy I quoted was meant to refer that people thought the man who said the earth was round to be a lunatic. The reference being, maybe people here think what you are suggesting is crazy,and you might be telling the truth. AND when we have been lied to by our government through our education system and what we are told to believe is science, absolute truth, we must question everything.

Rush was right to bring this question to this forum. He is wrong to be so poisonous. Lighten up dude, we're on your side. We're questioning too. If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it, so stop your whining.
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Old 12-15-2004, 11:21 PM
billiard billiard is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

i think rushie is a kid with a "it's all about me" attitude . he can't handle anyone questioning any of his opinions , resorts to name calling and other insulting ugliness , is afraid of others appearing smarter or more interesting than himself , and when all else fails threatens to "tell the teacher" . you wouldn't be such a jerk if you'd listen to something other than the sound of your own voice . no one is suppressing you but i wish you'd either shut up or go away . either one is fine . and by the way i also think your theory is stupid .
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Old 12-16-2004, 09:09 AM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Here are the two sites that the truth suppressors don't want you to see:

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Old 12-16-2004, 04:13 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 556
Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Rushdoony dead

Vallecito, California — Rousas John Rushdoony, the "father of Christian Reconstructionism," and the founder of Christian home-schooling movement, died of prostate cancer on February 8 at the age of 84.
Rushdoony also founded the Chalcedon Institute and penned, in longhand, many books, including the influential The Institutes of Biblical Law.

Rushdoony taught that every aspect of society should be based upon Biblical law, which includes death by stoning for practicing homosexuals. His work greatly influenced the political agenda of the Religious Right.
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Old 12-16-2004, 10:34 PM
Posts: n/a
Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

In spite of a world persuaded otherwise, Biblical cosmology stands just as impregnable in the 21st century as it did in 1600 AD. The Apollonian Model particularly shows the Earth at the center of the universe with a band of stars all around. Inside the misnamed "solar" system all the planets and the sun and the moon and the stars orbit the Earth, (The Earth is not a planet...which word means "wanderer" and--like "solar" system and capitalizing the planet's names and using the small "e" for Earth--are all just clever little indoctrination tools).

In short, the sun, moon, and stars are actually doing precisely what everyone throughout all history has seen them do. We do not believe what our eyes tell us because we have been taught a counterfeit system which demands that we believe what has never been confirmed by observation or experiment. That counterfeit system demands that the Earth rotate on an "axis" every 24 hours...at a speed of over 1000 MPH at the equator. No one has ever, ever, ever seen or felt such movement (nor seen or felt the 67000MPH speed of the Earth's alleged orbit around the sun...or its 500,000 MPH alleged speed around a galaxy...or its retreat from an alleged "Big Bang" at over 670,000,000 MPH! ).
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Old 12-16-2004, 10:41 PM
nohope187 nohope187 is offline
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Well hey, the Earth does move... when it's quaking. :-P hahahaaaaaaa!!!
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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int: :evil: :-...
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Old 12-16-2004, 11:25 PM
marypopinz marypopinz is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 710
Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Anon Dude,

When you fly in a plane, do you feel like you are going that fast? Your body adjusts to the speed. Take off sucks you back into your seat and somehow you fly in time with the plane. Does being inside the earth's atmosphere qualify as the same idea?

Just a thought?

whoah! Fast ride, dude

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Old 12-17-2004, 12:23 AM
thokhanCep thokhanCep is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

I just don't know , you know?
Is there anyway to justify any of these posts?
Do we all need to be astronauts and go into outer space?
I know NASA is masonic ... I don't think we have been to the moon.
Imagine this , art imitates life imitates art.
Here's a favourite quote of mine:
"I'm trapped in a deadly video game, with just one man" the GZA Genuis from the Wu Tang Clan
Now I am not getting into reincarnation but sometimes life feels like a videogame or vice versa.
Video games have glitches. The program/code wasn't created all that well.
Life we have people with handicaps ... Was their program/code not created well?
Life and computers. We have the Human genome project. Check it out:
Project goals were to
identify all the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA,
determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA,
store this information in databases,
improve tools for data analysis,
transfer related technologies to the private sector, and address the ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) that may arise from the project.

SO you store "this" information in a data base. In other words a whole human body recognized as 0's and 1's. Does this mean that people would be able to download their body , have a computer search through the information , reach a diagnosis of past present and future problems in your DNA and you could swallow a "fix my personal ill's" pill??

There is more to that but i'll leave you with one last observation.
Your body and the computer.
1st the computer has its head the monitor.
You could say it has eye's if you have a web cam.
Monitor head is a little reversed , its meant for us to see whats on the screen.
2nd the keyboard and the mouse are like limbs. They allow an interaction between the user and the used. ( the computer is stuck in a oneway relationship!!.)
3rd we have the tower that stores the hard drive
(Brain) What we put into the brain is what we can get out. It comes with an operating system. Kinda like people. We didn't learn how to breathe
Its books and movies that we learn from are like the CD's dvd's and floppy disks we feed it.
and the one I found to be the funniest is ....
If you get too risky and visit or download questionable data packets YOU might get a virus.

Ha ha yeah So for how much we know about the "solar system" we don't really know anything.
Go ask Stephen Hawking about black holes...

Does God play dice?.. Black holes! Find out what it's all about in the lectures
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Old 12-17-2004, 08:58 AM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Preliminary Conclusions

Differences, such as the actual times of dichotomy in each model, can be expected to show up because the geostatic and heliocentric(/geocentric) systems work in a different way. In particular, extra components of motion must be assigned to the World, in order for the heliocentric model to tally with reality. Here, though, we have deliberately sought a phenomenon that does not depend upon one such ad hoc motion (namely, the supposed rotation of the World about an 'axis'), and investigated the behaviour of the two conflicting models.

The correct model will agree with all observations. The phase 'anomaly' of Venus is an undeniable, observational fact, that has been known of for at least two hundred years (from the time of its description by Schröter). The heliocentric idea does not predict what actual observations consistently show. The heliocentric idea must therefore be wrong (as was demonstrated by Arago, Airy, Michelson & Morley, Michelson & Gale, Trouton & Noble, et al.). On the other hand, the geocentric, geostatic model, insofar as it has been tested, correctly matches the data.

These investigations remain on-going, but appear extremely promising. In particular, I remain confident that God's written word will once again prove to be totally vindicated and, if so, in a way that could not be more fitting, or ironic, for the observed phases of Venus is the exact same phenomenon that Galilei originally (and fraudulently) claimed disproved a geostatic cosmos
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