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Old 02-10-2006, 10:20 AM
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Default 'Twas A Famous Victory


What they once said:

" ... There can be no doubt that he has achieved a marvelous transformation in the spirit of the people, in their attitude towards each other, and in their social and economic outlook ... The people are more cheerful. There is a greater sense of general gaiety of spirit throughout the land. It is a happier Germany. I saw it everywhere, and Englishmen I met during my trip and who knew Germany well were very impressed with the change.

As to his popularity, especially among the youth of Germany, there can be no manner of doubt. The old trust him; the young idolize him. It is not the admiration accorded to a popular leader. It is the worship of a national hero who has saved his country from utter despondence and degradation.”

— Former British Prime Minister DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, Daily Express, September 17th, 1936

One may dislike Hitler's system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were
defeated I should hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage
and lead us back to our place among the nations.”

— WINSTON CHURCHILL, Step by Step, p.143

Upon his return following a visit to Hitler, his daughter greeted former Prime Minister David Lloyd George, humorously with a "Heil
Hitler!" "Yes, Heil Hitler. I too, say that, because he is truly a great man. I have never met a happier people than the Germans and Hitler is one of the greatest men among the distinctly great men that I have ever encountered."

" ... And it only remains to watch the results of the forthcoming general election in Germany, in which it is inconceivable that a single vote should be cast against him, even by the angriest German Jew or German Communist."

— GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, playwright. The Observer, November, 5th, 1933

" ... The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants. It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth ... ”


"Germans in their country are not less well cared for than the English people in theirs, but better.”


"It has undoubtedly cleaned up Germany in the ordinary moral sense of the word. The corruption so manifest as characteristic in the days after the war has disappeared, at any rate from public view ... “

— His Lordship, the MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN, British Ambassador to Washington, June, 29th, 1937

"Last May, I returned, bringing my family for another sojourn, after two years spent in other European countries. I found a Germany which has advanced miraculously from the point of 1933. I found political solidarity, a wholesome tone in the life of city dweller and country dweller alike. I found living costs materially reduced and an unmistakable optimism on every hand. In every quarter I found the same answer to my questioning: Profound belief in the genius of the Leader, love and admiration for him as an individual.

My observations have covered a wide range of social classification. I have talked with the humblest type of labourers, with merchants, professional men. I have yet to discover a dissenting voice to the question of loyalty to the Fuehrer. My two young daughters are attending German public schools and are receiving an education which in thoroughness could be equaled in few countries.”

— JOHN L. GARVIN, The Observer

And what they are saying today:


The Daily Mail Tuesday, May 10th 2005
Pages by number:

1. 'Blair in Jobs for Cronies Reshuffle' (Corruption in parliament)

2. 'Greedy British Gas Ready to Raise prices Again!'

2. 'Spice Supply Firm Caught Up in Second Food Alert'

3. 'Suburban Mother Sells Her Body to Cover School Fees'

4/5. (More ministerial corruption)

6. 'Sales Slump Deepens the Gloom'

7. 'Schoolgirl (16) Kidnapped by Multi-racial Gang; Ravished, Tortured, Stabbed to Death'
8. (Bank greed and corruption)

9. 'Hackers Steal Mum’s Identity—and Nest Egg'

10/11. (Corruption at Britain’s foremost college)

14. 'Teenager Murdered with BBQ Fork'

16. 'Britain Out in the Cold' (VE Day in Moscow)

16. 'GP (Mr Jagdeep Gossain) Makes ½ Million in Bogus Call-outs'

17. 'Policeman’s Killer Tricks His Way to Freedom'

19. 'Labour Spends £1.9 BILLION on Management Consultants (Enough to Build 100 Hospitals)'
22. 'Eight-year Old Coloured Girl ‘Branded a Witch and Tortured by Family’

24. '19-year Old Female Hooligan Holds Neighborhood to Ransom'

26. (Estate Agent corruption)

26. (Soccer Brawls)

Sorry, nearly forgot page 15:

Columnist Stephen Glover:

‘Sorry, But We Must Never Forget the War’, writes in praise of the Soviet Union helping us to defeat that aforesaid Germany and whimpers that it was downhill for Britain for many years afterwards.

You mean it isn’t now? 50 million dead so we could enjoy the contents of the Daily Mail and praise the forces who defended our ‘freedom’ from someone who, like Saddam Hussein, never
threatened it in the first place. In the same week a government was elected, despite
the fact that 78% of the people had not voted for it.

Now you know what the bloody war for 'democracy' was all about. World War II.

'Twas a famous victory.

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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Old 02-13-2006, 09:52 AM
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Default Re: 'Twas A Famous Victory

if you wish to summon any form of response from the depths of this supremely apathetic, heed my words, and mark my tongue. CUT IT DOWN YOU TURNIP!!!
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Old 02-13-2006, 10:34 AM
Barbara Barbara is offline
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Default Re: 'Twas A Famous Victory

You, Mongoloid, are a prime example of why an IQ test should be given before allowing anyone to post on this forum.

You and your kind are like cockroaches, serve no purpose but keep coming back.

Message to Henry: Block this jerk before he destroys what is left of your site.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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Old 07-20-2006, 05:05 PM
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Default Re: 'Twas A Famous Victory

i recently took an iq test. i got well loads.
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