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Old 06-26-2009, 05:20 PM
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Thank you BlueAngel for your post, I really do appreciate it. It helps if you wanna analyze Michael Jackson life, his history, his problems (in health, with law, with different kind of speculation, his disorder in life, or whatever), his present. I just wanna say I grow up listening Michael songs, and I’ve learned English with his songs. I’m really sad about he’s gone, I really like him and I still do it. My intention when I start writing here is related with something little different, let me explain…For different reason I learned reading on freemason signs, in economy, in politics and others: I hope I’m wrong but when I think about this song, Morphine, well there are too many thing that sounds bad…deviate mason don’t do anything to case, if you are a singer they don’t “like”, for the message you give to people, they take from your song how you have to die…I really hope I’m wrong, an Michael is gone somewhere to cure his health and just for avoid to pay debt and leave in peace…I will know it somehow, I’ll try…By now have a look at this song…Demerol, have a look for the medical symptom...


Written and composed by Michael Jackson

He got flat baby
Kick in the back baby
A heart attack baby
I need your body

A hot kiss honey
He's just a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
So unrelying

I'm such a swine baby
All down the line daddy
I hate your kind baby
So unreliable

A hot buzz baby
He's one of us baby
Another drug baby
You so desire

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me

You're doin' morphine


They got place baby
Kicked in the face baby
You hate your race baby
You're just a liar

Your every lick baby
Your dog's a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
You soul survivor

She never cut from me
She never cut baby
I had to work baby
You just a rival

Always to please daddy
Right up and leave daddy
You're thorwing shame daddy
So undesirable

Trust in me
Just in me

Put all your trust in me
You're doin' morphine

Go'on babe

This won't hurt you
Before I put it in
Close your eyes and count to ten
Don't cry
I won't convert you
There's no need to dismay
Close your eyes and drift away


Oh God he's taking demerol

Oh God he's taking demerol

He's tried
Hard to convince her
To be over what he had
Today he wants it twice as bad
Don't cry
I won't resent you
Yesterday you had his trust
Today he's taking twice as much

Oh God he's taking demerol
Oh my oh God it's demerol



He got shit baby
Your dog's a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
You are a liar

Is truth a game daddy
To win the fame baby
It's all the same baby
You're so reliable

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me

She's doin' morphine

You just sit around just talkin' nothing
You're takin' morphine
Go'on baby
You just sit around just talking about it
You're takin' morphine
Just sit around just talking nothing about it
You're takin' morphine
You just sit around just talking about it
You're taking morphine
You just sit around just talkin' nothin'
And takin' morphine

I'm going down baby
You're talkin' morphine

Go'on baby!
Do it!
He's takin' morphine

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Old 06-30-2009, 04:48 AM
iHIMself™ iHIMself™ is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

It's all about money. Just like Britney, if you are not making money, when clearly you have a huge fan base that can create millions of dollars, that just aren't being made, for whatever reason, THEY will try to destroy you. Hence, Britney being hounded and ridiculed by the media...until she stepped back into the game....enthusiastically. Not like that grammy performance where she clearly showed she wasn't interested. And was drummed for it.
Michael had an enormous fan base, and an even bigger potential to generate billions of dollars, that was just dorment. They could make an absolute fortune from him if he could just cooperate. But he didn't want to. To THEM, he was better off dead. He was worth more dead. And so it is.
My wife wouldn't believe me.....until she heard the 911 call.
Sometimes I wonder whether they blatently produce such evidence in the face of the world, so people like me can see that they are in control. Of everyone. It's amazing what people swallow without question. But there is nothing that can be done about it. The new world order has begun. Be careful what you say. They are listening. I quoted and linked a website that stipulated waterboarding IS drowning, only to have that website's story removed the next morning. It's quite sad. Not scary, just sad. Fascism is here. And now. The only difference between Hitler and the New world order, is that Hitler made Germans very proud. Of him, themselves, their race, and their motherland. I feel nothing but shame and disgust. Maybe they know what they are doing. After all, the majority are indeed absolute idiots. Maybe I'm speaking like this because I don't know what the agenda really is. A new world order? One nation under god? It's all hypocrisy from the most evil doers to jesus christ. All I can say is that I know truth when I feel it, but I am also as ignorant as they come. Maybe Michael HAD to be dead, just like the Kennedy's, Martin Luther King Jnr, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Roosevelt, Ghandi, John Lennon, Yitzhak Rabin, Kennedy Jr, those in the Twin Towers, Oaklahoma, Bali, Port Arthur, and countless more in wars that were to end all wars. Maybe, just maybe, I am wrong and unpatriotic in even suggesting these assassinations, these killings, these sacrifices, weren't for the BEST for humanity.
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Old 06-30-2009, 04:51 AM
iHIMself™ iHIMself™ is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Maybe, just maybe, I should ad Elvis on that list.
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Old 06-30-2009, 11:22 PM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents | TMZ.com

Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents
Posted Jun 30th 2009 12:00PM by TMZ Staff

We've learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie's eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we're told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the "receiving parent" -- Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson's lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

Although Rowe is not the biological mother, it's not a slam dunk that she would lose a custody battle. This type of case has never been litigated in California courts. Since Rowe was married to Jackson when Michael Jr. and Paris were born, there's a presumption that she's the biological parent. That presumption can be rebutted by other evidence.

We know there are documents outlining the whole arrangement for the birth of all three kids. Nonetheless, it's still an open issue with the courts.
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Old 07-01-2009, 05:56 AM
Smooth Criminal Smooth Criminal is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

I know one thing,there were 3 person near Michael,in the last minutes of his life...maybe u can help me to understand what happened really,and who they were.Second may I ask if in the news they talk about cars incident or something similar?After the autopsie they found in Michael body some signs that can think about it?
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Old 07-01-2009, 09:09 AM
Butterfly21 Butterfly21 is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Michael Jackson became a freemason when his first breakthrough album "Off the Wall" was released and of course that was when he signed up with record Producer Quincy Jones who also worked with him in "The Wiz". If anyone has seen this movie they will see many of the masonic references throughout the film.

Later on Michael Jackson rebelled against being a freemason and thus all the false allegations of child abuse in 93-94 and thereafter.

In my opinion having read many articles about Michael, he was on a pedestal (going on and off ) with the freemasons. As he began trusting the wrong people such as Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are also freemasons.

Last year on November 21st media reports confirmed that Michael Jackson converted to Islam.

Michael Jackson Becomes A Muslim Named Mikaeel

Michael Jackson 'becomes a Muslim and changes name to Mikaeel' | Mail Online

Call him Mikaeel? Michael Jackson reportedly converts to Islam

216 days later he died aged 50. Both numbers 216 and 50 are relevant numbers in Freemasonry it would be too much for me to go into. But what does that tell you, was this a timed and planned murder from the Freemasons/ Illuminatis??

The most obvious reason I can think of this planned death of Michael Jackson was because of the vast amount of influence and fans he had across the world. And the message he was planning to give out to the world would have caused a huge impact and perhaps realisation of the truth, as Jermaine Jackson also a muslim said
“He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I and the word of God, we could do so much.”

Mikaeel Jackson aka Michael Jackson Rest in Peace. X
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Old 07-01-2009, 04:46 PM
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Well, judging by these facts;

Jordan which was the boy's name who Michael apparently abused had told his school teacher that he had lied about the abuse, and that his parents had a history of swindling money out of people and that they also accepted a pay off from Michael Jackson.

I'd say that my "opinion" as you call it is most probable. If they were honest people then they wouldnt have accepted any money from him, because I can tell you as a parent myself if that had happened to my child no amount of money could have bought me off. Lastly Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

And of course what you say is also your opinion, no facts there.

Last edited by Butterfly21 : 07-01-2009 at 04:51 PM.
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Old 07-02-2009, 08:13 AM
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Michael Jackson News - Yahoo! Music

Michael Jackson News
DEA joins Michael Jackson death probe
AP, Jul 2, 2009 8:19 am PDT

The circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death have become a federal issue, with the Drug Enforcement Administration asked to help police take a look at the pop star's doctors and possible drug use.Following Jackson's death, allegations emerged that the 50-year-old King of Pop had been consuming painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants.

The DEA was asked to help the probe by the Los Angeles Police Department, a law enforcement official in Washington told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation.

The federal agency can provide resources and experience in investigating drug abuse, illicit drug manufacturers known as "pill mills" and substances local police may not be familiar with, the official said Wednesday.

Medium Uri Geller, a former Jackson confidant, said Thursday he tried to keep Jackson from abusing painkillers and other prescription drugs, but others in the singer's circle kept him supplied.
"When Michael asked for something, he got it. This was the great tragedy," Geller said in a telephone interview with the AP from his suburban London home.
While the investigation into the singer's death deepened, passionate Michael Jackson fans spent another day in an uneasy limbo, awaiting word from the King of Pop's camp about where and when a memorial service might be held for their hero — and if they're even invited.

Speculation about the potential location of a memorial ricocheted during the day from the Staples Center to the Los Angeles Coliseum to the Nokia Theater.

One spot that was ruled out as an immediate memorial venue was Jackson's sprawling Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara County. Jackson family spokesman Ken Sunshine said a public memorial was in the works for Jackson but it wouldn't be held at Neverland.

Jermaine Jackson said in an interview that aired on NBC's "Today" show Thursday that he would still like to see Neverland as his younger brother's final resting place.

He also said that he wishes he had died instead of Michael.

"He went too soon," Jermaine Jackson said. "I don't know how people are going to take this, but I wish it was me."

The elimination of the proposed Neverland memorial came as a blow to many Jackson fans who had already descended on the estate in the rolling hills near Santa Barbara with the hope of attending a public viewing.

"We're terribly disappointed," said Ida Barron, 44, who arrived with her husband Paul Barron, 56, intending to spend several days in a tent.

It appeared more likely that a funeral and burial would take place in Los Angeles, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.
Many of Jackson's die-hard fans refused to believe that the family would bury their most famous son without acknowledging the supporters who helped propel him to superstardom.

"I can't believe they wouldn't do something for his fans," said Rosie Padron, who had roped off a spot just outside the Neverland gates. "Michael loved his fans."

New Yorkers weren't willing to wait. The weekly Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater turned into a Jackson celebration, with impersonators emulating his outfits and mimicking his dance moves.

Allison Hector, who wore a T-shirt with the image of the "Thriller" album cover, ecstatically emulated moves she learned watching Jackson's music videos.

"Nobody moves like him," the 19-year-old said, her eyes filling with tears. "I feel it in my blood — I just can't help it!"

On the legal front, Jackson's 7-year-old will was filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court, giving his entire estate to a family trust and naming his 79-year-old mother Katherine and his three children as beneficiaries. The will also estimates the current value of his estate at more than $500 million.

Katherine Jackson was appointed the children's guardian, with entertainer Diana Ross, a longtime friend of Michael Jackson, named successor guardian if something happens to his mother. A court will ultimately decide who the children's legal guardian will be.

Jackson's lawyer John Branca and family friend John McClain, a music executive, were named in the will as co-executors of his estate. In a statement, they said the most important element of the will was Jackson's steadfast desire that his mother become the legal guardian for his children.

"As we work to carry out Michael's instructions to safeguard both the future of his children as well as the remarkable legacy he left us as an artist, we ask that all matters involving his estate be handled with the dignity and the respect that Michael and his family deserve," the statement said.

The will doesn't name father Joe Jackson to any position of authority in administering the estate. Also shut out is ex-wife Debbie Rowe, the mother of his two oldest children.

The executors moved quickly to take control of all of Michael Jackson's property, going to court hours after filing the will to challenge a previous ruling that gave Katherine Jackson control of 2,000 items from Neverland.
Paul Gordon Hoffman, an attorney for the executors, told Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff his clients are the proper people to take over Jackson's financial affairs. He called Katherine Jackson's speed in getting limited power over her son's property "a race to the courthouse that is, frankly, improper."

Judge Beckloff urged attorneys from both sides to try to reach a compromise. A hearing on the estate was set for Monday.

The will, dated July 7, 2002, gives the entire estate to the Michael Jackson Family Trust. Details of the trust will not be made public.
Jackson owns a 50 percent stake in the massive Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog, which includes music by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers.

Jackson, who died June 25 at age 50, left behind three children: son Michael Joseph Jr., known as Prince Michael, 12; daughter Paris Michael Katherine, 11; and son Prince Michael II, 7. Rowe was the mother of the two oldest children; the youngest was born to a surrogate mother, who has never been identified.

Rowe, who was married to Jackson in 1996 and filed for divorce three years later, surrendered her parental rights. An appeals court later found that was done in error, and Rowe and Jackson entered an out-of-court settlement in 2006.

Neither Rowe nor her attorneys have indicated whether she intends to seek custody of the two oldest children.
AP writers Michael R. Blood, Noaki Schwartz and Ryan Nakashima in Los Angeles; John Rogers in Los Olivos; Michele Salcedo in Washington; and AP Entertainment Writer Erin Carlson in New York contributed to this story.
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Old 07-02-2009, 08:20 AM
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Jackson's hospital is known for 'raising the dead' - Yahoo! News

Jackson's hospital is known for 'raising the dead'

AP – By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer Marilynn Marchione
2 hrs 45 mins ago

When Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest, rescuers took him to a place known for bringing the dead back to life. A world-renowned surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center has pioneered a way to revive people that most doctors would have long written off, including a woman whose heart had stopped for
2-1/2 hours.

Tested on a few dozen cardiac arrest patients, 80 percent survived. Usually, more than 80 percent perish.

"They took people who were basically dead, not all that different than Michael Jackson, and saved most of them," said Dr. Lance Becker, an emergency medicine specialist at the University of Pennsylvania and an American Heart Association spokesman.

Could Jackson, too, have been saved?

It's impossible to know. Doctors at the hospital worked on him for an hour. The UCLA expert, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Buckberg, said he was not personally involved in Jackson's treatment, and that too little is known about what preceded it.

"We have no idea when he died versus when he was found," Buckberg said in a telephone interview.

However, the results in other patients show that "the window is wide open to new thinking" about how long people can be successfully resuscitated after their hearts quit beating, Buckberg said. "We can salvage them way beyond the current time frames that are used. We've changed the concept of when the heart is dead permanently."

They call it "the Lazarus syndrome" for the man the Bible says Jesus raised from the dead.

Let's be clear: No one is saying that people long dead without medical attention can be revived. The lucky ones in Buckberg's study received quick help, and the reason they suffered cardiac arrest was known and could be fixed: blocked arteries causing a heart attack, in most cases.

Buckberg's method requires:

_Prompt CPR — rhythmic chest compressions — to maintain blood pressure until the patient gets to a hospital.

_Use of a heart-lung machine to keep blood and oxygen moving through the body while doctors remedy what caused the heart to quiver or stop in the first place, such as a drug overdose or a clogged artery.

_Special procedures and medicines to gradually restore blood and oxygen flow, so a sudden gush does not cause fresh damage.

Without all three elements, patients might suffer brain damage if they survive at all.

"You can save the heart and lose the brain," Buckberg explained.

UCLA and hospitals in Birmingham, Ala.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and in Germany tested Buckberg's method on 34 patients who had been in cardiac arrest for an average of 72 minutes. All had failed resuscitation methods with standard CPR and defibrillation to try to shock their hearts back to beating.

Only seven died. Only two survivors were left with permanent neurological damage. Results were published in 2006 in the journal Resuscitation.

Dr. Constantine Athanasuleas (pronounced uh-than-uh-SOO'-lee-us), a surgeon at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, treated one man in the study who had been in cardiac arrest for about an hour and a half. The man's wife, a nurse, did CPR until a helicopter brought him to the hospital.

"He was flatlined," with a heart "as still as your dining room table," Athanasuleas said.

Doctors put him on a heart-lung machine, whisked him to the catheterization lab to see if he had artery blockages, then did bypass surgery to detour around them.

"The guy went home and was neurologically perfect" at least two years later, the doctor said.

Buckberg treated a woman who had been in cardiac arrest for 2 1/2 hours.

He would not send her to the operating room until her CPR and blood pressure could be maintained so further treatment could be attempted, he said.

Sadly, the woman survived all this but died several weeks later from an infection.

Buckberg has taken his work further in experiments with pigs in cardiac arrest. He deliberately deprived their brains of blood flow for half an hour, then used his resuscitation techniques to bring them back, with normal or near-normal function. Results presented at a heart association conference last fall stunned many, including Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, a cardiologist and chairman of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

"He's doing extraordinary things. You almost don't believe the results that he got," Weisfeldt said of Buckberg. "Most of us carry around in our head that if somebody's brain is deprived of blood flow for 10 to 15 minutes that we're just not going to get them back to any useful function. His data suggest it's possible."

Doctors in Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia have tried approaches similar to Buckberg's with excellent results, said Becker, who is about to try it in Philadelphia.

"It takes training. It takes rethinking" to get doctors to adopt something this new, and funding for bigger studies to prove it works, Buckberg said.

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Old 07-02-2009, 08:28 PM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

That's odd.

The LAPD towed Dr. Conrad Murray's car for evidence, but they didn't seal Jackson's home.

My comments are in bold.

Los Angeles police under scrutiny in Jackson death - Yahoo! News

Los Angeles police under scrutiny in Jackson death

AP – By LINDA DEUTSCH and THOMAS WATKINS, Associated Press Writers

1 hr 1 min ago

LOS ANGELES – The investigation of Michael Jackson's death is widening as questions intensify about the drugs he took, the doctors who provided them and the actions of police.

Why didn't police seal the mansion where he had been living? Why didn't they get immediate search warrants? Why did they tow away a doctor's car right after the death but not declare the home a crime scene? And why was Jackson's sister Janet allowed to move possessions out of the mansion two days after the death, before police searched it?

Los Angeles police say proper procedures were followed based on the circumstances officers encountered when they were called to the home at 12:21 p.m. on June 25. A doctor was attending to Jackson and stayed with him when he was placed in an ambulance at 1:07 p.m. There was no sign of foul play.

Others say police should have assumed it was possible a crime occurred and taken precautions to ensure the scene was not disrupted so evidence wasn't lost or tainted.

"If I was the chief detective on the case, I would have said, 'We don't know what's going on. We should seal the scene,'" said defense attorney Harland Braun, who has represented celebrities including Robert Blake, Roseanne and Gary Busey. "You always have to think of the worst-case scenario and you have to think fast. I would have sealed the scene just because it was Michael Jackson."

Whether the Jackson probe turns into a criminal investigation hinges on what evidence emerges involving the drugs. Charges could be brought if authorities determine Jackson had been overly prescribed medications, if he had been given drugs inappropriate for his medical needs, or if doctors knowingly prescribed Jackson medications under an assumed name.

It's still not known what caused Jackson's death at age 50. The pop star went into cardiac arrest in his bedroom and his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, performed CPR while an ambulance was called, according to Murray's lawyers. Murray has spoken to police and authorities say he is not a suspect, though his actions have come under scrutiny because his own lawyers acknowledge it may have taken up to a half-hour for an ambulance to be summoned.

An autopsy was conducted but results are not expected for several weeks. The Jackson family had a second autopsy performed and those results also are pending.

Why does a toxicology report take several weeks?

On Wednesday, The Associated Press learned Los Angeles police asked the Drug Enforcement Administration to assist in the investigation.

DEA agents participated in the investigation of the 2007 overdose death of Anna Nicole Smith at a Florida hotel. California Attorney General Jerry Brown charged her former boyfriend and two of her doctors in March with conspiring to provide Smith with prescription drugs. Brown said they broke the law because Smith was a "known addict." They deny the charges.

The DEA also probed whether painkillers found in actor Heath Ledger's system after his death last year were obtained illegally. Federal prosecutors did not charge anyone.

Jean Rosenbluth, a University of Southern California law professor, said the agency's involvement in the Jackson case suggests authorities are looking into whether drugs came from out of state. Murray lives in Las Vegas and is licensed to practice in Texas, Nevada and California.

Federal drug regulations include controls over whether and how frequently a doctor can write prescriptions over the phone, and DEA agents could be looking to see if these rules were broken, Rosenbluth said.

"You can't just get on the phone and continue to prescribe something for someone without having seen them for a long period of time," she said.

Jackson had a well-known history of using prescription medications, especially painkillers. Following his death, Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who had worked for Jackson, told the AP she repeatedly rejected his demands for the drug Diprivan, also known as Propofol. It's a potent anesthetic used in operating rooms and it would be highly unusual to have it in a private home.

Excuse me, but a person doesn't overuse prescription medications, especially painkillers unless doctors aid and abet them.

Uri Geller, a former Jackson confidant, said he tried to keep Jackson from abusing painkillers and other prescription drugs, but others in the singer's circle kept him supplied.

Obviously, those within Jackson's circle OVER SUPPLIED him.

"When Michael asked for something, he got it," Geller said in a telephone interview from his suburban London home.

Please elaborate Geller. How do you know that when Jackson asked for a drug he got it? You must know who prescribed the drugs if you know Jackson got them when he asked for them. Was it you, among others? Geez. Geller and Chopra in Jackson's life. Are we sure they weren't supplying him?

Jackson had multiple doctors and many others like Geller who came in and out of his life. Which people are being interviewed by police is unclear because the LAPD has said virtually nothing about the probe.

"I am not going to make any comments on the investigation," Commander Patrick Gannon, the designated police spokesman on the Jackson case, said by e-mail Thursday.

Any evidence would be turned over to the district attorney's office, which has final say on criminal charges.

One of the key questions is why it took four days for police to issue a search warrant and remove medications from Jackson's home. In the meantime, several people, including Janet Jackson, removed unknown items from the home.

Although the home wasn't declared a crime scene, police did tow Murray's car the evening of the death to look for potential evidence.

Vernon J. Geberth, former commanding officer of the Bronx Homicide Task force in New York, said police should have known they were dealing with an extraordinary situation.

"If it's a high-profile person, you have to do more than you would do ordinarily," he said.

Still, Geberth, who now acts as a private forensic consultant, said he believes the LAPD acted appropriately.

"Having a doctor present altered the equation. It was not a homicide scene. It was an emergency medical scene," he said.

Rosenbluth said if the case ends up as a criminal prosecution, any defense attorney would seize on the LAPD's failure to immediately seal Jackson's home.

"If you can get even one juror think, I don't know, maybe somebody fiddled with the medicine before the police came in and collected it, that's reasonable doubt," she said. "All that the defense attorney needs is one juror."

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