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Old 06-17-2006, 08:14 AM
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Default Is Petroleum constantly being formed?

A portion of an article from Pravda, so take it as you will.

The great Dmitry Mendeleev was a many-sided scientist. Aside from devising the famous periodic law and periodic table of chemical elements, he also came up with a theory of non-organic origins of petroleum. In fact, Mendeleev’s contemporaries failed to understand his theory. A generally accepted organic theory maintains that petroleum was formed from the remains of decayed vegetable matter. Indeed, complex chemical compounds that occur only in ferns and horsetails are found in petroleum. According to Mendeleev’s theory, petroleum is a product of reactions between the hydrides of metals and water at high temperatures and pressures in the depths of Earth. The formation of acetylene bubbles after a piece of calcium carbide is put into water is the simplest analogy.

More importantly, Mendeleev believed that the formation of petroleum had not stop millions years ago. An oil field has been recently discovered in Siberia. In terms of geology, the formation of the field took place just recently. The discovery effectively proved Mendeleev’s theory. Should the theory of our great compatriot is true, humankind would never run out of petroleum, and all the grim forecasts are not worth a plugged nickel. In other words, all of us would be living in clover till the end of time.

The radius of the planet Earth is about 6,400 km, it is longer than a distance between Moscow and Beijing. The Kola well is the deepest well man could drill on Earth. It is just 12 km deep, it is shorter than a distance between the Kremlin and the Chinese Embassy in Moscow. The depth of the well equals about 0.2 percent of the radius of Earth. However, scientists use indirect data for doing research on inner strata of Earth. Important conclusions regarding the composition of Earth as deep as 300 km can be made by studying magma that is spit out by volcanoes. Using data obtained by seismic prospecting (the speed of passing of seismic waves) scientists build a mock-up of “Pluto’s underworld.” At the moment the mock-up looks as follows: a solid metal core sits at the center of the planet; a liquid core made up of melted silicates; solid lower and upper mantles; and, finally, the earth’s crust on which we tread.

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