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Old 07-22-2006, 02:55 AM
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Default The FED stalling a plan to save US economy?

I first heard about this when someone sent me the following link:

Thursday 20 July 2006 03:10

The Federal Reserve Board, a private corporation owned mainly by foreign
interests dominated by Germany, is dubiously blocking the crediting of $4.5
trillion of repatriated offshore funds that were transferred into the United
States in May and June 2006, in fulfillment of an agreement reached last
year between the US authorities and the US financial engineering genius,
Leo Wanta, which would transform the financial and economic outlook for
the US Treasury, the US economy, the American people, and the whole world.

In so doing, the Federal Reserve, which under the Economic Espionage Act
of 1996 [H.R. 3723]* "protecting proprietary economic information, and for
other purposes", is not even entitled to knowledge of the agreements and
intended transactions, is in breach of a large number of statutes – *rendering
the Fed's Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, an American of German extraction,
and senior Fed officers, liable to severe consequences, not excluding being
picked up in front of TV cameras by Federal Marshals.

Under a revised agreement reached with the White House and the US Treasury,
finalised in November 2005 and signed in December, Leo Wanta, the Trustor of
giga-funds raised internationally and held offshore, agreed to implement a
financial strategy to rehabilitate the finances of the US Federal Government.

The agreement provides for the prepayment of taxes to the US Treasury, at
the rate of 35% of the $4.5 trillion, equating to $1,575,000,000,000, together
with prepayment of taxation to the State of Virginia at 6%, amounting to some
$270,000,000,000. In addition, Leo Wanta has put mechanisms in place for the
further generation of corporation tax deposits payable to the US Treasury
Department/Internal Revenue Service of about $96 billion per banking day.
Because of financing transactions which will consequently be carried out by
other US financial institutions, estimated total windfall accruals to the US
Treasury are likely to exceed $200 billion per banking day, from the moment
of start-up. This is now running nearly three months late.

The Wanta Plan represents a compromise arrangement which will facilitate the
transfer of originally off-balance sheet funds, onto the US Treasury's books
and the generation of further taxable transactions – *enabling the Treasury
to pay down debt, while at the same time freeing up funding resources for an
unprecedented boost to the US economy, attainable through tax reductions,
infrastructure projects and programmes to address some of the intractable
problems facing the American people.

Then I went to arcticbeacon.com to find two articles about this issue:

Fed Reserve Board Dubiously Blocks 4.5 Trillion In Funds Due U.S. Treasury

By Greg Szymanski

The corrupt Federal Reserve Board is now standing in the way of 1.575 trillion in repatriated offshore funds earmarked for the U.S. Treasury in what is now being called in worldwide financial circles as the Wanta Plan.

An agreement was reached June 12 between U.S. authorities and Wanta, the legal trustor of more than 27.5 trillion in lost or stolen U.S . assets from the Cold War era, to return 4.5 trillion of the looted money by the Bush and Clinton crime families, less money for taxes and other related expenses.

In one of the major stories of the century, Wanta provided details of a massive 4.5 trillion dollar settlement reached as a way to get the stolen money back into U.S. coffers, a settlement now being dubiously blocked by the Federal Reserve Board.

Szymanski then goes on to post the entire long article that I just quoted from before this first Szymanski article. Szymanski then has a second article on this dating from July 22.

[President Bush Aware Of 4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement But Arrogantly Hides Deal Indicating Complicity In Hi-Jacking Trillions From The People

22 Jul 2006

By Greg Szymanski

After Reagan left office, the money was earmarked for the American people with Wanta as legal trustor, but instead he was backstabbed and the money hijacked by President George H. Bush and President William Jefferson Clinton in an elaborate offshore banking scheme to enrich their own pockets and the pockets of a select group of elite friends

The Arctic Beacon is one of the only news outlets covering the explosive Wanta story, which if followed up properly, could lead to indictments to Bush and Clinton, as well as many other co-conspirators who have defrauded the American people out of trillions of dollars while, at the same time on paper, supposedly bankrupting the country

Further, according to Wanta, who appeared again Friday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, "everyday the money is being tied up" illegally by the Fed, "the American people are losing 200 billion a day."

Wanta added their was no justification to hold up the settlement and has given the Fed a July 31 to release the money or he plans to pursue all legal avenues to gain control of the total 27.5 trillion.

Hmmm, let's see. The Federal Reserve, a wet dream of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, pimped by Paul Warburg (Rothschild frontmen along with his brothers Felix and Max who were Hitler funders) as a good idea, a private corporation of other bankers who merely can issue worthless paper script that isn't backed by anything is stalling a plan that can help the American economy? Wow. What a coincidence. :-D

\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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