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Default On Israel and Islam - by Carl Johan Calleman

On Israel and Islam - by Carl Johan Calleman

On Israel and Islam - Update on the approach to The Fifth day of
the Galactic Underworld

by Carl Johan Calleman

The current situation
We are now approaching the Fifth day, beginning on November 24, 2006, and the ensuing energies of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca of the Galactic Underworld. These energies are likely to generate the chaos from which the new world of oneness will be born as we come to the completion of all the Underworlds by October 28, 2011. As I wrote in the article posted on my web site in November of last year, the first half of the Fourth night, November 29, 2005 to May 27, 2006, would be a relatively uneventful time that would be well suited for integration of what had happened in the preceding Fourth day. For the second half of this night, May 28 ? November 24, 2006, the time period that we are in now, I however forecasted that new events would be occurring that prepared for the change that would be brought by the Breakthrough energy of the Fifth day. Using comparisons I pointed to the example, among others, of how the Russian revolution of 1905, shortly after the midpoint of the Fourth night of the Planetary Underworld, heralded the fall of the autocratic empires (including the Russian) that came about as a result of World War I after the breakthrough energy of Quetzalcoatl set in in this Underworld in 1913.

In our current Galactic Underworld we are now at a time corresponding to 1905-1906 in the Planetary (see figure), and it seems obvious that the relatively calm time for integration is over. Instead, in the past few weeks we have witnessed things that very likely herald the tumultuous era that will follow as the breakthrough energy sets in with the Fifth day. I feel I have been very accurate in forecasting this basic rhythm of the evolution of the current year and you may take note that this would not have been possible without using a correct end date, October 28, 2011. I would like to add here that the Mayan calendar does not say that in a certain time period this or that will happen in concrete terms. What we have in order to help us predict the future are Underworlds ? predetermined sequences of energies that play out according to exact schedules. However, the predictions are conditioned by the intuition and background of the person who makes them. Thus, I recommend that you evaluate the reliability of predictions said to be based on the Mayan calendar by seeing how accurate the person making them has been in the past. Those who claim that the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012, however usually do not even put themselves to the test. What prophetic value does the Mayan calendar then have?

As signs of the intensification of the course of events the past week or so we have thus seen a tsunami, a report of a record number of killings in Iraq, a resurgence of Taliban fighting, missile tests in North Korea, bombings in Mumbai, a record oil price and a G-8 meeting in St Petersburg pointing to the return of Russia as a major power. Above all, however, Israel has attacked Lebanon, to destroy bases of the Hizbollah, a Muslim group supported by Syria and especially Iran. As I have said in my books the Galactic Underworld is the Apocalypse and there is little reason to expect its course of events to be smooth or unproblematic. It is virtually impossible to imagine a step-by-step process from the present world to oneness.

As we approach the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld it then obviously becomes very important to understand the role of Israel. Why, we may wonder, does this country play such a significant role to some of the world religions? Why do the Jews see themselves as a people chosen by God and why do also Christians say that things begin and end with Israel? Why is the Muslim negativity towards Israel so strong and why is Israel so adverse to compromises?

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