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Old 09-19-2006, 07:42 AM
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Default Does this mean the stock markets of the world will peak out and begin to fall?

Does this mean the stock markets of the world will peak out and begin to fall?


Raymond A. Merriman

Please note: This is not the same as our service titled "MMA Weekly Comments and Recommendations on Financial Markets,"
which is available by subscription only.
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Review and Preview

In lieu of the rising equity prices this past week, let’s expand upon the discussion of “planetary translations,” as introduced in our recent columns. After all, the major purpose of this free weekly column is to educate the reader on astrological principles, and their correspondence to financial markets and cycles in human activity.

Whenever you have a major planetary aspect unfold, there is a greater likelihood of a significant cyclical peak or trough taking place nearby in several financial markets. By “major planetary aspect,” I am referring to specific mathematical relations (angular distances, known as aspects) between the planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto (and probably the new dwarf planets of Ceres and Xena too, though we have no research studies to verify their correlation). These longer-term planetary aspects are all part of orbital cycles around the Sun that last over 12 years. Once those major planetary aspects unfold – between two slower moving planets in our solar system – it is not uncommon for a shorter-term planetary transit to form an aspect to each, either just before or just afterwards. When that happens, it is known as a “planetary translation” by the faster moving body to the slower moving planets making up the major planetary aspect. The dynamics associated with the longer-term planetary aspect are then rekindled when “translation” takes effect.

On August 29, 2006, a major planetary aspect unfolded known as Jupiter in waning trine to Uranus. This is a phase of the 14-year Jupiter-Uranus cycle (it takes Jupiter and Uranus 14 years to return to the same mathematical relationship to one another, like this 240-degree waning trine). As demonstrated in The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles, the Jupiter-Uranus combination has the highest correlation to primary or greater cycles of any planetary pair combinations that we have studied. The U.S. (and world) stock markets rallied sharply into August 29. One week later, on September 5 and 7, the transiting Sun (as seen from earth), formed an opposition and sextile to this Jupiter-Uranus trine (or, it “translated” the Jupiter-Uranus trine), and the U.S. stock markets formed a crest on September 5. For the next three days, these markets declined somewhat sharply.

This past week found equity markets rallying again. The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared to 11,613, its highest level since May 10 when it reached 11,670, which was also the time of the second (of three) passages of Jupiter in waning trine to Uranus. So why would it rally this past week? Well, if we look at the movement of Venus – a fast-moving transiting planet – we would notice that it is making a “translation - an opposition and sextile - to this same Jupiter-Uranus trine, September 15-19 (now). Once this period ends, there are no more “translations” of the Jupiter-Uranus trine of August 29 from faster moving bodies. In other words, the effects of the Jupiter-Uranus trine are now likely to fade.

Does this mean the stock markets of the world will peak out and begin to fall? Perhaps. But there is another longer-term (13-year) planetary aspect unfolding this coming week, known as Jupiter in waning square to Neptune (September 24). Anytime Jupiter is involved, equity markets can exhibit signs of optimism. The difference between the trine of Jupiter and Uranus, versus the square of Jupiter and Neptune , is that in the later case, such optimism may not be based on reality. As former FED chairman Alan Greenspan used to say, the markets are exhibiting “irrational exuberance.” That is a classical interpretation for Jupiter in square to Neptune .

In other markets last week, we note that the Japanese Nikkei index is falling, while at the same time Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil all fell very hard. In the case of Gold, we are now testing the lows formed last June 13-14, thereby putting into jeopardy our view that the low of that time was the long-term cycle trough. The next ten days will be critical to the correctness of that view.

Short-Term Geocosmics

This week will end the Venus translation to the Jupiter-Uranus trine, with the favorable sextile of Venus to Jupiter on September 19. From there, we will find a powerful total solar eclipse occurring on Friday, September 22, in the last degree of Virgo, just hours before the autumnal equinox (official start of the fall season in the northern hemisphere). You may remember last week’s discussion that planets entering into any cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) can have a correlation with reversals in financial markets, because the Federal Reserve Board was formed on December 23, 1913, when the Sun and Pluto were in the first degrees of Capricorn and Cancer. This solar eclipse is within one degree of a square to the FRB Sun-Pluto opposition, which is known as a T-square. We can therefore anticipate that any financial market affected by changes in interest rate policies or outlook could make a reversal around this time.

And then on Sunday, September 24, Jupiter will form its third and final waning square to Neptune, followed by Venus in waning square to Pluto (September 25) and heliocentric Mercury entering Sagittarius (September 25-October 6). All of these geocosmic signatures point to the period of September 15-25 as a potentially important reversal period in many markets. It marks the end of the planetary translations to the Jupiter-Uranus trine, a powerful solar eclipse period on the autumnal equinox, the final passage of the Jupiter-Neptune waning square (with no subsequent translations from faster-moving bodies) and the start of the heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius passage. Markets could get wild. They could reverse with a vengeance for several days or even weeks, especially in precious metals, currencies, and crude oil.

Long-Term Thoughts

We will return to our analysis of the 36-year Saturn-Neptune opposition, currently in effect August 2006 through June 2007, next week.


The next “MMA Cycles Report” and “MMA Japan Markets Cycles Report” will come out this Monday-Tuesday. These reports come out every three weeks to subscribers of these reports. The “MMA Cycles Report” (Monday night by email) is our market advisory report for traders of the U.S. stock indices, T-Notes, Gold, Silver, Euro, Swiss Franc, Grains, and Crude Oil. The “MMA Japan Cycles Report” covers the Nikkei, Dollar/Yen, and JGB Bonds, and comes out Tuesday afternoon. For more information and subscription, please go to http://www.mmacycles.com/services.htm.

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