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Old 09-30-2006, 06:01 AM
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Default Why Does Al Qaeda Sound Like The DNC?

Why Does Al Qaeda Sound Like The DNC?

Reposted of noplannodirection

Al Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has come out with a taped message for the world and America (just in time for our upcoming elections) which sounds just like DNC talking points:

“Can’t you [Bush] be honest at least once in your life, and admit that you are a deceitful liar who intentionally deceived your nation when you drove them to war in Iraq,” al-Zawahri said in a portion of the video released by the Washington-based SITE Institute.

You know, I swear I have heard and read that claim before. Oh yes, I heard something similar from Howard Dean:

Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean rejected the criticism on Sunday and said, “The truth is, the president misled America when he sent us to war.” …Dean said, “This is an administration that has a fundamental problem telling the truth.”

But I am certain I have heard this from others. Ah yes, John Kerry as he “reported for duty” at the DNC convention in 2004:

Sen. John Kerry challenged President Bush’s Iraq policy in blunt, biting terms Thursday night and promised cheering Democratic National Convention delegates, “I will be a commander in chief who will never mislead us into war.”

And Kerry said it many times:

SEN. JOHN KERRY: The bottom line is that the president and his administration did mislead America into war.

Where else have we heard Zawahiri’s claim before. Ah yes, Senator Harry Reid:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to make sure the President Bush can’t mislead the nation on Iran the way Bush supposedly misled Americans on the situation in Iraq.

Zawahiri also claims America tortured Jihadists we have captured and interrogated

“Your agents in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have captured thousands of the youth and soldiers of Islam whom you made to taste at your hands and the hands of your agents various types of punishment and torture,”

Well, at least we did not behead them on TV for propaganda and then allow mobs to desecrate their bodies in the open streets. But I know I have heard this claim before. Again, Rep Nancy Pelosi:

“Tonight at long last, because of Congressman John Murtha’s leadership and persistence, the House finally went on record in favor of clear procedures for dealing with prisoners and against torture.

“Our troops were sent to war in Iraq without many of the essentials needed for their effectiveness and their safety, including a standard of conduct for the treatment of detainees. We have seen, to our great shame and regret, the consequences of this lack of clarity. At Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq, at Guantanamo, and in Afghanistan, allegations and evidence of detainee abuse have damaged the standing of the United States in the world.

“The United States has long been bound by international agreements prohibiting torture. That we even find it necessary to make the prohibition against torture more explicit is the result of the Bush Administration’s legal interpretation that these long-standing prohibitions apply only to persons on U.S. soil.

And of course we have Sen Ted Kennedy chiming in with Zawahiri:

None of us can forget the images from Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad that shocked our nation nearly two years ago and stained the United States in the eyes of the world. The American people suddenly realized an unpleasant truth - the cruel practice of torture had infected the ranks of the world’s finest military.

How about President Clinton joining Zawahiri’s chorus:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton joined a chorus of critics of Bush administration proposals for the treatment of suspected terrorists, saying they would give broad approval to torture.

Shouldn’t the FEC look into whether Al Qaeda is giving in kind political donations to the Democrats for all these supporting claims? Even Al Jazeera has snippets of Bob Woodward’s book (or at least its conclusions) that Bush is hiding the full losses in the war in Iraq. I am wondering how many rabid posters at Huffington and KoS and DU are actually Al Qaeda supporters egging on our pool of useful idiots. Zawahiri’s rants are near copies of posts all over these lefty sites.

Any anti-war, liberal Democrat who complains about side-by-side comparisons between themselves and Al Qaeda have earned it this election cycle. It is beginning to be hard to tell the terrorists from the minority insurgents fighting the Bushitler regime.


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