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Old 07-16-2007, 09:32 PM
konig19 konig19 is offline
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BlueAngel wrote:
PM from Konig19:

Peace BlueAngel

Like I said Im a little confused by the thread and wasnt sure this was you,since at the beginning of the thread you are Anonymous,signing out with In Peace,BlueAngel.Yet now your name is BlueAngel with out your signature at the end.
Anyway ummm,I really would like to talk to you sometime.

BlueAngel Im not trying to judge you,I cant, I dont know anything about you other than what you posted in this thread.I dont trust you, and Im not expecting you that you trust me either.
I like very much some of the things you say because it just makes so much sense,it is obvious.
Like the fact how the music industry is being used as just an other tool to spread immorality trough the masses.

Why is it you want to talk to me?

Why not?I must say is one of the stupider questions to ask someone,I dont mean to offend you tough.

I dont want to bother you in anyway,I dont want nothing but talk to you about some of the things you are describing to have happened to you.

I don't talk via PM's. You can say what you want to say on this thread.

OK, thats fine if you dont want to talk via pm,'s.I like talking via pm's though,because its
easier to hold a conversation with someone, its much faster,and makes me know the person better.
Im not having intentions to talk to you endlessly or be your friend,just wanted to talk thats all, yes via pm's.
I also respect your decision that you choose not to,not that I expected you would for various reasons,like being to busy and so on.

Maybe I can help you understand some of the things better (God Willing).

Why is it you think you can help me understand some of the things better? Why would you know better than I? What things?
BlueAngel,Why not?Nobody knows everything other than God.Like you can see, I never said I know better than you.
But its all good Angel.

You seem like a good person,the reason you are not giving up,the very reason God is with you.

I don't seem like a good person. I am a good person. What is it I'm not giving up?

Well Angel I was looking at you from my perspective,having said this, I dont know you all that well to judge you,but from looking at your posts you seems like a good person,just like I said.
Tip,dont tell others that you are a good person not until you prove so,saying something dont mean much to me.Thats all politics,saying something but doing an other thing.
Id say Im a good person as well,but I wont make people believe that I am just by saying.

I came into your thread from Henry Makow site.
I can see that you are being very cautions,and dont trust anybody,which is a good thing.

It is not a good thing not to trust anybody. There are many people in my life that I trust; however, I don't trust anonymous posters on internet sites.

You are anonymous to me as well,but that doesnt mean I cant talk to you,or listen to what you have to say.Didnt mean to not trust anyone though,like your family and so on.

Im a little sceptical that you will want to talk to me ,but trust me I really would like to talk to you with all good intentions.

Your skepticism is logical. I don't know you so, therefore, I have no idea if you can be trusted; why you would want to talk to me; why I would want to talk to you and/or what your intentions might be.

OK, Im not expecting you to trust me nor to believer what I have to say.I like people to make up there own mind.Why would I talk to you?Well lets say because you are talking to me,I mean everybody.Its my right to question you since you are the one who started this conversation,is not fair trying to downplay this.Im sorry if Im sounding mean to you.

I understand that you are married and I respect that,is a good thing to be married to a good person.

I have no idea why you would comment on my marriage.
Because you commented on it first,right?
So Im saying thats good to be married to a good person like you are saying you are married too.
And by the way I only said to let you know that Im aware that you are married and I respect that.I dont want to downplay marriage in anyway,like you are saying marriage gives us strength.

Is unreal whats happening in this world today,while I always knew this world was corrupt for an obvious reason,I really never thought it was this bad until I read story about all this mind control from some other people like you.
By the way I cant believe how majority of peoples fail to understand where all the voices in the head come from,the very reason its so affective.But just to so you know mind control is the devils tool.
Humans dont have much to do with it if anything at all.Humans only aide to make it happen,I believe.

I disagree completely with your opinion that humans have nothing to do with mind control. Those who manipulate and control; the sadistic pigs are evil, but humans, nonetheless. This is your theory. My knowledge is based on my incarceration as stated within this thread and others.

What voices in whose heads?

Why are you downplaying what I know?You calling it a theory?
I know very much about these things,Tanks God for that,no,Im not saying I know everything.
Like I said Mind Control is the devils tool.
Humans can only aide to that with the means of drugs and other tools.
As I understand you been hearing voices reading some of your posts,and it wouldnt surprise me at all if this was true.
But I meant the people overall though,always being reported in the news as how somebody killed somebody because they heard voices in there head to do so.

Peace BlueAngel
God Bless You.
Peace Angel.
Praise Be To God Lord of The Universe.

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Old 07-16-2007, 10:35 PM
konig19 konig19 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 19

BlueAngel wrote:
Why are you downplaying what I know?

I have no idea what you know, so, therefore, I could not possibly be downplaying it.
OK,true that,but than no need to call it a theory.

You calling it a theory?
Unless you provide otherwise, it's a theory.
Like above.

I know very much about these things,Tanks God for that,no,Im not saying I know everything.
So, what is it you know?
Lets say I know why this World is so corrupt.

Like I said Mind Control is the devils tool.
Mind control is a tool used by evil people. If you desire to call them the devil, that is your choice.
No I dont call people the devils,and they are not.
The devils are evil though and they make people do very evil things.
The devils attack us emotionally and try to control our psyche,evil people (the devil followers) on the other hand are more dangerous they can attack us physically.
Devils know us emotionally,they know our psyche very well,they know how to control people and how to trigger certain feelings or emotions.
We humans dont have this ability other than he aide of the devils,drugs,or certain tools which can affect our thoughts.

Humans can only aide to that with the means of drugs and other tools.

Evil people use mind control tools. These evil people are "sadistic pigs." They are not the devil.

As I understand you been hearing voices reading some of your posts,and it wouldnt surprise me at all if this was true.
I've explained in detail about "the voices" that I no longer hear. This makes it true; your verification is not needed and so, therefore, it should not surprise you.
Well no need to be mean

But I meant the people overall though,always being reported in the news as how somebody killed somebody because they heard voices in there head to do so.
Good thing my abusers, torturers, mind controllers, sadistic pigs and Springsteen weren't able to program me in that manner. Too bad for them, huh? God Bless my PROTECTORS. Peace be with them.
Yes,Thank God.
Praise Be To God Lord Of the Universe.
Peace BlueAngel
God Bless You.
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Old 07-17-2007, 12:41 AM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 3,799

Seriously, looking back at the thread started at his unoffical site by a poster saying that he missed me, I'm just aghast.

If you discontinue posting, you're considered to have fallen off the face of the earth. This is what was said about me.

One poster says, "I have no update on cheese or liars??, but rumor has it the dish ran away with the spoon.

Another poster replies that he liked watching cheese and crackers arguing with each other.

When this thread was moved to another area, a poster replied, "this thread doesn't make any sense."

DUH! I replied, it's designed that way.

A poster said, "I wish I knew what happened to her" and VAST then posts a picture of a person in a strait jacket.

Unbelievable, but TRUE!

It makes one want to hop in the shower and wash away any remnants that might remain of having been in close contact with an infectious disease.

FILTH that they are!
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Old 07-17-2007, 08:16 AM
konig19 konig19 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 19

BlueAngel wrote:
BlueAngel said:
"So, what is it you know?"
That makes you and a whole bunch of other people. Please, do elaborate. That's what CC is all about. No need to hold back. Spill the beans. Conspiracy theorists are all about solving the mysteries they put forth. We don't get caught up in tricks/tools of the mind controllers. So, don't be mysterious or you'll look like one of them.
Im not trying to be mysterious,but what do I know?
I know that people can be very stupid.
I know that most people hate the truth, the very reason why this World is so corrupt.Thanks God Im not one of those people.
Majority of people will argue with falsehood to defeat the truth,and this leads to nowhere but confusion,injustice, towards oneself and others.
There is only one TRUTH everything else is falsehood.
I guess you have checked out the Protocols of the Elders of Zions,if you havent you should.
Its a real document its not a fake,and of course it makes all the sense to when looking from the devils perspective.Written by humans,work of the devil.It contains instruction on how to run the World,How to trick the human beings,How to deceive us,How to keep us busy with things that have no real benefit to us,and How to enslave us all by the means of our ignorance to the truth.
In this thread you have posters saying the very thing whats wrong with this world ,only for people to see it as a joke,even though they are speaking the truth yet most people are oblivious to it.
This person signs out with Devil.
Not a coincident.
From the Protocol of the Elders of Zion:

3. But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE "GOYIM" THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.
Its self explanatory.
God is the Truth,we are responsible to acknowledge this fact,and to live according to God laws and instructions which benefit all of us.
God does not need us,God is in no need of anyone,but we need God,and God wants the best for His servants.
Judaism,Christianity,and Islam are only religions acceptable to God,in fact all are one and the same religion,all from Abraham,peace be upon him.
All are valid religions and all advocate the truth.
But unfortunately all the above religions are corrupt.
Religion is not at fault,people are,people have corrupted religious teachings and have made religion invalid as its practiced today by the overwhelming majority of people.Thus making religion invalid,ineffective,something satan is very happy with.People make fun of religion,even find faults in it,but what these people (some do) dont realize is the fact that they are looking at corrupted religious teachings which obviously are false.
This is the truth,but most people hate the truth.
I know people dont even like discussing religion,and yet it is all we have,God is our Lord.
People have turned there backs to God, people are following satan who only leads people towards injustice and misery.The very reason there is so much evil in this World
NWO is the devils tool to enslave the mankind.
And it has nothing to do with order,just the opposite.
This is my short answer to your question as to why the world is corrupt,this is not just my opinion but the truth.
I don't give the devil his due. In fact, I don't dialogue with others about the devil. That's what THEY do. People do evil things and blaming it on the devil(s) is an excuse.
Im not sure I understand where you stand here?
You acknowledge the fact that people actually sell there souls to the devils,in return of some favor.
Those who do so though become slaves to the devils, and are instructed to do immoral and all these evil things.
Why do you think people sacrifice (those in cults) children,or animals to the so called gods,this has been going on for thousands of years its all the same,its pagan,its disbelief.
Why do you think all the cults are so secret?
Who are the politicians talking about when they refer to the shadowy government,the black hand,the man behind the curtain?What are those people afraid of,when they speak about being controlled, being watched all the time,saying: there is a power so organized,so watchful,that you better not speak above your breath in condemnation of it?
But I have to say you are right,when you say,its the people who are at fault, we can not blame the devils,this is true.
The devils have no power over anyone accept those who reject God.It is the peoples fault who end up listening to the devils evil calls.
When we reject God,we reject the truth,we reject any help from God,and thus people end as devil followers,confused,and do all kind of evil things.
Not until we seek God's help,do we get help,not until we believe and submit to God are we immune to devil schemes.
The devils don't attack us. Maybe they attack you. The satan worshipper followers, who would be devil worshippers themselves are more dangerous than the devil himself. Really? They can attack us physically? Basically, what you're saying is that evil people hire evil people to hurt other people. Right? Is this a suggestion?

Im not sure you understood what I was saying,but thats OK.
I was saying people are more dangerous then devils,people kill people,the devils dont but do entice people to do so.
You always hear somebody talking about killing somebody because he had a rush to do so,he enjoyed doing so,only to feel guilty right afterwards.Devils can bring up certain feelings in us to want to do certain things for example to kill someone.The person is ultimately at fault for listening to the devils calls.
Yes people blame things like this on the devils,we hear this all the time,they are not making it up,but they are still guilty of the crime more than the devils are.
Think about why you hate certain thing and what you gain from it.
Devils do attack us all the time,by whispering to us to do bad things.
You might not believe in them but they believe in you.
People who get weak mentally,people who distance them self from God,are easy to control by the devils,they can be manipulated to kill oneself or others.This happens often,we hear it in he news all the time.
Drugs can alter our awareness of reality,that impair our judgment,for instance, Alcohol,LSD,Prozac,Pot,Meth,etc. makes us just that much more vulnerable.
It gets much harder for us to make the right judgments,it can go as far to be totally controlled,and not remembering what we done just a little while ago.
Mind control is nothing new,its ancient,is just thats being done little different now,we could say its technologically enhanced.
Voices dont just magically come into somebodys head,not some random crazy interference will make sounds like somebody is talking to you,is nonsense.You can rule out magnetic fields.

Devils might know you emotionally, but, as I said, I don't give the devil his due. You seem to have a very personal relationship with the devils. Know all about those devils, don't you? You really believe the devil/satan/Lucifer exists, don't you? Did THEY put these demons inside of you?
You should,because not knowing something makes you weaker.Its something devils count on.
Im a fully aware of the devils,they are the root of all evil.
It would be ignorant and stupid to disbelieve in them, they are real.
The devil is our most ardent enemy,and we should treat him as such.
I dont know what to say to the last part of what you said above.You sound like you dont believe in devils,yet I heard you talk about people selling there souls to them.So what is it?.
By the way tell me why is it that you heard voices in your head?Whats your explanation other than I dont know?People have been hearing voices for ages, is not like Bono is talking to you with his iPhone,since he put that super advanced chip into your head(Im sorry for the bad joke,Im just trying to make a point).It is not technologically related.Technology can be used to get into our brains and block certain areas of the brain that is crucial to our judgment.
Im not sure why you are making fun of me when Im talking to you nicely.Im not making fun of you.Im just trying to help you understand these things,things which are still hunting you.If you dont believe in what Im saying,thats all good,you can say so.
Im fully aware that most people dont believe neither,in fact my brother is one of those people.I dont want to prove anything to you,I cant,you have to understand things for yourself.
Im not than one clamming of hearing voices in my head.

Humans have the ability to mind control. Don't be foolish and continue to blame some DEVIL.
There is truth to that,but its the devils who are masters at messing with our minds,they are the once teaching people all the tricks.
Im blaming the people obviously, but they are the party of the devil,they are his followers,they are his slaves,is the devils system to do all kind of evil things.Its the devil system to makes us fear,isnt that what evil people like to do.
The devils system is always obvious.

b]Evil humans are responsible for their actions, not the devil as their aid.[/b]
True humans are responsible for whatever we do,in the end we make that choice,the devils only have the power to entice us.They do have more power over there real followers,who fear them instead of God.
By the way I think I should say something who or what,the devils are.
Nothing really mysterious.
In this World there is us and than there are the Jinns,which is an Arabic name for the invisible creatures that live amongst us.
They are born and they die just like we do,they do live longer lives than we do.
They have families, they have wars,they have free will,meaning they can choose between good or evil.Some of them do believe in God,those are believers and are good creatures.They do not mess with people nor try to distract us away from God.
Those who do not believe in God,we call the devils.
They can see and hear us while we cant see them,you could say they are in a World parallel to ours,and they can appear to us
in certain shapes.
The disbelieving humans and the devils are one party they are enemies of God.
There is no Aliens,Ghosts,or whatever.Its all the devils messing with the ignorant masses.
Lucifer,Satan,The Devil,is there leader.

Peace BlueAngel,
Praise be to God Lord of the Universe.
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Old 07-17-2007, 12:17 PM
roscoe roscoe is offline
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Konig has hit upon an important point; responsibility for our actions. In this day and age, MK technology has progressed to such a point that one can be programmed(forced) to do something against his will. It is ultimatly up to God to determine our liability for these types of actions.

A couple hundred years ago the Jesuit order conceived something called philosophical sin. In other words something that is technically a sin, but is none the less pardonable because the perpetrator was FORCED to commit same. The Jesuits were thus the first to conceive that there is something called mind control.

This is where the Jesuits alleged reputation for laxity comes from; it's an undeserved reproach made by uncharitable minds. MK exists bigtime and while I believe Blue Angel to be off base on more than a few things, she most likely is a true MK survivor.
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Old 07-17-2007, 01:31 PM
roscoe roscoe is offline
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Blue Amgel; take it easy as I am on your side. It's just that you don't(and neither do I) have everything right. The Magisterium of Holy Church is your friend and has the answers.

The agnostic Christopher Marlowe said 'if anybody's right it HAS to be the Catholic Church because ALL THE OTHERS ARE THE BIGGEST PHONYS.
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Old 07-17-2007, 04:09 PM
konig19 konig19 is offline
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BlueAngel wrote:
Konig said:

"True humans are responsible for whatever we do,in the end we make that choice..."

Excuse me, but humans who are incarcerated against their own free will in mind control programs by "sadistic pigs" who worship Satan, are not responsible for whatever they do. Those who perpetrate these acts of violence against them are responsible and they will be held accountable.

Mark my words!
True BlueAngel,You are right.
We are not to blame for things we have no control of,for example,if a girl is forced into prostitution against her will,she is not to be blamed.
Praise be to God Lord of the Universe.
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Old 07-17-2007, 05:21 PM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Or, the brainwashed followers of Springsteen say something like this:

Springsteen and Sinatra are not so far apart as they both express their selves in a uniquely American way.

Comparing Springsteen to Sinatra.

You've got to be kidding?

No, you're just brainwashed.

Yes, Springsteen's American songs about "little girls," oral sex, masturbation, ramrodding, and violence.


Last edited by BlueAngel : 03-30-2015 at 11:07 AM.
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Old 07-17-2007, 06:35 PM
roscoe roscoe is offline
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BAngel- this is a Forum where people exchange ideas and mine have a right to be here. I have never been hostile to you so lighten up. Truth is an act of Grace; someone has brainwashed you into thinking Holy Church is your enemy: this is not so.

All the Popes sincne Pius XII can be proven to be anti-Popes. My personal view is that they have been anti-Popes beginning with Benedict XV in 1914.

Anyone thinking that the Vat II anti-Church is the Catholic Church is being deeply deceived.
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Old 07-18-2007, 09:15 AM
Shadow's Avatar
Shadow Shadow is offline
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BlueAngel wrote:
JON FRIEDMAN'S MEDIA WEB: NBC's Tim Russert Follows His Own Compass

July 18, 2007: 12:41 AM EST


'The Boss'

According to his NBC bio, Russert "has interviewed every major figure on the American political scene."

Still, he has regrets. Russert wished he could've had Pope John Paul II on " Meet the Press." "I would've asked him about his life as an outspoken religious leader," Russert said, specifically his impact on the fall of Communism and his views about how American Catholics viewed his teachings.

President Bush hasn't appeared on "Meet the Press" since February 2004, Russert noted. He said that he'd ask Bush if he anticipates any change in the administration's Iraq policy. "I don't expect" there would be one, according to Russert.

Can you guess who is his dream "get"?

It's rock and roll star Bruce Springsteen. "I'm very intrigued by him," Russert said. "He has a real understanding of the political dialogue, of faith and life in urban America."

I think Russert's gone over the deep end. Someone must have paid him to say that Springsteen has a real understanding of the political dialogue, of faith and life in urban America. That's not political dialogue. Hey, Russert come have a peek at his lyrics. He seems to have a real understanding about sex with "little girls," too.

Russert already has a connection to "the Boss." "I booked concerts for John Carroll [University] in Cleveland," Russert recalled. "We paid $2,500 to book him on a Tuesday night in February 1974."

Russert has a connection to the BOSS! Oh my goodness, can we touch you?

Aside from the indelible mental snapshot of seeing a brilliant performer 18 months before he made it big, Russert cherishes the memory for a more practical reason: "I made enough money to pay for my second year of law school."

He said he told Springsteen the story once when he ran into him at a New York City restaurant. Springsteen laughed and said, "That sounds like one of my songs."

I bet Russert could woo Springsteen by playing snippets of his tunes to accompany appearances by the candidates: "Glory Days" for Sen. John McCain, " Born to Run" for Sen. Hillary Clinton, "Two Hearts" for John Edwards, "It's Hard to be a Saint in the City" for Mitt Romney, "New York City Serenade" for Rudy Giuliani, "Jungleland" for Mayor Michael Bloomberg and, of course, "I'm on Fire" for Obama.

You think Russert could WOO Springsteen. One man WOOING another. Okay. The mention of some snippets of Springsteen's songs to be played during appearances by candidates, you've got to be kidding, right? Whomever wrote this article has gone over the deep end with Russert. "I'm on Fire" being played during an Obama appearance. Would that mean Springsteen is on fire for Obama or that Obama is on fire for a little girl whose Daddy isn't home?"

If Michael Dukakis, comes on the show, Russert can cue up "Kitty's Back" for the missus.

I asked Russert if he had reached out to Springsteen to request an interview. He shook his head, as if he was unworthy of the meeting. It was reassuring to see that even Tim "No Surrender" Russert, the scourge of Washington, could act a little overwhelmed by someone.

Oh, come on, Russert, reach out! Unworthy of the meeting? What does one have to do to be worthy of a Springsteen meeting/interview? Kiss his feet? Russert is a "No Surrender" scourge of Washington and is overwhelmed by Springsteen. Does he go ga-ga or something?
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