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Old 12-31-2006, 09:53 AM
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Default Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

I said that evolution was accompanied by a simplification of forms and an amplification of the intensity of life, whereas involution was accompanied by a multiplication of forms and a diminution in the intensity of life, a loss of expressiveness, subtlety and refinement. This is why, when man debases himself, he sinks more deeply into diversity and becomes a world teeming with savage, snarling beasts - snakes, crocodiles, tigers and jackals. This is because man's inner life is simply the reflection of his outer life; when he moves further from the Source, he reproduces within himself the conditions of the jungle and is torn by inner conflict and strife. The only way he can put an end to this unhappy situation is to turn back to unity.

This unity must also be established amongst the countries of the world. Study your history books and you will see that, not so very long ago, many of the existing countries were split up into seperate, warring States.

Eventually, these small States realized that it would be to their advantage to unite and, in doing so, they have become world powers. But this is only one stage in the process; it is not enough. Each of these powers feels threatened by - and is a threat to - its neighbours, and the final outcome of the war they are preparing can only be their mutual destruction. Human beings must realize that the time has come to achieve a much broader, more all-embracing unity: every country in the world must unite, and that unification will produce in the body of the world exactly what it produces in our own bodies: health, strength and well-being. Mankind has not yet reached a satisfactiory state of health; it is ill, suffering from cancer, because of the all-pervading philosophy of separativeness. Each individual wants to work only for his own country or his own family. But this tendency can only create an everlasting series of complications and wars because, in such divisive conditions, there will always be some whose interests are overlooked. It is time, now, to simplify things, to convince all the countries of the world that, if they agree to unite, they will be much better off: everyone will share in the new abundance and be free to travel, get to know other people and rejoice together.

In the past, of course, these notions of separativeness were perfectly normal; they had a role to play for man was not capable of broadening the scope of his consciousness to any great extent. Even the great Initiates such as Moses, for example, encouraged their people in the idea that they had to combat foreign nations; in fact, Moses himself participated in such wars. At that period in fact it was impossible to get human beings to understand brotherly love and the need for a universal family. They were too much like animals; the thing was unthinkable. But the situation is no longer the same and, thanks to the speed of communications, the world has suddenly grown so small that the time has come for human beings to understand that they must do away with the barriers between countries and unite so that the whole world may be one immense family. Human beings are still fighting, but what are they defending? They are defending a state of affairs which is destined to disappear and, one day, they will realize how stupid they were to work so hard to preserve it.

In the meantime, however, they cling to their old political and religious conceptions. Christians, for example, continue to take pride in belonging to the true religion, in being the true children lf God; they consider that all others are pagans, infidels, unbelievers. But this is grotesque, ridiculous, absolutely monstrous! True children of God cannot be so narrow-minded. As long as this is their attitude, they are on a very low level - and it is not I who put them on that level, it is they themselves. Every creature decides his own level and his own orientation by entertaining thoughts, feelings and acts which put him in contact with specific substances, regions and forces in the universe. Every day, at each instant of the day, we ally ourselves with good or with evil, with the light or with darkness.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Old 01-01-2007, 04:05 AM
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Default Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science II

Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science II

It is visible that a tremendous work is going on, today, and it will be carried on with increasing intensity, if not by adults, then by the young. For it is the young who will find it impossible to endorse the obsolete conceptions that are the cause of all wars and who will force adults to see things from a broader perspective. Young people are coming to the fore; they are going to turn the world upside down in Russia as well as in America; they will bring about a tremendous revolution. Political leaders too often imagine that the destiny of a country is in their hands. They may be able to comfort themselves with this illusion for a time, but not for long. All those who have believed that everything depended on them, have come to a bad end. Tyrants always come to a bad end; they cut off a few heads but, in the end, others come along and then it is their turn to lose their heads. In reality, the destiny of mankind is not ruled by human beings, however mighty, but by very exalted Entities who watch over the world and control the course of events.

Think of all those mighty empires that once subjugated the world: they have all disappeared and been replaced by others. Yes, there are other intelligences, other forces working towards a goal that is unknown to us. Human beings should be much humbler, therefore, otherwise they are bound, sooner or later, to bite the dust. None of the innumerable secret societies that once believed they were going to rule the world has ever succeeded, and most of them have ceased to exist. Whereas the great Initiates, those who serve God's design, although they have often been scorned and massacred, have kept their ideal intact. For God's design is always the salvation, liberation and happiness of mankind.

My dear brothers and sisters, the Universal White Brotherhood exists to remind human beings that they are children of the same Father and the same Mother. Why should they slaughter each other? Why should they work against each other? It is monstrous, insane! You are obliged to agree with this conclusion: once you accept this truth you cannot continue to be seperate and to detest each other, it's illogical. You must either live according to this truth or you should reject it - it would be more honest. Perhaps, if people had neither the same father nor the same mother, it would be permissible to massacre each other, but to behave like the Christians, who profess to believe that we are all children of the same Father and Mother, and who continue, in spite of that, to massacre Christians and non-Christians alike. Such a thing simply should not be. It is a terrible contradiction!

Human beings seek happiness, success and wealth for themselves and are always ready to spring to the defence of these things, believing that, if they don't, they will lose them. Only thirty years ago, the Frenchman who dared to suggest that his people should seek reconciliation with the Germans would have been shot. And now that the idea is accepted, neither the French nor the Germans are in danger of being shot for making friends, visiting each other - and even bringing a few little France-Germans into the world! Why shouldn't it be the same with all the other nations? The fact that the French and Germans are friends has not really changed things very much; they still have other enemies who are just waiting for the chance to devour them. If we are really to be out of danger, therefore, the unity we need must be much broader in scope. Otherwise, neither arms nor diplomacy will be capable of saving poor, suffering humanity. But the day will come when the dangers that threaten men will be so great that they will be forced to be friends. Yes, even the United States and Vietnam, even Israel and the Arab countries.

The only way for human beings to solve their problems is to live a brotherly life, and this is the life that I am offering them, a life which will give them an expanded consciousness and greater intelligence, happiness and joy. But the poor things cannot see this. The Brotherhood opens vast horizons to them; it offers them a family and immense wealth, but they refuse to leave their own little burrow, their egoism and darkness, their lower nature. They say, 'I don't need a Brotherhood; I don't need to learn any of that; all I want is to live my life freely and independently.' In reality, what they are defending in this way is their sloth and egoism, a wanton, undisciplined way of life, because that is what suits them.

The trouble is that human beings have no real touchstone by which to guide themselves; they are still babies. If they were adult - spiritually adult - they would recognize that it is their predilection for comfort and facility, their desire to 'enjoy' life that is the source of all misfortunes. But, as they have never analysed themselves, they still prefer this attitude, because it dispenses them from making an effort or trying to improve. Well, I must warn them that, as long as they have this attitude, they will never make any progress because they are behaving like children. Children always prefer something agreeable, pleasant, sweet; their intelligence is not sufficiently developed for them to understand that the sweet things of life won't help them to evolve.

Sometimes, in order to develop and become strong and intelligent, we have to accept something bitter, some quinine. Some people have even sought martyrdom deliberately, because they knew that human beings evolved more rapidly in difficult conditions. To be sure, I am not going to ask you to go to such lenghts, but I do ask you to understand that you must break with this philosophy of separativeness that so many people adopt in order to be, as they think, free and independent. You will never be free that way; on the contrary, you will be slaves, slaves to your own whims and weakness.

True development can only take place in a collectivity. When you are always alone there is nothing to make you control yourself or help others. You can sleep all day, go unwashed and live in squalor and disorder. Some people prefer to live in sordid conditions; they fell comfortable that way, but in a collectivity it would be frightful! You have to be clean and presentable so as not to be offensive to others; you have to be friendly, patient and tolerant. Some people tell me that they need to be alone because they have so much work to do. Come on now! Don't think you can fool me so easily: I can see the reflection of that 'work' in their faces, and it is nothing but laziness, pleasure, the life of the astral plane or of even lower, subterranean regions in which they spend their time raising the dust and stirring up the mud and the tadpoles. But one fine day they are going to wake up to the fact that they are completely enslaved, that they have been working for their enemies, for entities of darkness they don't even know. It is these entities that order them about: 'Get me this or that to eat. No, I don't like that; go and get me the other thing, etc.' And they are forever running about, trying to satisfy what they take to be their own desires. Yes, and this state of affairs will continue until they finally realize that they have compromised their future and their own happiness by feeding and pandering to their worst enemies.

You must be aware that every human being is inhabited by two types of entity, and if they don't know which ones to nourish, they end by being completely dominated by the entities of darkness. In order to milk them to the last drop, to get the last scrap of meat off them, these entities tell them, 'You're free! You can do what you please', and the poor fools are convinced that they have been 'liberated' as they would say. They don't realize that, on the contrary, they thave been enslaved. Man can be free, but not by surrendering to all his desires. As long as people understand freedom in the manner of children, they will never know liberty, only slavery.

Do as you please, therefore, but, sooner or later, you will be obliged to arrive at the same truths that I am giving you today. And the sooner you get there the better! You have already had so many costly experiences, is there any point in going on in the same way? Couldn't you find a better kind of experience? I am continually astonished by people's mentality: they say, 'But its important to sample all kinds of experiences'. I agree. Absolutely. But why do you experiment only with dark, negative things? You must at least be honest about it, and if you insist on sampling everything, then you must also sample luminous, spiritual things. If you really feel that you must try everything, why limit yourself to only one aspect?

Man, unfortunetly, always concentrates on one side of things - usually the worst side - and neglects the other. When a philosopher - a self-styled philosopher - declares that there is nothing in life for man but emptiness and despair, that God does not exist or that, if He does, man has no way of communicating with Him, the masses rush to follow him. And yet, even if there is an element of truth in that point of view, wouldn't it be equally true to say the exact opposite? Why do human beings confine themselves to one aspect - and always the worst? There are always two sides to everything and you must look at both. A human being has two natures, one that is celestial and the other that is infernal, and you must study both of them. Yes, but you must give first place to his celestial nature.

Now, have you really understood what I have been saying? Have you understood that the Universal White Brotherhood is a truly terrible place, as unpleasantm, indigestible and tough as can be? If you have understood this, then you will come here to practise and get into training, to develop to the full every aspect of your being - will, heart, intellect, soul and spirit - and, one day, you will become true sons and daughters of God.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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