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Old 08-27-2009, 04:18 PM
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Smile The Man Of The Sixth Race


"Each race is notable for certain qualities: the black race - for its imagination and powerful feelings; the red - for its activity: they apply geometry and mathematics; the yellow race is notable for its objective mind;

the white race - for its rationality: ever since it has come to earth, it has measured things on scales and studied them.

"The sixth race which is at hand has within itself all the good qualities of all of the races which have preceded. In this regard, it represents the essential synthesis of the human virtues.

"While living on earth man passes through the phases of the preceding races. As cautious as one might be, he nevertheless will pass through the phases of the preceding races and - if he is of an independent mind - will learn from them.

"The sixth race is the race of Justice and of the Kingdom of God. The sixth race is already coming, and then the Kingdom of God - on a small scale will be established on earth."

A brother asked, "Master, is not justice inferior when compared to the Kingdom of God? Because, according to the law of justice, the one who works less will earn less, whereas according to the higher Law, everyone must receive according to his needs."

The Master replied:

"The Kingdom of God and Justice are one and the same. I am speaking here of Divine Justice.

"The culture of the mind creates the external forms. The sixth race will impart content to these forms.

"Each race has given something of itself. The race which follows - the race of Love - will give the most. It will be represented by noble, luminous souls. It will bring to earth the new culture. The ideas of the sixth race are like the air: they permeate all, even now.

"The Slavs will give an impulse to the sixth race. After the events which are happening now, the sixth race will become active in life. It will begin to take leadership. Many more representatives of the sixth race will be present on earth than at the moment. They will give a new direction to the culture. The Slavic people will serve as the base for the engraftment of the sixth race."

One brother asked, "Is there a possibility that the representatives of sixth race will appear in Bulgaria?"

The Master answered:

"Yes, the conditions exist. For several thousand years Bulgaria has been worked upon for this purpose.

"The sixth race will give order to the world. It will take up leadership in its hands. The Divine in man puts to sleep the base - the animal nature - within him. For thousands of years it has been lulling it to sleep in a manner similar to lulling a snake to sleep. The learned ones who will come will put order and structure into the world. These are the people of the sixth race.

"The awakened people from all nations will form the sixth race.

"Slowly but surely you are advancing towards the sixth race. It is in store for you to meet with the luminous souls who love you. Do not waiver and do not doubt!

"In the sixth race, each will be aware that others have the same rights and privileges as he does.

"It has been said, 'If you are not born again..." These words imply the sixth race. The rebirth about which the Christians are speaking refers to the entering into the sixth race; and repentance and conversion, etc. - are the preparation. The 'born again' are already in the sixth race. Within it death will exist no more. When the time comes to depart, one will dematerialize, will become invisible. Cemeteries will no longer exist. They will exist only for the remainder, not for those of the sixth race.

"As at present, existing simultaneously with the white race, there are the black, the red, the yellow - the same will be with the sixth race. We are only paving the way for Love which is the sixth race. The people of Love will be different.

"The words in Scripture 'the first resurrection' are meant for them. The Manifestation of Love in humankind - this is the first resurrection.

"The sixth race brings positive beauty. The people of that race will have very regular features: they will be beautiful. They will be inspired by the high ideal within themselves which will make them beautiful. They will be a much more beautiful people than you have seen until now.

"The facial angle of the European is 80 degrees; in the dog it is 35 degrees. In the human being of the sixth race, it will be 90 degrees. "Rarely have I seen really beautiful people.

"The brows of the people of the sixth race will be more straight:

they will be curved very little, indicating that they are part of a very large Circle. The complexion of these people will be radiant like a figure illuminated by the sun. Light will emanate from their faces as if they were radiating. At night there will be no need of lamps. Wherever one goes, there will be light, because man will radiate light. Their eyes will see at a distance; they will see also in the dark. When you look at a man from a distance, you do not know who he is. But as a man of the sixth race, you will see the details from far away.

"We need to acquire that quality of light - selflessness, and that quality of water - suppleness. That which the light has accomplished in illuminating space, you should do as well. And that which the water has done in purifying things, you too should do.

"The man of the sixth race is already created, he exists. He has been there for thousands of years, but he is kept under guard, is hidden:

he is not shown to everybody. Nature exists as a closed book. The one who knows how to open it can read from it. Many look at this closed book from without only, only at its cover.

"With the coming of the sixth race, humankind will enter paradise and will depart from error.

"In the future, man will remember his past incarnations. It will be pleasing for him to remember them, but he will feel that he has departed from his old state - like the butterfly which previously had been a caterpillar.

"The man of the sixth race will be musical. When he visits one who is ill - just by singing to him or playing an instrument - the ill one will regain his health."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Christ and Master Beinsa Douno. Bulgarian White Brotherhood Official Page.

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Old 08-27-2009, 05:56 PM
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Smile The Sixth Race


The Master lifted the corners of the curtain and, for an instant, revealed the future which is descending from Above. For the ordinary man, this was like a fairy tale from One Thousand and One Nights. Nevertheless, this was the real Life towards which humankind is headed.

The Master said:

"Each new epoch is a creative Act of God. Modern times cannot be compared to the future which is coming. Now a nucleus of people from all nations is forming in the world - English, French, German, Russian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turk, Serb - both black and white - are forming a new race: a nation with a new understanding which is different from the present. Who unites these spirits? The Great Divine Law attracts them that they may come to know one another and work together. I ask, 'Could the Bulgarians be a contingent of such people?' Yes, they can. If the Bulgarians do not send their representatives there, they will be its servants. Those nations who send their representatives to this nucleus - their names will be inscribed upon this great kingdom; and those who do not - their names will be erased. The Scriptures stated thousands of years ago, 'Those peoples which do not serve God, do not have a future.'

"A glorious moment is coming for which you must prepare. Be glad for your future, for that which is awaiting you.

"Everywhere - in all nations - there are people present of the sixth race. You can encounter representatives of the sixth race as an intelligent child, as a noble youth or as an old man."

One sister asked, "Are we going to see them?"

The Master replied:

"You have seen them. It is said in the Scriptures, 'All nations will come together and the Name of God will be glorified.' From the twelve tribes of Israel, one understands that humankind will be united. The twelve tribes are the 12 symbols of the zodiac, the 12 qualities of humankind.

"People have small ideas. The Bulgarians wish for a great Bulgaria; the Serbs - a great Serbia. All wish to be great. In the Kingdom of God, all nations must be united. By 'the Kingdom of God,' one should understand the people of the sixth race. They will live as brothers. All nations will be represented in one unity.

"Those who do not understand the prophecies are worried about the future. Read Chapter 60 from Isaia. This chapter is about the coming of the sixth race. In the Epistle of Jude, verse 14, it is written, 'Behold, the Lord has come with ten thousands of his holy ones to execute judgement upon all, and to convict all the impious of all their impious works which they have done.' This is about an epoch whose beginning is now. Until now, the good were being cultivated in the greenhouse, but when the Kingdom of God comes all flowers will leave the greenhouse - natural growing conditions will exist for them.

"From the Invisible World, Advanced Beings - people of the new Love or the so-called forerunners of humankind - are coming. These are workers who are coming from Above. When they find souls who are ready to work, they will incarnate in them and will work through them.

"New ideas are coming into this world. They clash with the old ones. Why? Because the old refuses to give up its realm. The new will reform the world radically. The old systems will be replaced with new ones. The one who accepts these new ideas will be transformed. His face will become illuminated and will take on a new expression. We are in a transitional epoch. We will all pass into the new epoch and will live in a new way. The old forms have become obsolete. The old life has no more material for work. The time has come for all people to raise their consciousness a step upward and give way to the Divine Power."

Christ and Master Beinsa Douno. Bulgarian White Brotherhood Official Page.
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