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Old 04-06-2005, 04:54 AM
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Default Astrape ekleipsis

Hybrid solar eclipse on day of Pope's funeral

Wednesday, 06 April , 2005, 03:20

Paris: Those who say eclipses herald history-shaping events will find support for their superstition when, on Friday, the Sun will be briefly plunged into darkness on the day of Pope John Paul II's funeral.

Astronomers, though, say the eclipse, while of a rare and intriguing type, was calculated long ago and is simply part of a ballet in celestial physics between the Sun, Earth and Moon.

It will be visible on Friday along an arc ranging from the southwestern Pacific to South America, at a time it will already be night in Rome.

The event will be a rare type called a "hybrid eclipse," expert Fred Espenak says on his website (http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov).

Along the central part of its path, some sections will have a total eclipse, in which the Moon will completely obscure the Sun.

On other sections of the track, though, it will be an annular eclipse - the Moon will appear to have a brilliant, blazing ring around it.

Total eclipses occur when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, completely obscuring the solar disk for a few minutes and illuminating the landscape in an eerie, sepulchral light. The eclipse follows a West-to-East track that lasts several hours until the alignment ends.

Hybrid eclipses occur because of the curvature of the Earth, says Espenak.

Sometimes the Moon's shadow touches the Earth's surface, while at others it falls just short, thus providing the "ring" effect.

Friday's event will lasting three hours and 24 minutes, according to Espenak's calculations.

It begins at 1854 GMT southeast of New Zealand, then races eastwards on a line north of the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and finally Venezuela, where there will be a 33-second annular eclipse at sunset at 2218.

People living in New Zealand and to the north and south of this central line, including most of the southern United States, will see a partial eclipse - the Sun will appear to have had a "bite" taken out of it.

Total eclipses have often seen as the harbingers of great events, from droughts and floods to failed harvests and the downfall of kings.

In ancient China, the belief was that an eclipse was caused when the gods dispatched a dragon to eat the Sun. The monster then had to be chased away with dances, incantations, the clashing of cymbals and gongs, and the unleashing of arrows and fireworks.

Even the word "eclipse" comes from a Greek word, "ekleipsis", which means to fail or be abandoned.

"The Sun has perished out of heaven and an evil mist hovers over all," was Homer's horrified account of an eclipse in The Odyssey.

Two eclipses occurred near Palestine in AD29 and AD33 - events that, for some Christians, give astronomical proof to the biblical account that the sky darkened at Jesus' death on the cross.

Total solar eclipses happen about once every 18 months or so, although two partial or annular eclipses occur somewhere on Earth each year. The next hybrid eclipse will take place on April 20 2023, says Espenak.

Anyone viewing an eclipse should always wear proper eye protection, using filters against ultraviolet rays that can damage the retina.


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Old 04-06-2005, 06:09 AM
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Default Re: Astrape ekleipsis

Hey YEO! How Are Ya?
Listen. I know that the Vatican is big on astronomy, and being one of the oldest observatories. Many people do not realize the importance the Vatican holds about astronomy.
But..., do you feel, and if I may say! "It was written in the stars". In regards the the pope's illness/death?
Your opinion/knowledge please.
Helen (get real)
Got Truth?
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Old 04-06-2005, 07:08 AM
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Default Re: Astrape ekleipsis

The Vatican has a history of refusing to pay too much attention to astronomy. That is until they funded and built their own observatory.

Copernicus was dismissed as a heretic. As were Bruno and Galileo.

I don't believe it is a co-incedence that there is an eclipse on the day of the Popes funeral. I don't believe there is such thing as coincedence in this universe.

I'm sure there is some deeper symbolic meaning hidden somewhere in there.

It will probably be easier to see what that is after the event.
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Old 04-06-2005, 09:43 AM
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Default Re: Astrape ekleipsis

I recall reading somewhere that there was indeed

a star showing astronomically about the time

Jesus was born. Anybody have more info on this ?
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Old 04-06-2005, 11:44 AM
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Default Re: Astrape ekleipsis

Pope John Paul II - known as the Pope of: De labore Solis or Pope of the Labour of the Sun

With the death of Pope John Paul II comes new talk of old Roman Catholic prophecies concerning the future of the Catholic Church. There has been a sudden upsurge in commentaries plus postings on various discussion forums and in chat rooms about an old Catholic saint’s prophecies for the end of the Roman Catholic Church. Such predictions were made by a certain man called St. Malachy dating to the Middle Ages. The Malachy “prophecies predicted 112 future popes. Those who have done their research homework have tracked the list of popes down to Pope John Paul II as being the next-to-last good pope or so the story goes. See http://www.catholic-pages.com/grabbag/malachy.asp

Keep in mind that the St. Malachy prophecies are steeped in controversy and many critics within the church claim the prophecies are mere forgeries because they were “lost” for 400 years and were unknown from inception until 400 years later. The prophecies, written by St. Malachy after having allegedly witnessed a vision were given to the reigning Pope who apparently shelved them in a shroud of secrecy only to be uncovered 400 years later.

In those writings, various future Popes were mystically referred to be certain enigmatic signs or mystical titles. Their mystical title might be connected to where the pope lived, his family, his prior background or whatever might provide a linking clue.

The prophecy indicated that the Pope, which became John Paul II was a pope connected to the sun, or a ‘sun-pope’ so to speak. The Malachy prophecies state that pope number 266 or #110 of the succeeding popes would be the De labore Solis = ‘eclipse of the sun’ or the ‘labor of the sun.’ Now here is where it gets interesting.

Pope John Paul the Second was born on May 18, 1920 during an eclipse of the sun. He is also seen to be the fruit of the intercession of the Woman Clothed with the Sun laboring in Revelation 12 (because of his devotion to the Virgin Mary). He was indelibly linked to the Fatima prophecy supposedly because the Third Secret of Fatima was that he would be the victim of an assassination attempt and protected by the Virgin Mary, clothed with the sun laboring in Revelation. Of course this is an attempt to link the virgin experience with Revelation 12. For Catholics this was a bit overreaching to make the case in our opinion. His birth during an eclipse should have been enough for a connection. However, it gets better.

Now that the Pope has died we find something else interesting. In fact we understand two interesting aspects. First, we’ve heard substantial rumors that the Pope died on April 1st as first reported but then later denied by the Vatican. Perhaps he did die then, perhaps not. So what does it matter? First of all, April 1st is a special occult day for which significance my memory escapes, (besides it being April Fool’s day) but I think it has something to do with Ishtar, chief goddess of Babylon. My first thought was that they wanted to avoid any potential linkage to the pagan deity. However, on Sunday, we were told that according to the rules a pope must be buried within 4 to 6 days upon death. That would mean that if the Pope had died on April lst then he must be buried buried by April 7th.

No big deal, right? Well there’s more to this story and we’re just now scratching the surface.

Do you remember our mentioning of the Malachy prophecy of this Pope? Do you remember how the prophecy connected John Paul II to the sun? Do you remember that John Paul was born during a solar eclipse? Well guess what! April 8th is 6 days after John Paul officially died and it is the last day his body can remain unburied. So, can you guess what happens on April 8th? Yes, you guessed it, a Solar eclipse! See link below for solar eclipse information for April 8th.


Pope of Solar Eclipses will be buried on April 8th the "Day of the Masters" and a "Hybrid Solar Eclipse."

Here's a link to a list of occult/Satanic days:


How ironic, yet it really matches the St. Malachy prophecy, doesn’t it? It is almost as if it was planned this way by the Vatican elite? Of course, there’s more to this and we’re just getting started.

Above: Cardinals gather in a meeting to plan the Papal Funeral. One of these men will be the next Pope.

The rest of the St. Malachy prophecy indicates that the next Pope, #111 on the list will be the Pope of the Olive or Gloria Olivae ("Glory of the Olives") What that means is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it will be a Pope who had Jewish parents? Who knows at this point, but this is not the point of our article.

The Pope #112 is the last on the list and thus the last of the Popes before the end of the Church. This Pope will be called “Peter Romanos” or “Petrus Romanus.” The comments made by St. Malachy are as follows:

“(In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)”

Okay, now we’ve finished scratching the surface on this subject. Now let’s get below the surface and into the inner dark realms or the inner sanctum of the Vatican. For that we turn to the testimony and legacy of a famous Vatican confidant> We speak of a priest by the name of Father Malachi Martin who was the chief exorcist for the Vatican and T-H-E exorcist that became the famous priest in the movie The Exorcist.

Malachi Martin a Jesuit Priest from Ireland became a close confidante to Popes from the 1960s forward. Martin was actually a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar who wrote one of the earliest books (a 2 volume effort) on the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was quite an expert on ancient semitic languages. Later, Martin became involved with the RCC rituals of Exorcism. It was then that he developed the reputation for battling the occult world. It was that battle, which brought him the unwanted media exposure for the rest of his life. Martin was also a prolific author who wrote 16 books and numerous magazine articles died July 28, 1999 at the age of 78.

The Washington Post noted his "uncanny accuracy" for not only reporting but predicting events dealing with the hidden, inside geopolitics of the Vatican. The Post noted that Martin had a predilection for predicting the unthinkable only to be laughed at but yet be found accurate when the prediction transpired. It is with this background that we now proceed cautiously to comments made by Malachi in media interviews on radio-tv before his death. Here below are some of his book covers dealing with the Vatican Satanic problem.

Malachi spoke of the Third Secret of Fatima which only the Pope himself supposedly knew. Yet Malachi says that at least one of the Pope’s ( I think it was Pope John the 23rd) told Malachi the secret. He reportedly discussed it in some detail with Pope John Paul II after the Pope survived an assassination attempt. The Third Secret of Fatima is the segment providing predictions of the future after World War 2. Malachi sums up the material as:

“It says that no matter what happens there are going to be terrible wars, there are going to be diseases, whole nations are going to be wiped out, there are going to be 3 days darkness, there are going to be epidemics that will wipe out whole nations overnight, parts of the earth will be washed away at sea and violent tornadoes and storms. It's not a nice message at all”

Above: The Fatima children who saw a "vision" of the Virgin Mary

Link to the story of Fatima below:


Above: Site where the "vision of Fatima" allegedly took place. A huge shrine has been built up around it now.

Martin also spoke of the St. Malachy Prophecies. In regards to such prophecies Martin noted that perhaps Pope 111 will be the last pope, the Olive pope also known as the “Black Pope” or the Antichrist pope as opposed to the #112 Pope

to be called Peter Romanus. Martin also indicated that there might be an intervening pope between #’s 111 and 112. It seemed in listening to his last few media appearances that he believed Pope John Paul II might be the last good Pope after all. Of course, he also indicated that #111 might only reign as Pope for a few days, weeks or months before an untimely death like Pope John Paul the First who lived only 2 months.

Martin in his books and interviews makes it very clear that he thinks Satanic forces, operating through priests, bishops and cardinals who’ve sold their soul to the devil are in a position to soon take over the entire Roman Catholic Church. For some it might seem very strange, but for many of us Protestant observers, we’ve always thought that way about the RCC. Now, we’re only surprised to hear men like Martin admit to it.

Martin was certain however that in the near future a Pope would become the Antichrist or “antipope” as he would some times call it. We here at A-O would disagree. We think that a future pope may be the False Prophet who drives everyone else to worship the Beast or Antichrist but not the actual “Antichrist.”

So what signs would we look for to confirm these views?

For starters, we’d look for any signs or signals regarding Pope John Paul II in his death. There were strong reports of the Pope dying on April 1st which is a special

occult day. Of course, there is a more significant day which is April 8th.

April 8th is called “Masters Day” or “Day of the Masters.” It just so happens that at least an irony develops also. The late Pope will be buried on April 8th which is the last date allowed under Roman Catholic canon law. He could have been buried on the 6th or the 7th. Had he been declared dead on the 1st then he could only have been buried between the 5th through the7th and thus would have missed being buried on the 8th, the Day of the Masters. BUT that is not all to be missed.

April 8th is also a day for an unusual Solar eclipse called a “hyrbrid” eclipse. The Pope according to the St. Malachy prophecy was to be the pope of the sun or the pope of the eclipse. Well Pope John Paul II is certainly living up to that title because he was born on a solar eclipse and will be buried on the day of a solar eclipse. More eclipse details at link below:

CNN Special Report on the Solar Eclipse & the Papal Burial


More scientific details below on the "hyrbid" solar eclipse:


Combine that with the fact that it is an occult holy day with all of the “Masters” of the world gathered in one place at the same time (that meaning all the world’s leaders gathered for the Pope’s funeral) leads us to consider the possibility that the Illuminati leadership will stage something spectacular either literally or symbolically on that day. It may merely be that there will be another sign that will help select a next pope to be the Anti-pope or False Prophet.

We also suspect that the next Pope will be chosen during the occultic “High Holy Days of April 26th through May 1st. In some way shape or manner, if Satan has gained control of the Vatican overtly, we’ll likely be able to pick up his signals or signature. If so, we’ll pass them along to you here at AO. Of course, you too may easily spot them or maybe not.

We don’t know exactly what is going to happen. We can only speculate and keep our eyes open and on alert. So keep this in mind as we move through this bizarre period of time.
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Old 04-07-2005, 10:04 PM
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Default Re: Astrape ekleipsis

Anything that will distract the populace from noticing that the Emporer has no clothes will be welcomed by the Elite.

End of times talk is perfect.

I believe the end of times has happened how many times in the past? How many generations believed they were in the end of days?

I have no doubt high tech weapons are being used as we speak.

With some degree of optimism i'll say this...the internet and the people using it have severely disrupted their plans.

You'll be hard pressed these days to make predictions...or more precisely the timing, as the net has become such a force.

Just keep talking.

Interesting points 55132
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