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Old 07-14-2007, 12:39 PM
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Lecture 3 of the Youth Occult Class Given by the Master Beinsa Douno
March 8, 1922 – Wednesday, 19.00 local time, 21.00 GMT, Sofia

Think well on this topic and write down not more than one page. This topic is important for you, for Will has not found its place in Life yet. Most contemporary people are weak-willed. Why? Because the expression of Will begins with the Intelligent life that excludes any destruction.

I will give you now several rules on how to distinguish conscious from unconscious volitional actions. And when you come to the conscious will, then you will consider it as the highest manifestation in human life. Therefore, when you write your essays, be free to give your point of view according to your understanding. Write down without fear, without doubt or hesitation. Do not be afraid whether the writing is right or wrong. If you are afraid, it shows that you do not have the will to manifest yourself. Present your views, manifest your will, notwithstanding that you may write something foolish. How will you know that it is foolish? Many of you think that if they do not quote a famous author, but give their own opinion, it will be foolish. In my view, to use someone else’s thoughts without understanding and experiencing them is more foolish than to present one’s own thoughts, which are experienced and tested by the speaker. There is not such a norm in the world, which defines what is wise and what is foolish. The wise thing today may become foolish tomorrow. For example, people in one of the past cultures greeted one another by tongues – which is characteristic of the animals today. If nowadays two persons greet each other in this way, it will be an atavism. Today’s fashion of greeting is by shaking hands. Some day this way of greeting may be replaced by another one.

I will give you several rules, which should be observed by the disciples. So, being at the threshold of the Spiritual school, no matter if a full time student or a listener, the disciple should know the following things:

1. If one tries to correct the Absolute or the Divine even one single time, this one is expelled from the class.

2. If one is absent from class without any cause, without an important and urgent reason, this one is expelled from the class. Each disciple should know deep in one’s heart and before one’s conscience if the reason for absence is important or not. The evaluation of the reasons is absolutely delegated to the conscience of the disciple. A disciple should never deceive oneself. If someone deceives oneself, this means that this one is out of the class.

3. If someone does not fulfil the tasks given in the School, this one is expelled from the class.

4. If two disciples offend each other, both of them are expelled from the class. It is absolutely forbidden for the disciples to be angry and to quarrel between themselves.

5. What happens and what is spoken in class should be a secret. If someone tries to spread this out of the School, this one is expelled from the class. There are things that should remain here.

Now I want to direct your attention to the following phenomenon in Nature: all young tree shoots and all sprouting plants strive to grow up in height. And reaching the greatest possible height, they start growing in width. Artists use the same method of work. First they draw the general lines of the object on the canvas, i.e. its height, the idea hidden in it, and after that they put the shadows showing the width and the thickness of the object. This indicates that one should catch the general lines first, i.e. the important ideas. For instance, if you draw a person, which features will you first pay attention to? First you will pay attention to the form of the body, the eyes, the ears, the eyebrows, the nose, the forehead and the mouth. Then you will cast the shadows. If there are more shadows on one’s face, it shows that this person is in a difficult situation. As a whole, if the background of the human image is dark, it indicates the unfavourable conditions, in which one is living. And shadows under the eyes show many sleepless nights in one’s life.

Sleeping is very important in Life. That is why a disciple is supposed to sleep in the right way. He has to determine his time of going to bed. Moreover, it as a task for him to fall asleep immediately or in about five-ten minutes after he goes to bed. In this respect you should do experiments and exercise your will, to see whether you will go to bed strictly at the determined time and fall asleep in ten minutes. If you can get to sleep on time, your will is strong. If you cannot get to sleep in half an hour or more, your will is weak. This exercise will be a test of the power of your will. Otherwise, you will deceive yourself that you are strong-willed. The power of will is tested only through exercises. When you go to bed in the evening, for strengthening of your will say to yourself that you want to sleep that night turned only to the right side. If you find yourself turned to the right side in the morning, your will is strong; if you find yourself turned to the left side, your will is weak. This, however, should not discourage you. Make attempts in this direction until you get positive results.

Sleeping has its deep purpose from a spiritual point of view. When you sleep, you go to school into the Astral world. And you apply the next day what you have learned at night. If you do not sleep properly, you cannot study well in the Astral world; but if you study well in the Astral world, you will be able to study well on Earth too. Therefore, sleeping is of great importance for you. When you sleep well, you wake up refreshed, with a clear mind and new forces, so whatever work you take up during the day will be successful. But if you have not slept well, you have not worked well in the Astral world, so you will wake up indisposed and tired. And your work all day long will be the same as it was in the Astral world. That is why, when you go to bed in the evening, say to yourself, ‘Now I am going to attend the School of the Astral world and I want to fulfil well the work given to me there.’

I ask you, what do you think about sleeping? You consider sleeping to be a repose only that is why you cannot find those who want to teach you. In this aspect you are like children who escape from school and go to play in the forest. If they have escaped from school, whom will the teacher teach? In this case, those who go to bed with the idea that they will just take a rest at night, escape from school and go to the forest. And when they wake up in the morning, they say, ‘I did not learn anything.’ That is why, when you go to bed, say to yourself, “I will go to the School of the Astral world to learn something new and to apply it on Earth next day.” There are trips in the Astral world like on Earth. Those who study well are allowed to go to a mountain peak or to a beautiful spring, from where they will return refreshed and enriched with lovely impressions.

Therefore, one of the important rules for the disciple is to learn to sleep in the right way. When you go to bed, you have to get to sleep in five, ten minutes. This exercise is necessary for the strengthening of your will. If you cannot get to sleep in such a short period of time, you may extend it with a few minutes. You should get to sleep in half an hour or in an hour at most. If you cannot succeed in one hour, you should look for the reason of your sleeplessness and when you find it, you should try to remove it.

Now, I will give you a natural exercise – meditation on the rainbow. You have to meditate on the rainbow until you create a beautiful mental image of it. It may take you one, two or three years until you create a beautiful picture of the rainbow in your minds, but you have to work in this direction. Some of you can succeed in a shorter time – it all depends on your ability of concentration. So, you have to meditate daily on the rainbow until you receive a living clear picture in your minds. You will visualize the rainbow as you have observed it in Nature in all its colours. This exercise will stimulate the development of your imagination. Spiritual disciples need imagination, as imagination is the mother of the ideas. You may visualize the following pictures in your meditations on the rainbow: the Sun is in the West, there is a dark black cloud in the East and after a spring drizzle the rainbow has appeared from the North to the South. Or another one: the sky is clear in the East and the rainbow appears in the West. Whatever picture you have of the rainbow in your minds, one day the rainbow should rise in your souls, in the same way as it rises in Nature. If you meditate from five to ten minutes daily, you will see the image of the rainbow appearing in your minds in a natural, unforced way. Close your eyes during the meditation, in order to receive a clear and distinct mental vision of the rainbow. At first your vision will be vague, but in some time it will clear up and become so living and real as it is in Nature. The best time for meditation is in the morning or whenever you are in high spirits. Do not think about the results of the exercise. Notwithstanding the results, you will always win, but you will never lose anything. You may meditate not only in the morning, but also before noon – a few hours before lunch, as well as in the evening before you go to bed. You are free to choose the most convenient time for you to meditate. It is also good if you draw a rainbow and have it always in sight. It is even better to watch the rainbow after each rainfall, to remember the circumstances and the conditions of its appearance. The rainbow will introduce a new element into your minds.

I will give you a rule how to overcome your anger and irritation. When you are angry, sing ten times: do, mi, sol, do (head do). Use this rule and see how music will tune you. Not only students, but also teachers have to use music as a method of tuning. When a teacher in music gets angry, he usually forgets to use this method, but he hits the students with his bow. No, when the teacher is cross with something, he should take the bow and play the violin: do, mi, sol, do. Thus he will do his job better than hitting the students with the bow. When we have time, I will disclose to you the meaning of these four tones.

So, the main thing in your life as disciples should be the desire to harmonize yourselves. This should be achieved in a natural way, not by force. It does not mean that all should come to one and the same level of development. If so, it would lead to monotony and in my opinion monotony is a bad thing and diversity is good. Each one of you has to aspire to diversity. Diversity is a quality of the Spirit. If the Spirit is present, there is always diversity there. Diversity means abundance, wealth, while monotony is poverty and deficit. From a spiritual point of view, troubles indicate the presence of monotony in life. In order to liberate the human beings from such monotony, the Invisible world has admitted evil into the world. Evil creates diversity in Life. Consequently, all sufferings, difficulties or troubles indicate that one’s life is monotonous. But all these things are needed to introduce diversity in human beings. And diversity represents a value, necessary for the development of the human spirit. In this respect, sufferings and difficulties are transitory states or transitory scales in human life.

One of the rules was: “One who tries to correct the Absolute Divine Source, cannot be a disciple.” This means: Do not correct Nature in yourself! Who have ever tried to correct their Nature have always had a fatal end. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not trust me, do the following experiment to convince yourselves in the truth of my words: if you start feeding some herbivorous animals with meat, soon you will see the consequences of this change, for you would have tried to correct the nature of these animals. In my view, meat eating is bad, while fruit nourishment, not just vegetarianism, is good. That is why when the Astral world wants to show you that your actions are not good, it will send you a dream that you are eating meat. If you are eating meat in your dream, it is a sign that you are following an unnatural path.

When I speak about human beings, I have in mind the spiritual rational source in them. Two beings live simultaneously in the human body. Their lives go in different directions; as a result there is always conflict between them. This conflict is due to the fact that some cells of the human organism are of a carnivorous origin, while others are of a herbivorous origin. The cells that have been carnivorous for thousands of years up to now will oppose you, if you want to become a vegetarian. If the appropriate food is not supplied to them, they start eating one another. The cells of the white corpuscles, for example, make war against one another, destroying themselves. So, war exists in the human organism itself. Due to it, one is a vegetarian by idea only. But inside one’s body the cells eat one another. So, if you wish to feed on fruits some day, you are to place the idea of fruit nourishment in your mind. This idea will be working in your mind for years and some day, you will unexpectedly see that you are ready to feed on fruits that present the purest food nowadays. As far as vegetarianism is concerned, in the full sense of this word in all worlds – the world of the body, the world of the heart and the world of the mind – this is an issue which will cover many centuries.

Write neatly the rules that I gave you before – they will serve you as a guidance in Life. Further on I will speak in detail about each one of these rules.

When I come to class, I will greet you with the motto “Without fear!” You will answer, “Without darkness!”

I want you to determine to yourselves whether you are ready to attend this class regularly, so that you may not hesitate later on. Fifty disciples in the class are enough for the present moment. After your self-determination, you will receive the inner sense of the formula “Fir-f?r-fen tao bi aumen.” This formula is dangerous for those who are not self-determined. The first words “Fir-f?r-fen” purify, while the word “tao” builds up. The remaining words of the formula have the same meaning. First you have to pass through purification, and then you will be able to build up. The last words are strong, because power is also required for building up.

I say, those of you who will attend the class should not be afraid of the lack of time for the School or of spending too much time in it. No, this class does not require much time – only the time that you do not know how to spend. It is said in the Law of Moses, ‘Work six days for you, but the seventh day consecrate to God!’

As disciples of the Spiritual Occult school, you are supposed to observe the rule for sleeping. Sleeping will solve many questions of your life. A seven-hour sleep is necessary for you at present. Five hours could also satisfy you, but if you sleep without waking up and turning from side to side. The best time to go to bed is 10.00 o’clock p.m., but it cannot be taken as a rule. If someone is busy with important work, he may go to bed at 11.00 or 12.00 o’clock p.m., but he should get to sleep in five-ten minutes. If you work after 10.00 o’clock p.m., you will lose sleep. You will be able to fall asleep only after 12.00 o’clock p.m. And then you have to go to bed immediately, so that you may not wake up fully. The earlier you go to bed, the better. Why? Those who go to bed earlier, receive the whole amount of prana, i.e. of vital energy accumulated in the atmosphere. Those who go to bed later, fall fast asleep, as there is not enough prana that is required by their organisms. They should wait for some time until those who sleep wake up and after that their sleep will come too. That is why rich people usually go to sleep around 4.00 o’clock in the morning, when poor people go to work. About 4.00 a.m. a new amount of prana is created in the atmosphere that will be used by rich people for their sleep. Therefore, if you can get into the habit of going to bed earlier, you can supply your organism with the necessary quantity of prana. Do not go to bed later than 12.00 p.m. If you feel tired, go to bed earlier, even at 8 p.m., in order to receive more energy that is needed by your organism. If you have surplus energy, you may go to bed later. In conclusion, the advisable time for going to bed is 8.00, 10.00 or 12.00 o’clock p.m.

We began our lecture with a secret prayer. What is its purpose? Its purpose is in disconnecting your telephone or link with the world. When praying in secret to yourself, you should take a free position, being fully isolated from the world and deaf to any noises or sounds outside and inside you. When you pray secretly, lock all the keys, stop all the messages with the world - nothing should disturb you. And in this position stay alone in thought. Meditation and secret praying are not one and the same thing. They differ from one another. But you will find the difference by yourselves. A secret prayer is the ascending of one’s mind to God. In other words, directing one’s eyes to the Sun or to the Source of Life. The most beautiful prayer is when you think of God as a Source of Life.

Now you have to think on the issues included in the lecture and make efforts to strengthen your will, so that you may become masters of yourselves.

Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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