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Old 08-08-2007, 06:33 AM
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Default Israelis Teens Invade Cypress Resorts

Israelis Hit Cyprus Resorts

The residents of the Cypriot resort town of Ayia Napa go on high alert every time a planeload of Israeli youths flies in. Are they right to be stressed? Yifat Glick saw our finest breaking hotel furniture, drinking themselves senseless, badmouthing the locals, driving wildly, and risking their lives jumping off cliffs

They Trash Hotel Rooms

The Israelis have turned the resort turned it into the Israeli vandals' heaven. They rent bikes, often without having a driving license, drink huge quantities of alcohol, smash things up, make noise at night, and even break into rooms. Often they lay in the bed masturbating as hotel maids clean the rooms.

Flight Attendants Are Afraid

As the plane took off in Israel Meni would not switch off his cellphone.. The flight attendant asked him to turn it off time and again, but he just wanted to spite her.

Matan Goldberg said about his friend, "Meni is such a wise guy." After he switched off the cell, while the plane was ascending, he started changing seats. The attendant had to walk up to him again, asking that he sit in one place and take his feet off the seats.

At a certain point later, he sprayed another passenger; a man aged 50, with water.

Local Cypress Bars Refuse Them

After midnight, they go out to the bars and clubs to dance. These establishments profit mainly from drinks they sell, but the Israelis are already drunk and refuse to buy alcohol "because it is too damn expensive." Local bouncers have already developed an eye for them, refusing them entry.

One local bouncer contends they have a certain smell from not bathing.

German Tourists Revolted

The Israelis are certain it is because the club owners are anti-Semites and Israel haters. Last week, a group of kids was here that harassed local girls. I had to kick them out. It's a common thing.

Israeli Punks Threaten People

At 12:00, the hotel manager approaches her, breathing heavy and looking quite upset. "Room 379 is a mess," she said. "There are pizzas on the table, the doors are damaged, and there is broken glass everywhere. A piece of the door is missing in another room. One of our maids saw boys from another room cleaning their bikes with our sheets and towels. They will be fined for that. Donít give them back their deposit money."

When the youths learned they are not getting back their deposit, a riot broke out. "Donít threaten me, bitch," one of the boys yelled in Hebrew. "Donít threaten me and give me back my money, you hear?" Turning to his friends, he said: "Lets break a few more things. She's asking for it."

Israelis Defecate In Hotel Pool

When a group checked out they went outside and defecated, and urinated, in the pool. A managers asked, "Why would you do such a thing?", the Israeli replied "The pool was dirty anyway."

As The Leave

They deny wrecking a mini tractor they rented, they said it was vandals. We tried to pick up some Swedish girls, but they did not want us. I think it is because they are anti-Semites."

Parents See No Harm

These are just kids having fun.

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