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Old 09-02-2007, 06:16 AM
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Default Preparing for 9/9/9

Preparing for 9/9/9

By Daniel Jacob

Greetings, all.......

It seems that the theme of Harvest and New Beginnings is just about
upon us. We have September 9 and September 18 coming up.....as
"double 9s"occurring in the year 2007 (2 +7=9).

Numerologically, this is a powerful invocation for winding up
projects and connections that have reached fruition. And isn't that
the true meaning behind our concept of HARVEST?

The belief around being "finished" with something in 3D is something
the Reconnections tend to downplay. This is because nothing is ever
really "done." All is in motion, and continues to
be.........forever. The appearance of "death" or "cessation" comes
through the installation of a VEIL, which provides a suitable
appearance of "conclusion" to some theme we are exploring in time and
space. But beyond the Veil, each journey continues...........for as
far and as long as is possible (and then some).

And the "reel" which
records it continues to loop, forever and ever, in one Multiversal
NOW...........which can be re-visited simply by conscious focus
informed by understanding of the Technology of Multiversal Filing and

Speaking of Retrieval.......here is a timely remembrance piece which
I discovered awhile back. It is a recording of Jach Purcell,
channeling Lazaris.........interviewed by the late Merv Griffin. As
many of you know, Lazaris is part of the Soul Group of the
Reconnections. We're talking the 1980s here. Enjoy.



My thanks to all of you who commented on BECOME YOUR OWN RELIGION.
I am not surprised that this message would find a number of kindred
souls out there.


It isn't a message of Revolution, per se. It's more about EVOLUTION.
We each choose to move forward, in whatever ways feel comfortable
for us. As we go HIGH, we must also go LOW to ground and balance the
energy we are running. It's a principle of nature.

And the message of this piece isn't against organized religion. Not
at all. Rather, it's an invitation to become TRULY REAL, within
whatever context we place ourselves.

Are you a Catholic? Then BECOME CATHOLICISM. Don't just say you
believe. BECOME what it means to be "universal." Are you a Baptist?
Then GET IN THE WATER, don't just stand by the edge and tremble, or
judge those who are in the pool.

Are you Islam, Jewish, or Buddhist? BECOME the truths and principles
embodied by those organized systems of worship. Become what seem to
be their short-comings, and become their high points as well. Be a
living illustration of your beliefs, as they develop in power and
authority............a living "book," known and read by all men.

And if you delight in non-organized means of celebrating life and
infinity, BECOME that freedom and infinity which you claim to
worship. BECOME it, so that it can take on some semblance of
physical form, and be noticed and appreciated by all who look upon



We have just finished a study among friends, which is called "Out of
Our Heads, Into Our Senses." I am very grateful to those who
contributed to the project, especially Lil (Sacrifice) and Shama.

When the study began, I had some fears and trepidations about the
subject matter, but I also had tremendous excitement, too. We set
out on a journey of ideas and we ended up by the cool refreshing
waters of Reconnection Joy. If you want to review that particular
process, you can go to:


And hot on the trail of that study comes another one, which is called
"The Next Level." I just posted the first segment, and you can find
it at:


I am really getting a kick out of the comments and questions that
come to me while I am pondering these issues. The diversity of folks
who read this site are amazing. It's a FEAST for the imagination.

This morning, I spoke on the phone with a powerful young man in
Illinois, who shared bits of his current quest with me, nicely lacing
his words with a rising inner passion that seems to be filling us all.
A passion to believe, a passion to know, a HUNGER TO RECONNECT with
the rest of who we are. He told me how thankful he was for my Web
Sites, and how much he resonated with the material. I laughed and
told him that, besides being true expressions of my own soul and
growth process.........those posted writings are like "Reece's
Pieces" that I am putting out, just like Elliott put them out for
E.T. in Spielberg's movie. Everytime I post an article, I say to the
universe: "Cummere, ET. Come on........Come to Daniel." And
voila.........I get my fill of sweet communion and resonant sharing
with other caring souls along the path.

In one portion of "The Next Level," I put it this way:

"As we come down out of our Towers of the Mind, or up from our
Dungeons of Frustrated Desire---we will need food and drink to meet
the demands of living in a rapidly changing world. Visions and
Experiences of Perfect Love, shared among friends, provide excellent
nourishment for that path. We've spent so much time falling in and
out of love with each other that we're missing out on the opportunity
for falling in love with LOVE, itself. "

And hearing from you, Dear Readers, is my feast for the soul. Thanks
for being you, and for caring enough to keep coming back to us and
sharing this powerful vibration.


Speaking of things that give me a kick, I am happy to post all of the
segments for my other series "A Kick in the Astral," which deals with
Astral Journeys and other contacts beyond the Veil. You can access
these articles by going to:


Next month, at www.planetlightworker.com, I will be presenting an
expansion of this material in a new commentary on "Building the
Crystal City." If you aren't a subscriber, you may want to consider
it. This online publication has served the Meta Community for several
years, and it's chock full of talented and aware people, sharing the
gems they have gathered along the path. To subscribe, go here:


Have a great Labor Day Weekend. I trust you all have plans to kick
up some dust before summer leaves begin turning to red and gold.

Blessings in the Oneself,

Daniel Jacob


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