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Default E=MC2

Is Einstien trying to say that time and space are relative in his(or whomevers) equation? E(space)=MC2(time)

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Default Re: E=MC2

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Default Re: E=MC2

I heard on an old RFA(Tom Valentine) archive of mine that the correct formula is actually E=r/c2 where r=resistance and c=capacitance.
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Default Re: E=MC2

It is merely the energy contained in mass.
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Default Re: E=MC2

E - Energy
M - Mass
C - Speed of Light

E = MC^2

Example: (This is a bit sketchy, but you get the idea)
A nuclear bomb (say uranium) explodes. You lose say X amount of mass of uranium. The amount of energy that was released is X time the speed of light squared. Only a little bit of mass needs to be lost for a lot of energy to be released.

The problem is: how do they know how much uranium they have after the explosion?
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